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Man arrested on movie piracy charges

Written by James Delahunty @ 05 Feb 2005 7:39 User comments (31)

Man arrested on movie piracy charges A Georgia man was arrested at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport this week while delivering bootlegged copies of movies to Fort Smith. An airport employee found two boxes of DVDs containing titles are currently only in movie theatre's such as Coach Carter, Meet the Fockers and The Polar Express. It also contained other DVDs and a lot of music CDs.
Terrick Haynes, 24, of Riverdale, Ga cooperated with authorities and claimed that he was delivering the pirated DVDs and CDs to two barbershops in Fort Smith, for a man named Mohammed.

He claimed that he did not know the people he was supposed to be delivering to. Airline records showed the boxes had been checked as baggage in Atlanta on Jan. 29 by Haynes, who had been bumped from the flight. Haynes was unable to fly to Northwest Arkansas until Wednesday; and, when he arrived, he was arrested by the airport's police department.

550 DVDs of 44 different titles were seized as well as 121 CDs of 17 different titles. Haynes was booked on felony charges of unauthorized copying or sale of recordings.


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31 user comments

15.2.2005 07:50

What an idiot, Anyone that pirates anything and tries to sell it shoule be caught.

25.2.2005 08:06

Sucks for that guy. Not that I condone bootlegging and selling copied dvd's and cd's, but I wonder how it was that the airport employee got to open up the guy's boxes. Oh well, he is stupid for doing that anyway

35.2.2005 08:31

well smackfrog, in case you havnt been watching tv or been to an airport for the past 4 years, they have a right to open your bags, they even tell you that. i am 100% fine with it.

45.2.2005 09:34

I am not 100% fine with people just opening my things. I do value my own personal privacy, and all the patriot act nonsense has not made me feel any safer. I think I might've been to one or 2 airports in the past 4 years and I try not to watch too much tv.

55.2.2005 12:17

The guy that ratted him out should have gragged a copy of each and kept his mouth shut. I hate employees that try to be heros.I wonder if the MPAA is gonna give him a reward. Fuk no cause they are that greedy. I would not ship movies with the name on them that might have helped.

65.2.2005 15:09

We have a war going on and terrorist moving about and some security guard see's movies and music, and takes time to report it and if someone else slipped by while he's trying to be a movie and music theft HERO it could have been bad.

75.2.2005 15:24

A WAR GOING ON! are you nuts what kind of war is it when a bunch of americans are sent into a place where the people did not do ONE DAMN THING.

85.2.2005 16:02

Okay, so a guy delivers bootlegged copies of movies currently on screen. So this is what he does: 1. Puts it in box, checks it in as baggage at the airport. He should be on that TV show called World's Dumbest Criminals. Only in America.

95.2.2005 16:28

Yeah, the "war" is more like an invasion by the US on a neutral country. I don't think that people should make money off of pirated material. I do condone the use of P2P and BitTorrent, but I hate people who make you pay. Instead, he should sell instructional videos about P2P and how to successfully use it for whatever purpose you want. I don't think that would be illegal.

106.2.2005 08:58

I remember sept 11 and to me there is a war. And If my family would have been in one of those buildings of planes I would have wanted the govt. to get everyone who hates americans and wants to harm them. I would like the US Govt to annilate them and there familes. And the women of Iraq are happy to not be raped and killed by there Dictators.

116.2.2005 12:00

Afghanistan is your war then. Your right we should completely kill anyone who hates america. That'll get the rest of the world to like us. Maybe we should just go after those few terrorists (something like 5% of the middle east if that) that believe that killing innocent people is a way to change things in the world to what they want. Iraq had no WMD's, had no active terrorists in there that were aiming for the us or western intrests. If you want to buy into the propaganda now that we went there to liberate them from a horrible dicator then why didn't go and put more military in sudan where there is ethnic cleansing going on and millions of people have been killed. Or hell maybe the other dozen or so dicatorships like iran and north korea who actively look to distablize their regions with the development or further development of nuclear weapons and missles for those nukes to reach us which they defiantly say that they have. Hell North Korea even has a missle that could reach the west coast and launched such a missle (not armed) into Alaska a few years ago just to taunt us. Iraq had a pretty lame dictatorship and there are easily a dozen countries that would've made more sense to invade than that country. Please ask yourself now, given all the above information which is factal (except the last paragraph which was opinion), why we decided to go ahead and invade iraq?

126.2.2005 12:04

(just to clarify the above post, i do agree with the war in Afghanistan.. how the country is currently being run is another thing.) As for this article above, isn't the employee suppose to be searching just for security related things? For instance i thought that when somone has a warrent for lets say looking for a weapon using in a homicide on your premise they can't then charge you if they find child porn in your house. am i wrong about this? i have a feeling this will go to court and be dismissed as evidence that cannot be submitted.

136.2.2005 13:30

OK, children. Settle down and be reasonable. Uhm, is 300,000+ in mass graves enough for an intervention effort? How about everyone from Bill Clinton to the UN saying that Iraq had WMD's? How many resolutions were there? Yes, where was the UN for Rawanda, Cambodia ........... Why are UN forces being charged for sexual crimes where they are??? Why don't we hear about them on Radio & TV? Get off the anti-US rant. At least the US is doing something. The USA is the greatest country on the planet, but alas, we can not take care of everything at once. Unless we nuke every one and pray that god will sort it all out. TC

146.2.2005 13:54

man i AM an american and i'm saying that about my own country. by the way since we launched military attacks in iraq at least over 100,000 civilians have died as a result. Some estimates are much higher. If you look at the facts, such as this: Which is a news article on the Duelfer Report it clearly shows the CIA concluded in late 2000 that not only did iraq but it was many years away from the bomb. or to quote from the article it was released: "The report was released nearly two years ago to the day that President Bush strode onto a stage in Cincinnati and told the audience that Saddam Hussein's Iraq "possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons" and "is seeking nuclear weapons." " Important last 2 paragraphs (please read the whole article in its entirety and read the key findings which can be found at: ): "The U.S. official said he believes Saddam decided to give up his weapons in 1991, but tried to conceal his nuclear and biological programs for as long as possible. Then in 1995, when his son-in-law Hussain Kamal defected with information about the programs, he gave those up, too. Iraq's nuclear program, which in 1991 was well-advanced, "was decaying" by 2001, the official said, to the point where Iraq was -- if it even could restart the program -- "many years from a bomb."" You add the fact that the invasion plan was comprehensive but the occupation plans weren't even thought about is another horrible thing about Iraq. The planning was horrible, and the lies before the war were even more so. That report proves it.

156.2.2005 13:57

as for the UN. its far from perfect. but thats still no reason to dismiss everything it does/says is bad.

166.2.2005 14:03

Pisses me off every single day when i hear this line from an ignorant servant "America is the greatest country in the world" Ha thats a lot of bs, i do idmit it is the one of the more powerful countries but the greatest? hell no more like one of the worst, it's like consription over there, if your an american living in a crappy areas your almost forced to join the army, they have guys out there everyday trying to get any one they can to join the army kinda like those annoying salesmen that come to your door everyday they basically scout you out and if you look like your good enough they will harrass you to join. In my veiw America is like the other past more powerful places like rome, witch lived on power and took as much as they can get and just like rome it's looking like to me that America is going to fall and hopefully not, but it does seem like it that they will bring everyone else down with it.

176.2.2005 19:57

and what exactly do WMDs have to do with a piracy arrest?

187.2.2005 11:08

haha, somehow every discussion on P2P or piracy somehow becomes political. But I do agree that America being the greatest country in the world is just an opinion, as I have my own opinion about America being a bad country. A bad country that I have to live in for the time being.

197.2.2005 21:27

Sorry I pissed so many of you off. I read and do some research. I believe that our country is right with going to war with Iraq. We all agree the region is unstable and why not start from the beginning and its Iraq. Use your mind a little and put your foot in the enemys hands. So if you went to war with a country and lost Like Iraq did in the eary 90's. Using a little thought Saddam would have gotten any weapon that money could buy and any Idiot Me you and the world would have. So thats done with a little thought. Well after a little thing at work today the security guard did great by noticing illegal activity at the airport. I just hope they ceatch all criminal activity at airports and thats another topic.

208.2.2005 11:13

well you just answered the underlieing problem. accepting the fact that politicans lie for thier own purposes or for not completely leveling with the country is wrong. we went there for wmd's now you're accepting the fact that they lied about that and went there just to setup a democracy. weither or not this was a smart move is going to be determined by time, it was a huge gamble that wasn't even based in reality. it was also horribly planned out and executed. if they really wanted to go into iraq to setup a democracy for the region they should've leveled with the american public as to the real reason. their blunder in terms of planning and execution (ie troop levels, lack of any occupation plan) may well have screwed that up, one can only hope that it didn't. While i'm currently personally struggleing weither or not it was a smart move to make the region more secure i can't help but look to the past and our involvement with other countries in the past. It seems that when we try to influence another country's government it only causes people in that country to further hate us for our involvement in what their percieve to be their own issues. Look only to the middle east at the historical reasons why there are many terrorists in that region that have such a hate for America and maybe then you will understand why involvement in other coutries' affairs isn't such a black and white issue that you would like it to be. I do not fear us setting up a democracy in Iraq, I fear the unintentional killing of innocent Iraqis (as of many months ago was estimated at over 100,000) will lead to only more who hate America in the region and making our 'war on terror' even harder for us. Again you only need to look to history to see that esentially this is what has happened in the past and it is why we are, at least partically, the reason for the situation we are in.

219.2.2005 21:13

All you motherfuckers are gonna pay. You are the ones who are the ball-lickers. We're gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little bitches. Once we get to iraq and afghanistan and find those terrorest fucks who are killing americans, we're gonna make 'em eat our shit, then shit out our shit, then eat their shit which is made up of our shit that we made 'em eat. Then all you motherfucks are next. Love.....

2210.2.2005 13:23

wow. what an utterly vulgar display of ignorance

2310.2.2005 19:02

ha i expected that comment at some point, well don't you think the other countries will get pissed off and all gain up on america and destroy it? thus the fall i expect in the near future

2410.2.2005 19:02

i find it funny when you guys are all screwed just from one mans moronic actions

2512.2.2005 21:43

that fancymojo guy's just ignorant of the situation, thats all. obviously he has no idea whats going on, or he wouldn't be saying such things. he should read up on it or maybe watch the news (actual news, not FoxNews). haha, it is funny when we get like this

2613.2.2005 15:36

Well we know the original subject. The airline Screener. To continue on that that topic, I just read in usatoday a Screener did not catch a knife see usatoday news. N.J. (AP) A security Screener at Newark Liberty International Airport failed to spot a butcher knife in a passenger's pocketbook and was removed from the post for retraining, officials said. Katrina Bell, 27, had cleared security and was waiting with her sister to board a flight on Saturday morning when she discovered she was carrying a knife. Well like I said earler is there enough time and resources to waste on bootleg dvd's. I care more for my life and security not someone's overpriced materials thats duplicated and that is why its duplicated .

2713.2.2005 15:55

zersouls he was trying to be funny, its from a movie called jay and silent bob strike back.

2815.2.2005 13:08

it was a joke! learn to take one! watch the movie and you may find it funny

2915.2.2005 17:26

zerosouls There was no reason for you to call me an "Ignorant Servant". That was a personal attack. I will not reply in kind. Pisses me off every single day when i hear this line from an ignorant servant "America is the greatest country in the world" This is an emotionally charged post that is way off the original topic. BTW, I still believe that THE USA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON THE PLANET. Why do the suffering masses from other countries pay exorbitant sums to come to the USA? We, offer what other countries don't. Freedom and opportunity. POOF

3017.2.2005 12:39

if your going to use something from a movie then use quotes or don't say it at all. and i have the right to call all of us ignorant slaves if you just work on 1 country then the whole world goes down. work on the entire world not just one crappy country like america. oh and by the way there is no country with freedom or oppornity never will be atleast not in out life time maybe when the world blows up and people start out the right way insted of idoits thinking one color is better then anouther if you can't see we all came form the same organism then you should be shot.

3117.2.2005 13:52

oh and calling each other idiots and motherfuckers is going to help the situation?? i wont name names because the jr members throwing the trash talk know who they are, but it's comments like this that insure people hate each other no matter where they are from. It does not matter where you live, someone hates you and your country for something at some point in time. So how about we dont add to the bullshit and all calm down, take a deep breath, and love your neighbor and if he aint home, love his wife :) **thread closed so I dont have to read this bullshit anymore and ban the lot of you** - friend of the forums, great guitar player
#afterdawn (well i have no idea where it is anymore)

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