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Mabir worm is 'a cause for concern'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Apr 2005 9:39 User comments (6)

Mabir worm is 'a cause for concern' A new mobile phone virus that is not in circulation has many people very concerned because of it spreading methods. Like the viruses we've seen before the Mabir worm also infects Symbian Series 60 phones. It spreads through Multimedia Messaging Service messages (MMS) and it doesn't just send itself to numbers in a user’s phone book, it also replies to any received messages. Mabir is essentially a variant of the Cabir worm, which spreads only using Bluetooth.
An analysis of the worm by anti-virus firm F-Secure suggests that Mabir-A is based on the same source code as Cabir and is likely the product of the same coder. Mabir-A spreads using Bluetooth the same way as early variants of Cabir. When it activates it searches for the first Bluetooth phone it finds and sends copies of itself to it. However it’s the MMS spreading function that has many experts worried.

AfterDawn reported on an earlier mobile phone virus called Commwarrior-A which also could spread using MMS messages but it only could send itself to entries in a user’s phone book, unlike Mabir-A that will reply to any message sent to your phone with a copy of itself. One thing mobile phone users obviously need to be concerned about with viruses like Mabir-A and Commwarrior-A is the cost of sending out MMS messages.

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6 user comments

14.4.2005 11:03

GOOD GRIEF! Can someone PLEASE make some anti-virus software or something? This is kinda of ridiculous how these virus are being created more and more now. Yet, I have yet to see any type of AV for it on any phone. This is kinda like a wake up call to cell phone companies that they need to hop on the ball, I just can't believe that with all this, they haven't even shown the motivation in developing the AV first then coming out with new technology. I mean at least you will have something to hold back on viruses. Like the old saying goes: An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure. Maybe, they should be using that as slogans for these tech companies, but oh well, cause they really didn't see this one cominig! YEAH RIGHT, who couldn't! ;)

24.4.2005 17:25

I was woundering when this was going to happen.

34.4.2005 17:46

I've seen it all now. PC viruses, car viruses and now phones!? I swear AV companies are behind this stuff to create another market for their products! You know the old saying...."There is no money in curing a disease."

45.4.2005 3:02

I seen the gadget show on tv not long ago, which showed a computer show like CBIT or somthing like that, and they showed you a working AntiVirus app running on a phone... crazy : )

55.4.2005 9:36

You all think this is bad...I don't know if anyone saw this article I posted up in regards to the Commwarrior virus, but I will paste it up on here again for all to read: Now, can someone please tell me, where are the AV companies going to do about this! I knew eventually there was going to be some sort of virus for phones, it was inevitable. But seriously, some of these AV companies need to wake up and see what is happening.

610.4.2005 14:38

im happy i got an old phone still :)

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