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Pioneer announces DVD-R DL recorders

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Mar 2005 16:09 User comments (4)

Pioneer announces DVD-R DL recorders Pioneer Corporation announced today the introduction in Japan of the DVR-530H and DVR-555H, the world's first DVD recorders with built-in HDD to incorporate the Dual Layer DVD-R (DVD-R DL) technology, which allows recording up to 24 hours of content on a single DVD-R DL disc. In accordance with a rapid expansion of the DVD recorder market in Japan, the DVD format has now practically become the standard for recording TV programs at home in Japan.
Pioneer's new DVD recorders realize superior performances in terms of recording time, operability and dubbing convenience by offering DVD-R DL recording as well as a variety of easy, convenient functions including: "Quick Disc Navigator," "Help Navigator," and the industry's fastest high-speed dubbing of 100X max (HDD to DVD). Onto a DVD-R DL disc, the new DVD recorders can record up to 24 hours of video content in the MN1 recording mode, or a maximum of about 6 hours with the same picture quality as commercially available DVDs.

For the HDD, the DVR-530H (equipped with a 200 GB HDD) can record up to about 569 hours, and the DVR-555H (with a 250 GB HDD) up to about 711 hours. Also the new recorders are equipped with the "XP+ recording mode" (to HDD), which allows recording even better quality images at 15 Mbps, besides the previous highest picture-quality recording mode "XP" (10 Mbps). The industry's fastest high-speed copy capability of approximately 100x speed (HDD to DVD-R) makes it possible to copy a one-hour program in about 40 seconds.

The DVR-530H and DVR-555H will be available in early May and early June respectively in the Japanese market. No retail prices of these models are suggested. Check out the press release (Source) for more information on the new recorders.

Source: (Press Release)

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4 user comments

131.3.2005 16:46

Can you say EXPEN$IVE? lol

231.3.2005 20:29

I think the MPAA just shit themselves. Watch for the petitioning of broadcast flags to come back... Great... Curious how much those go for? I want one.

31.4.2005 4:18

I have one of the early daul layers writers why is this one any better the media is still like $15.00 per disk? so my question what can this do that mine cant ... also when they release this monster will the RIAA and the mpaa make us register them and can I now hook my satalight dish up to my computer and record streaming video or will I have to first burn it to my hard drive?

41.4.2005 4:36

Ive been thinking about buying a DVD-recorder to replace/complement my VCR. These sound nice...

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