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Media companies target Internet2 P2P users

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Apr 2005 10:29 User comments (10)

Media companies target Internet2 P2P users More than 400 college students will be sued for making thousands of copyrighted works available on an experimental network called Internet2. With an average broadband connection, the average person could download a movie in a matter of hours and a song in about a minute, compared to 5 minutes to download a movie and 20 seconds per song on Internet2. The trading was done on software called i2hub which was designed especially for Internet2.
"Internet2 is increasingly becoming the network of choice for students looking to steal songs and other copyrighted works on a massive scale," said Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The RIAA is responsible for suing about 9,000 P2P users to date. They like to target students because they believe it sets an example in universities all over the U.S.

On Monday, users logged onto i2hub were sharing 99TB of files apparently. Dan Glickman, head of the Motion Picture Association of America said this 99TB of data was the equivalent of an entire video-rental store. The RIAA said it has sued 405 students at 18 schools but the MPAA declined to reveal how many it has sued. The creators of the software used have not been sued but Glickman threatened them by saying, "We know who you are, and we strongly encourage you to stop what you are doing."

The entertainment industry has already attempted to sue creators of P2P software with no luck and the Supreme Court is set to rule on the MGM vs. Grokster case by June.


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10 user comments

113.4.2005 13:12

Interesting, I would access to that, thats like T3 speeds :P. Eventually, it will become like other P2P programs and they will build PeerGuardian or Protowall into it to keep the greedy R$AA out. Peace, Pop Smith

213.4.2005 14:36

yeah i know.besides me and about a 100 of my friends just share between one spends very much money but we all have the latest.this is the way to worries .

313.4.2005 15:19

gamename yeah i know.besides me and about a 100 of my friends just share between one spends very much money but we all have the latest.this is the way to worries . What would be a good smiple file sharing program to use if I want to share just with my friends? Thanks

413.4.2005 15:29

SD2, I don't remember the name (or even what to google for) but, I know there is a P2P program I used to use that you sent invites via e-mail to people any ONLY those people could access your files that you share.

513.4.2005 16:55

Or, instead of buying every CD that comes out that you might like, you and your friends can take turns buying CD's, then burn copies for all your friends.

613.4.2005 18:10

For Anonymous P2P software (that is INVITE ONLY, i.e. ONLY your friends can browse the files) the use Grouper: also, I have heard grouper has SPYware and shizzy so, you could use this:

713.4.2005 23:38

oh and ants deserve a plug too: again litigation instead of innovation. The MPAA and RIAA were talking about using I2 for media streaming, right after they litigate away at those selfish college students.

814.4.2005 0:36

Hey all, Great choices here, but Grouper doesn't allow you to share music, or that is what is being told on some sites. But everything else is good to go! ;)

"From now on we are poison to you Spider-man...Thats why we call ourselves...VENOM"

914.4.2005 2:51

LOL WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE What a bunch of losers. And they never stop. They don't even know how stupid they sound.

1014.4.2005 11:11

Hey, I know it's slightly off topic, but while we're on the subject of buying CDs I thought I'd mention that is trying to organize a media boycott the week of the 24th. I know plenty of people here don't buy CDs anyway, but if anyone's interested it might be good to spread the word to others who might participate. Even if your friends don't use P2P networks, they still might want to join in just because of unfair media prices.

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