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RealNetworks will revolutionize digital music?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2005 21:41 User comments (4)

RealNetworks will revolutionize digital music? RealNetworks is no stranger to most Internet users. Whether you love Real audio or hate it, you have to agree it was pretty hot when it first appeared 10 years ago. RealNetworks never really slipped away but became one of those names that you see in your daily Internet surfing and learned to pretty much block the name out until you hear something new from them. Well RealNetworks seem very excited about the press conference they will be holding on April 26, 2005 to reveal a "groundbreaking" initiative in digital audio.
After the conference, Real will sponsor a free concert featuring Good Charlotte at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. Members of the press and analyst community are invited to attend both the press conference and concert. RealNetworks believes it will change the Internet once again just like it had 10 years ago and revolutionize digital music. Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait for the press conference to hear more details.


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4 user comments

117.4.2005 17:37

I hope it's something good. I feel that real has somewhat turned to crap.

218.4.2005 9:16

Sc4iscool- Take the "somewhat" out and your statement will be more accurate. Some "real" content may be okay but the player is a stinking pile...

318.4.2005 14:34

I'll say... You used to have to tell the damn thing about 4 frigging times you didn't want all of its extra crap installed, then there were the checkboxes that were unchecked at the top of the list, with the other 20 spam subscriptions below it, and the "Are you sure you're sure that you're really sure you're sure you want to turn off the Real tray icon?" BS. Something gives me the impression that they want you to turn it off. Anyway, been years since I reluctantly installed any of their software, and will never have the oportunity to get on there again...

420.4.2005 12:17

c4iscool hit the nail on the head, REAL CRAP!... I don't know what the writer of this artical is thinking or smoking because they are way off and possibly delusional, but isn't it really where the monies are comming from these days.

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