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Xbox 2 to be called Xbox 360?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Feb 2005 23:42 User comments (16)

Xbox 2 to be called Xbox 360? Engadget claim they have a source who has worked on both the Xbox and "Xbox 2" who says that the next console will be called Xbox 360. There have been several name rumours flying around about what the next Xbox console is going to be called but Microsoft has been reluctant to confirm a name, probably loving the confusion they are causing amongst the gaming community.
This is not the first time the name Xbox 360 has been around either, a marketing firm conducted a survey last year where they asked people whether they thought Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo N5 sounded more "next-gen".

With the next generation consoles just around the corner, it will be an interesting battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony is set to soon reveal details on the Cell processor that will power the Sony PS3. Sony Computer Entertainment America has also recently announced the launch of the PSP console in the United States for March 24th 2005 and has also confirmed the initial game releases.

Nintendo will also launch it's DS handheld console in Europe on March 11th 2005, but aiming the product more towards women because the company believes men would go for look of the Playstation Portable.


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16 user comments

14.2.2005 23:58

"Nintendo will also launch it's DS handheld console in Europe on March 11th 2004" Damn...missed it :) I just wish these new consoles would hurry up, I want the battle to begin!!

25.2.2005 1:11

lmao, thnx for pointing out that completely stupid typo mate, always appreciated :-)

35.2.2005 1:26

lol, can be excused a couple of mistakes here and there with the amount of news you keep posting. nice work mate.

45.2.2005 1:53

thnx :-) and if you ever fins interesting news that would suit aD, dont forget to use the submit news feature, that way it "shud" (dRD??) go straight to my email account! lol thnx again!

55.2.2005 8:53

No need to carry your XBOX! Just roll it down the street!

65.2.2005 16:20

Nintendo's whole take on the DS is just annoying me. The DS looks the way it does because they made it that way. I personally don't go for things because of the way they look. I am not getting a DS because its basically an Advance with two screens and a different cartridge. All the other features are just kinda there to make it more innovative. I will get a PSP because I don't need anymore Gameboys.

75.2.2005 16:24

screw em all...I'm sticking with my modded xbox.

86.2.2005 3:00

*Claps* When all your friends have 'Xbox 360' (the name of which blows goats btw), and PS3's, you'll change ur mind. :) You'll see that no matter how many times you mod your xbox, you simply wont have as many friends at parties as they do. Dan x

96.2.2005 8:16

Although I'll still get one, the name "Xbox 360" sounds like it cam from some hip-hop focus group. Oh well, maybe I'll get to play the other half of Halo 2 on it.

106.2.2005 19:39

I don't know too many guys that base their game system purchases on how it looks.

117.2.2005 1:32

I said the name was stupid and I also said I was still getting one.

127.2.2005 3:44

well, if the Xbox 360 came out and it was large as acar, and looked like a horse poop, would you buy one?probs not. Looks of a game console = the aesthetics. The aesthetics include everythign from size, to shape, to styling. I know alot of peple that are influenced by this. e.g: how ugly does that bloody DS look?how gorgeous does the PSP look? !!!or even better!!! remember when the PSOne and PS2 were re-launched?new looks...and bam!a hella lot more sales jsut because of it. YOu need to get out more. It's obvious styling and looks help everything. Dan x

137.2.2005 10:58

Yeah, that name just sucks. It sounds like a very sad attempt to make it appealing to teenagers, which it already is, by the way.

1410.3.2005 15:44

hey guys i need help on my x box. when i was playing halo 2 live, it just crashed out out of nowhere. i mailed microsoft this problem, but they said since 1 out of every 1,000 do this they wont do anything about it. please e-mail me at THANX

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1510.3.2005 18:22

1. Off-topic. 2. No emails allowed. 3. Did you even replace your power cable?

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1610.3.2005 18:29

@ corie Go ahead and start your own thread if you need help with a different problem than the thread covers. No posting email addies either ;)

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