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Nintendo announces the Revolution console (Updated)

Written by Jari Ketola @ 17 May 2005 12:14 User comments (93)

Nintendo announces the Revolution console (Updated) Nintendo has announced their next-generation game console Revolution at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.
"We will show the world what a next-gen system can be. Revolution marries the strongest heritage of innovation to the future of gaming," says Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. "With backward compatibility and the 'virtual console' concept, the stylish, compact body provides maximum gaming power. It will not only take home entertainment into another dimension by expanding the definition of video games, but it also will give you access to the great history of gaming."

What Mr Iwata means by 'virtual console' concept is the downloadable content offered by Nintendo. Revolution will have downloadable access to 20 years of fan-favorite titles originally released for Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and even the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The console is also backwards compatible with existing GameCube games.

The unit will be a compact design -- roughly the size of three standard DVD cases stacked together. The system will be equiped with a stand to allow both horizontal and vertical installation.

Hardware-wise the system pales in comparison with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 announced earlier. The system has 512 megabytes of internal flash memory, wireless controllers, an SD slot for expanding the internal memory, two USB 2.0 ports and built-in Wi-Fi access. Revolution’s technological heart, a processing chip developed with IBM and code-named "Broadway," and a graphics chip set from ATI code-named "Hollywood," will deliver game experiences not previously possible.

Nintendo also presented the Game Boy Micro handheld device, which is a more stylish version of the Game Boy Advance. The device is 4 inches (10cm) wide, 2 inches (5cm) tall and 0.7 inches (1.7cm) deep. Weighing about the same as a light mobile phone, 2.8 ounces (79 grams) the Game Boy Micro can be easily carried around even in the pocket of your pants.

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93 user comments

117.5.2005 08:53

pointless profanity edited out its funny how xbox released pics of the 360, then ps3 and nintendo started shovin their pics in our face, lol, but when ps3 specs and pics surfaced, we all shit ourselves. rather then the new gamecube.. YEAH 2-3 MORE TIMES POWERFUL THEN THE GAMECUBE!!!that says alot ;)

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217.5.2005 09:25

eh, eh, don't sleep on Nintendo!

317.5.2005 09:41

so seeing as how this is only 2-3 times more powerful and ps3 being ps3, think that if/when a modchip is developed for ps3, we'll be able to emulate revolution?

417.5.2005 10:24

wow...not really a revolution, but a console that we all (admit it!) expected from Nintendo. No way it is gunna be huge, but they're (Nintendo) here to stay. though, with the PSP now emulating GBA, i can see nintendo having to step up their game. Also, nintendo need to stop using excuses like 'a game console should be about nothing more than the games!'...well, Sony and X-Box think otherwise, and they both do the whole gaming thing better than Nintendo.

517.5.2005 10:29

if you guy think about what sony said, 35 times more powerful. thats BS, when ps2 was coming out it said it said it can push out 100 million poly per sec. where's the games that look that damn good.don't get me wrong i love my ps2 and gamecube, but 35 times powreful, every game should look like real humans on my tv screen. nintendo system will look just as good as ps3 and xbox 360. ps3 and 360 will be 2 or 3 time powerful to. it's just to hype up the new systems. nintendo will show us all. i bet money on that.

617.5.2005 11:06

Ok this has to be a simple one. The reason xbox was so popular is because u could chip it and download games onto a 120GB harddisk. The xbox was great because u could chip it, if u have another reason please let me know because it is still beyond me. This nintendo console looks good and personally i just want to see where it goes as i think it has great potential. If u think the PS3 is going to be some wonder console then ur dreaming and i laugh at anyone who thinks it will be that much better than the PS2. Its not the console that matters its the games and what multimedia attachments it has.

717.5.2005 12:06

Well I don't understand any of you. I can believe that it is possible to be 35times more powerful than the PS2 on paper but not in necessary real world performance. I mean you have newly released graphic cards, processors and the like that suppose to be this and that throughput/sec but in real world performance you get squat. And to say it is about the games. It hasn't been about the games in years. Very few games are released per year where you can truly say "Wow that is totally unique and fresh". Yeah Halo 2 was great but too me it is still like many of the other fps. The last game that I really thought was refreshingly new and unique was the Sam Fisher Splinter Cell. But I am a Xbox guy through and through and I have to admit that specs of the PS3 are incredible. I read where Xbox representatives was saying that PS3 cell technology is all about floating points and that it wouldn't really be all that useful in gaming or something like that. What!? You talking about more expansive and totally responsive enviroments. Incredible real lifelike AI and other advancements. Think about what this will do for the Madden series.

817.5.2005 12:39

well nintendo said that it will allow downloads of older games i.e. nin 64 snes nes etcc that means it has built in emulators so the hacking on a disc full of games would be that much easier-----------i think that sounds awesome

917.5.2005 13:00

Poor Nintendo...They will never keep up with Microsoft and Sony. But it is cool that you can download your old fav games. But they might charge?

1017.5.2005 13:03

This....will be the last console for nintendo Only handhelds will survive....and who knows for how long Nintendo -You will be missed

1117.5.2005 13:42

I don't know about you guys, but I think Nintendo's got a good idea with downloadable legacy games. Instead of just fighting emulation and letting their old classics become pirate-fodder, they're actually doing something to keep the classic-lovers interested. Plus, they'll have backwards-compatibility with GameCube games. I just might get one...

1217.5.2005 15:14

i agree with mxgzx,this looks like nintendo's last foray into he console world,hope they leave with dignity

1317.5.2005 16:16

When are you Sony and Microsoft fanboy toolbags going to wake up and realise that raw processing power isn't everything. "It isn't size that counts, it's how you use it". Nintendo is not going to go extinct, they've in fact been the most consistenly profitable of the lot of console manufacturers. Before you all go beating off over how many teraflops your favourite company is pulling, wait and see (A): what games are being released for the console, and the quality and originality of them, and (B): the price. I've got a sneaking suspicion that this machine is going to come in WAY cheaper, but still have excellent graphics and game selection. Have some patience and wait to see how everything pans out, its a long way off before ANY of the next-gen consoles even has a chance to send a company bankrupt.

1417.5.2005 16:47

YES!! The Revolution will own the little ps3. And maby the $ony fanboys will wake up one day and see what their missing. nintendo's not cheap like $ony FREE GAMES. that would give $ony a heat attack :)

1517.5.2005 17:45

I miss the old days, where one can only be either a gamer or a non gamer. this mainstream BS is getting on my nerves. xbox, 25x more powerfull and ps3 35!. im an opengl programmer and thus know quite a lot about rendering hardware specs, and all this is only marketing..., my god, these toolbags flood almost every forum. Nintendo is more than 100 years old and more that 20 in the video game industry, A multi Billion company that does not have any debts, a production line that actually aquires profits(even with its cheap console). and u say """Poor Nintendo...They will never keep up with Microsoft and Sony""". its micro$oft and $ony who is trying to keep up all these years, selling a console way cheaper that the actual manufacturing expense just to get market share, giving out false advertising just to increase hype. sigh... still trying to work on opengl2.0 tho. 35 times, what a laugh. imagine scale of 35x. draw a circle, then draw another circle w/c is twice a big as the first, then draw another one tiwce than th 2nd, you'd run out of paper getting into 35x. putting that into graphics/processing power is BS. if ur aware of graphics programming/rendering, you'd know its impossible for now. even animated rendered movies is only 12x in increase from current consoles, considering the hardware used by pixar etc. i own all current 3 consoles and so far i likes the library of xbox better than the other 2 but rumors of a private internet network, im routing for nintendo this time. and by the way gamers who buy thier console because of the look is plain dumb. whew, glad to get that off my chest.

1617.5.2005 18:48

Hooray, finally someone on these forums who understands that all these specs that are being released are steaming loads of crap. I can't claim to be an expert, but with my little knowledge about multiple processors, the moment you hit the slightest little bit of sequential code they all mean DICK. You get a bottleneck in the pipeline and it takes several cycles to get back to full parallel processing, before which you are probably going to run into more sequential code unless a lot ot time is spent in optimisation...

1717.5.2005 19:58

so... you think that nintendo is still the big"N"?.newsflash PAL,nintendo has been losing market share since the n64 days beacuse they are reluctant to change.they're the one with the"quality vs quantity"crap and "all is in the gameplay"carp.the fact is that sony wiped the floor with the n64 with their first foray into gaming market,as a matter of fact,even microsoft raped nintendo with their first console..somehow i remember about 5 years ago,when the dreamcast died and i can't help but think that nintendo will follow sega's lead SOONER than later

1817.5.2005 22:32

and i didnt say they didnt lose market share, all im saying is that N is still making money on actual quality games and gadgets rather than M$ or $ony losing money every time u buy a system. im not a bu$ine$$man and maybee u r but "wiped the floor", "raped" where's ur proof, all u have to show for is market share, publicity, consumer awareness, everything marketing, w/c is what i hate most. games being released early just to make more profits, developers being pushed to use brute force methods just to meet deadlines. and changing concepts mid-project just to engulf a larger audience and make more money. "reluctant to change"!? they r the only ones who change, they are the only company who still looks for a niche rather than forcing thier face on the market such as creating the overly exposed fps genre but are low or inconsistent on fps. forcing programmers to squeeze in antialiasing just to say we have antialiasing but at the expense to drawdist fps, polycount, anisotro and better mipmapping. N is now targeting a different demographic in thier nintendogs, "reluctant to change"!? like naming your next console ps'3'. marketing, sigh, anything that has to to with the letter X the color black or just plain COOL, is a change?. "reluctant to change"!?, like copying the snes controller format and naming it ps controller, analogue stick and making it 2 analogue stick, rumblepack and naming it dualshock(of course they made it 2 shocks to make it 'inovative'), and now N is using currenlty existing technology to make games more fun. WOW i sound like a N fanboy, but im actually an 'nvidia xbox fanboy'... sorry is that M$ xbox, because core components uses nvidia. anyway im still waiting for my current task to render and my boss isnt around, so i have all the time.

1917.5.2005 23:53

ehem..let an old video game vet step in here and let yall know whats what... Nintendo owns exclusive titles, ie mario and company, zelda, pokemon games are cash cows for nintedo. why? because for anyone that truly loves those games, pay out the wazoo. Nintendo fanbase is loyal. EXTREMELY LOYAL. To date, Nintendo has sold more than one billion video games impressive numbers. think about this, they thrived or created the following systems. EVR PLAYER, coin-op games, a system called the "Family Computer", "VS. System." nes, snes, gb, n64, gba, gamecube, and comes the revolution...they are entrenched in family gaming, while they are the "3rd best selling" system, they will stay around, like they always have. sony and microsoft believe that a war is needed to win over fans, while nintendo smiles and basks in there Nintendo Exclusive titles to encourage the purchase of the FAMILY gaming system...and it doesnt hurt that there costs are less.

2017.5.2005 23:57

ehem..let an old video game vet step in here and let yall know whats what... Nintendo owns exclusive titles, ie mario and company, zelda, pokemon games are cash cows for nintedo. why? because for anyone that truly loves those games, pay out the wazoo. Nintendo fanbase is loyal. EXTREMELY LOYAL. To date, Nintendo has sold more than one billion video games impressive numbers. think about this, they thrived or created the following systems. EVR PLAYER, coin-op games, a system called the "Family Computer", "VS. System." nes, snes, gb, n64, gba, gamecube, and comes the revolution...they are entrenched in family gaming, while they are the "3rd best selling" system, they will stay around, like they always have. sony and microsoft believe that a war is needed to win over fans, while nintendo smiles and basks in there Nintendo Exclusive titles to encourage the purchase of the FAMILY gaming system...and it doesnt hurt that there costs are less. the Game Boy is the Number 1 most selling gaming system all time in the world. nintendo sells like crazy outside the U.S....come on guys think outside ur own universe...nintendo is smart business. that being said, I own all three systems xbox-halo and kotor titles got me hooked ps2- more selection gamecube-son and wife demanded i get it...(nintendo knows what they are doing..)

2118.5.2005 04:58

you guys spent so much time typing, wasting my time reading, and still the ps3 is gonna kill the revolution. Specs don't count? Well see about that... Nintendo's cuban revolution is over...

2218.5.2005 05:04

why do people always get pulled in to the same( mines bigger than yours )argument .No system has ever lived up to their own hype ,the system specs all look great but lets see how great they are when they run the games.i think the main reason that sony and microsoft have done so well is because unlike nintendo were it comes to money they are a bottomless pitt and also let anyone who want to make games for their machines do so.i will always stay with nintendo as i still think they make the best games also dont forget that alot of you seem to putting nintendo down but the have not even shown what the machine can do yet .most of the best innovations in gameing have come from nintendo.

2318.5.2005 07:17

what a piece of shit! its funny how xbox released pics of the 360, then ps3 and nintendo started shovin their pics in our face, lol, but when ps3 specs and pics surfaced, we all shit ourselves. rather then the new gamecube.. YEAH 2-3 MORE TIMES POWERFUL THEN THE GAMECUBE!!!that says alot ;)
How is this user a senior member?

2418.5.2005 12:31

Nintendo invented video games, and they always win the never ending war. If you want dvd player or whatever psp has get a laptop, video games are for video games. If nintendo wanted they could buy sony. nintendo invented video games and they will prevail. I bet all the money i will ever make on that.

2518.5.2005 17:19

wow!nintendo is the company that changes?yeah sure,especially after dozens of the same dumb games with the same stupid mario and pokemon characters being released year after year.the dualshock being a copy of the snes pad?sure,only much more functional and and microsoft forcing fps games?those are the games that people want.does golden eye and prefect dark ring any bells?.if it weren't for sony and microsoft we would still be playing dumb save the princess moronic games. so,swag_w,keep playing mario sunshine and zelda while us play real games like gta,halo,good sports games and the like,just remeber what i said when you are forced to play the latest mario party game...on a sony or microsoft console. p.s.remeber sega?

2618.5.2005 17:26

Well,The design of the system is not all that great.It looks like a cd drive for a computer.The nintendo will do fine in price compared to the other systems with there dvd capabilities.It's all about the games that the system has that makes it great.At least they have the idea to make it backwards compatible with the other nintendo games.Nintendo's game cube was more powerfull then the ps2.Hopfully the nintendo will make up for poor design and lack of dvd capabilities.I personally think the PS3 design is the best,even though the contoller looks like a bomerang.If this ugly box is powerfull and has some excellent games and cheap.I might buy it.I don't care for nintendo's kiddie games though.I think it was Atari that invented games not Nintendo.I do have to say that that they better have some online games other than phantasy star to make it a contender.And mini gameboy advanced for your pocket.Well,umm...ok.

2718.5.2005 18:17

I love all the consoles. However, I play games on my PC more than my TV for the resolution, speed, etc. I remember in 5th grade when the NES was fresh on the market. My FAM was very poor, and I thought I had recieved all my gifts. My stepdad came in with a wrapped box at around 9pm. I knew from the boxes shape and size exactly what it was. One of the greatest moments of my life. I'll buy every N console, even for just that reason.

2818.5.2005 18:32

"if it weren't for sony and microsoft we would still be playing dumb save the princess moronic games." Maybe if people weren't being told they had to play so many fps games, society would be a better place. Ever think of looking at things that way mate? The game market is just like the pop music scene, you fools who think that Nintendo is just for kids and hate it for a lack of fps games are only buying what you are TOLD to buy by MS and Sony. Get a brain and learn to think for yourself. Something doesn't have to be good just because a marketing division says that it is.

2918.5.2005 19:27

sr. bond says "so,swag_w,keep playing mario sunshine and zelda while us play real games like gta,halo,good sports games and the like,just remeber what i said when you are forced to play the latest mario party game...on a sony or microsoft console. p.s.remeber sega? " THIS WINS THE NEWBIE OF THE WEEK AWARD!...<shakes head> first off where to begin with you...I will address where your in error. EA SPORTS makes the ONLY football games, and makes adequate, higher selling sports titles. EA SPORTS is available on a nintendo. therefore "good sports titles" are around. secondly "good games" like halo, gta...and what? thats two titles you named...2 titles dont make or break an ENTIRE console. Do not let your ignorance air out on a forum, it is OBVIOUS that u despise nintendo, ok, but to call someone for his preference to a system? shame on you. You should realize that your opinion isnt everyones. "moronic" mario games, son, MARIO HAS OUTSOLD GTA AND HALO COMBINED. you get back to me when they drop GTA17 and Halo 12, then you can compare them the flagship titles of nintendo. now, on to fps issues. XBOX- OWNS fps..why? because they cant own anything else. they were a superior graphics console with very little 3rd party support. They HAVE TO make fps or else they will drown. take halo away from Xbox, that system doesnt produce a next-gen console. Sony-They are the Number One system in these terms, they have great licensing, 3rd party support, great marketing, and they are Cutting edge. But... Nintendo- the middle system in graphics, better then sony, less then xbox. Flagship titles, family titles, they are loyalists, like swag to keep them in the running, but here is the kicker... n64-cartridge based, game makers had trouble with it. gamecube-gamemakers proved it was to costly to continue, so nintendo lost alot of portable titles, due to financial safe to say, that with the same standard of game production that gamemakers are used to, there will be a larger selection, and nintendo will remain the dark horse of gaming, without folding up shop. oh, and by the way, Sega invested in things like the 32x, sega cd, and dreamcast, all systems were FATALLY FLAWED, and Sonic stopped carrying that system after the genesis. they had no titles, horrid production, bad investments, and VERY SHALLOW POCKETS. Nintendo is so deep financially, that they could stay in the game for the next 15 years, without breaking the bank. and you show me a game like animal crossing on the xbox or cant, because there is no other system that INTERGRATES that much interaction. AND NO HARVEST series doesnt come close. So when you get older, and want less death, gore, and more enjoyable titles "remeber" what us old timers told ya.

3018.5.2005 20:07

first things first.i may be a newbie over this forums,but i've been playing games since the first pong-only console started,i've played almost every console that has been released in the states(and some that weren't,like the supergrafx)so get your facts straight before calling names.and i do not hate nintendo as a company,but the hyping of downloadable old nintendo games as a selling point?who wants to buy a new console for that?we've played those games a long time ago.and what about games like donkey konga?for god's sake'those are as deep as your belly button. but lets see what happens,maybe nintendo will rise again with mario revolution hyper mega or with mario party26 or with zelda goes to six flags...god forbid they release a fresh franchise with a fresh story... oh,and to the portable gamers who worship the big n as their god,keep your eyes open for a little thing called psp.

3118.5.2005 20:35

I think you'll find a lot of people who mod their xbox install emulators to play JUST THOSE GAMES. They are not forgotten, and are very fondly remembered by some of us. You know, I might just go out and get one of those PSPs... There is just something about a company that designs a product with a FAULTY BUTTON, then flips buyers the birdie and says it is your own fault for not adapting that just turns me on. Yeah, I know it is fixed now, but only after massive protest. Don't seem to recall anything like that coming out of Nintendo, in fact I hear that Nintendo was bending over backwards to iron out the smallest complaints people had with niggly little things like dead pixels on the DS, another issue Sony was attempting to flip buyers off over. Such company ethics are another thing that makes me doubt I'd get a PS3.

3218.5.2005 20:48

And as for Donkey Konga. Have you ever actually played that game yourself, let alone with two or more players? A group me and my mates couldn't wipe the grins from our faces after playing that game for a week while on holidays. It is truly addictive, and a couple friends bought a console just for DK. And people claim nothing innovative or original comes out of Nintendo...

3318.5.2005 21:11

oh you say nintendo does everything to please its customers?how come they did not send me a check after having to buy a second fu**ing gamecube after the first broke in 6 months of little use,whereas my ps2 has been 3 years with not a SINGLE glitch.what about my n64 wich hardly plays any cart god knows why?. i don't see them sending me a new one either.and i played that dumb konga game,thats why i can say it's an example of a silly game.but dont tie a knot in your panties,after all you can go and buy a million revolution consoles just to make up for the ones that won't sell after the ps3 buries the the big n once and for all. history tends to repeat itself,and if nintendo wants to regain the spot it had during the nes and snes days they need a serious "revolution"in their marketing and developing areas,and to accept that their original and most loyal fanbase is hitting 30 years,so make games that appeal to them also,along with the"kongas"and"sunshines"and"parties".

3418.5.2005 21:51

lol. Man, talk about, you sir give Sony Fanboys their name, you are the epitomy of a "hater". get over it. cuz frankly... ur in a battle that ur fighting alone. Im happy you are so pleased with your Sony, and im sorry nintendo didnt send you a personal check for buying a second gamecube (whereas you could send it in, IE: My sons GBA SP backlight goes out, i call Nintendo support, even told them that it was bought second hand a the local video game store, they send me a refurbished one with a 1 yr warranty IN ADVANCE, then also paid for my shippin of the broken one) but at this point, your Nintendo opinion has just gotten rude, your obviously bias due to PERSONAL reasons, not just fair judgment. frankly, if your old enough to play the first pong, then you my friend really need to Grow up.

3518.5.2005 22:20

I don't think that nintendo is out of the race just yet like some people think they are. Sure their not on top like sony is but they haven't and won't get up. I'm no fanboy of any system cause I like them all and won't choose any of their sides. Its just that you hear all over the net about how sony and microsoft out does nintendo which I don't think is true. Just cause nintendo relies on their own software and games more thank 3rd party companies like snk, sammy, dimps and others and like to do their own thing with their huge franchise of mario, zelda, and so forward doesn't really mean much in a way. They may even shock us all one day and reclaim the number position in the console business one day like they once did when they were battling it out with sega back in the day.

3618.5.2005 23:15

I agree - Nintendo has just been a little quiet lately; it's not dead. Was watching E3 today and a vast majority of the ones that I saw interviewed on TV agreed that the highlight was the next Zelda. Yeah, they have a lot of kiddie titles, but that actually broadens their fan base. They don't just have a group of fps fanatic teens buying their stuff, but a huge range of people of different ages and tastes. IMO, they have way more variety than either of the other companies in their games. Don't get me wrong, PS3 is where my money's going first, but the Revolution will be a very close second.

3719.5.2005 04:23

errr.. Xbox is good in hardware, playstation good on games, gamecube... good on pokemon games, zelda etc. but i think that playstation are #1 in asia because its have a lot of hi quality RPG games, like FF series, Xenosaga, StarOcean, etc. there no good RPG games on XBOX, and asian people very like RPG games, about fantasy, future, robots. etc. GameCube also have very good games, its games very good in gameplay quality. and if N Revolution will use standart DVD as the media (not the mini disc) and have a lot of software, like DivX player, Linux, i`m really sure it will beat SONY and MICROSOFT. time will tell

3819.5.2005 05:11

jutsu...are you obviously don't know much about the systems. "Xbox is good in hardware, playstation good on games," If you spent any time watching E3 '05, all they talk about is how sony has the hardware and Microsoft has good software. Even the microsoft VP admited they are good on software and sony has good hardware..

3919.5.2005 05:44

Before you all go beating off over how many teraflops your favourite company is pulling, wait and see (A): what games are being released for the console, and the quality and originality of them,
This is actually one of the things I´m worried about, I haven´t seen that many interesting Gamecube games to date. That being said, I think it´s far to early to write off any of the companies mentioned here. Nintendo has a lot of loyal followers among both gamers and game developers. At the same time, looking at the raw specs of the hardware and the games that were released for the current generation of consoles, Microsoft and Sony have an advantage over Nintendo - at least in my eyes.

4019.5.2005 15:32

Just because the system doesnt look fancy it can still kick ps3s and xbox 360s ass. It is probably better than both of them combined. And because it doesnt look fancy it is probably cheaper. I think nintendo has something up their sleeves because if you havent noticed they have just been saving money. I think they are going to buy the game division of sony. I hope they do.

4120.5.2005 12:10

Any one else smell the Big N's demise? Now don't get me wrong, I am no PS or Xbox fanboy. But the Revolution stands no chance against the other systems. It is severly overpowered by the competiton. However, will I buy one? Hell yes. Nintendo makes some great games, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Super Smash., not to mention SPORTS TITLES provided by EA no less, so you know the games are going to be great. The only problem is the system's overall power. So, sir bond, and who ever he is atguing with You are both right, and both wrong. For exampile: Ps2 gave you no problems at all? Sorry, I won't buy into a statment like that, not after sony's infamous DISK READ ERROR! Nintendoe may have "flagship" titles, but need to be more inoventive with their products. And inoventive still has it's limits, remember the virtual boy.

4220.5.2005 12:55

kuroko, you just proved my point "will I buy one? hell yes" it doesnt matter how underpowered, because there are way to many people with your same mindset. Will i buy one? eventually, when they release new mario titles, and other franchise games, because my kid loves them. so i believe nintendo spends MUCH less on hardware, and even less on software (since a big majority of top selling games are owned by nintendo instead of 3rd parties selling to the highest bidders) so lower cost, less overhead, they can live with being 3rd in the rankings, as long as they still make profits..and they are doing quite well in that area. its like this, If make an inferior car that has air conditioning, and u ask MUCH less, and spend MUCH less making the car, there will be plenty of ppl willing to sacrifice to get the car with air conditioning. thats what nintendo banks on, buyers will shell out the money, otherwise they wont be able to play zelda, mario, etc. ...i am not a big fan of any system, they all have downsides and upsides, but frankly, nintendo has figured out the key to success... ah..last comparison. Basketball. donald sterling figured out that his L.A. Clippers dont need to win to still make alot of money. so he spends less on talent, gets less fans to come to the games, but still makes alot of money...nintendo is the Clippers of Gaming. Xbox and sony are like the red sox and yankees, doing whatever they can, and spending as much as they can to outdo the other one...apples and oranges i guess.

4320.5.2005 15:05

hey kuroko,thanks for bringing back the virtual boy,thats the proof about nintendo's smart ideas.i agree with you,the big n needs a refreshening of ideas especially on their own software.and believe it or not,my ps2 has been completely flawless since day one(knocks on wood),i hope it stays the same until ps3. and to gsuscrazy,i don't know why you say things about bitterness,honestly i couldn't care less about these 3 companies since i don't have stock on any of them. but like i said,let's see what happens from here up until 09' or 2010,when the winners will be called

4420.5.2005 18:55

lol..2010? in 5 years im sure there will be an entirely different way to game, i dont think ANY console lives that long. Just imagine what is to come with the cell processors they are using, technology has broken through an important threshold, its only a matter of time before console gaming becomes mundane....dun dun dunnnnn

4520.5.2005 21:28

check the lifespan of the gaming consoles for the last 15 years before you lol and post little kids comments.4 to 5 years of shelf life is easily expected from the new consoles

4620.5.2005 21:52

your really aggrevating me "newbie", you wanna look up numbers? go ahead, but the past dont dictate the future, you sound like a sega guy now with that kinda comment. Laughing Out Loud. Fact is technology could only double its capability every 3 years, but now Cell processors arent held to the same restrictions..maybe you dont understand what that means, maybe you should research that instead of system shelf life. We have been held back from expanding from our current idea of "consoles" well now we have enough expansive technology to move beyond a system that simply plugs into a tv...dont believe me? research microsofts ideal goal for the 3rd installment of the xbox, and how they plan to have it be a computer, gaming system, a television receiver, communication device, and so on...damn man, up till now i almost thought you knew about techie issues..but my bad, i overestimated you. Im through with discussing topics with the meantime keep workin the site, and maybe you can make it to Jr. Member...till then, your just another fanboy newbie. I am out.

4721.5.2005 08:48

Wow you seem upset.

4821.5.2005 15:15

You got served!

Earn 2 cents per Google search.

4923.5.2005 05:39

how old are you guys? 10??

5023.5.2005 17:46

so gsuscrazy,if you don't like other people's opinions why do you come to the forums with your dumb comments?it's not only about technology,it's also about marketing,that's the reason that allows sony,nintendo and microsoft to take losses in hardware so they have the time and the means to make it back on the software,that's the whole point of a console to exist,to provide a stable developing and playing environment to developers and players so they don't need to upgrade their hardware every other year. do you know how long it takes to make a game?at least a year,and thats if the the developer doesn't need to code a very complex game engine.that's the reason it doesn't make sense to give a console a short lifespan even for are the one that needs to think twice before you post your kiddie opinions and learn a little about manners,i don't know how old you are(and i dont give a f**k) but you post like if you were a rabid junkie teenager with all you name calling and your "little know it all "complex.moron!

5124.5.2005 05:53

this thread is getting boring...

5224.5.2005 07:26

Then go somewhere else loser.

5324.5.2005 12:25

U must be a dog..cuz ur jus chasin ur tail here Bond. you said that software allows microsoft, sony, and nintendo take losses on hardware? ONLY MICROSOFT TOOK LOSSES ON HARDWARE, SONY AND N GAINED PROFIT! and frankly newbie, microsoft didnt recoup anything of software titles outside of halo, they took a beating, and will continue, but as you and i know, that if bill gates wants to take over something, he can, and will. he has no problem getting in the red to force Sony into a ur wrong there. you say: that's the whole point of a console to exist,to provide a stable developing and playing environment to developers and players so they don't need to upgrade their hardware every other year. REALLY? I THOUGHT IT WAS TO MAKE A PROFIT? I DIDNT KNOW MS SONY AND N DID THIS CONSOLE GAMING FOR US AND GAME DEVELOPERS, OH HOW NAIVE OF ME FOR THINKING ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!...think before you speak, these companies will do anything to capitalize a profit. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX...cuz while ur still playing pong, in about 8 years, we will be in a VR. no longer restrained by Av jacks, and wavebird controllers... so frankly Sr. Bond, its another case of you just randomly saying things that you THINK MIGHT be true. dont bring salad to the table, cuz its a meat only board, if you just gonna post fluffy stuff, dont bother. AND I POST LIKE A RABID TEENAGER?? wtf kind of comment is that? You cant even insult me with any force...lets recap.. you dont know anything about Nintendo. you assume you know about MS and Sony..but fail miserably to back up your knowledge. your stuck in past, believing we are going to be restricted to one console every 5 years..(LMAO) and after i dressed you down, and embarrased you to the entire board by exposing your knowledge of console gaming matches your login come back with an age insult..and a Rabid Teen comment..lmao.. go back to the drawing board, ask some friends, read up online..then get back to me with real facts, and maybe i will bother to respond to you again..but frankly, if i wanted to argue with someone with your apparent knowledge, i would debate with my three yr. old.

5424.5.2005 17:11

Hey Sr. Bond or fuc* head, I have been playing my game cube and 64 since they came out, and mine still work perfect. I think it is because you don't know how to take care of your nintendo consoles and when you are playing i, you probably hit it and sh*t in fits of rage because you lose. And then you blame it on nintendo. The only reason your ps2 is in good condition is because it collects dust. You never play it. You just proved that Nintendo is better while trying to support sony.

5524.5.2005 17:12

Go to and sign up there, afterdawn made it up and it is only for video games.

5624.5.2005 20:17

now this is getting out of topic... if you 2 guys think that nintendo is the best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread that's fine with me,instead of posting at least interesting comments to this thread you 2 guys are only showing your silly "nintendo rules"mantra and is getting boring and now even personal,so be happy with your super revolution console and your 2 year lifespan consoles.see you in 2010 at the next console jump when nintendo will be developing super duper and zelda goes sesame street...on a sony console.


5724.5.2005 22:54

lmao..still funny reading newbie by your name...cuz it couldnt fit any better..

I remember when dinosaurs roamed the land
I remember when thinkin the earth is flat was cool...
but most of all...i remember when the Apple ruled the schools...GO NUMBER MUNCHERS!!!

5825.5.2005 05:11

hey castro... suck my chimichanga. Fick Dich!

5925.5.2005 12:04

i just wanted to post a comment. what up everybody. i'm just here chillin and smoking my blunt. badass news. we've got 3 new systems coming out! but i still dont finish playing all the games the ps2 xbox and gamecube offer!!! scr3w it. ps. i need an other j. peace out

6025.5.2005 14:33

but at least i dont get stomach ulcers because of other person's opinions and live in a world gold coins dickhead!

6125.5.2005 18:04

srbond, u r the most agressive mainstream i have ever met. if we could just read the whole thread again(cant we show the whole thead in this forum?). it was u who couldnt take my opinion, it was u who said"so u think nintendo is still the big N, well think again PAL". it was u who retorted to my opinions. your comments are not even argumentative. your posts deviate from the topic not giving a rebutal from facts stated, u dont know jack about debate all u do is attack like this statement. "if you 2 guys think that nintendo is the best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread that's fine with me,instead of posting at least interesting comments to this thread you 2 guys are only showing your silly "nintendo rules"mantra and is getting boring and now even personal,so be happy with your super revolution console and your 2 year lifespan consoles.see you in 2010 at the next console jump when nintendo will be developing super duper and zelda goes sesame street...on a sony console." marketing, so srbond belives $ony and micro$oft wins him over because of the marketing. the '35x more powerfull' the sleek, very cool console design, ha u are dumber than i thought. that was my strongest argument if u dont remember me saying "U HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW 4 BUT MARKETING". and now u say 'its also about marketing'. u are indeed pathetic. mrbond, it is moore's law that states "technology could only double its capability every 3 years". and "Traditional computing technology operates under the theory of Moore's Law". cant wait what u'll say about this maybee call me a geek or a loser. why dont u retort to that statement gsuscrazy threw at u. instead u say."so gsuscrazy,if you don't like other people's opinions why do you come to the forums with your dumb comments" 'do you know how long it takes to make a game?at least a year'. WOW u clearly know the industry, "at least a year" and basing that to the lifespan of the console, great piece of equation!, i dont need to prove that games are made less than a year because u only hear the big games that are marketed and hyped w/c takes 3 to 4 years to make. and its obvious that your profession has nothing to do with specializations or anythig that is related to the gaming industry, u are more of a jack of all tades or general manager kina guy(correct me if im wrong). like i said im an nvidia xbox fanboy but i can guarantee u N will outlast both $ony and M$ in thier gaming department. 'if you don't like other people's opinions why do you come to the forums with your dumb comments?', i think gsuscrazy and i are the same here, we dont like shallow unsuported opinions, so far yours have the dumb ones. read the whole thread again and u'll see that ur posts does not have at least 1 piece of hard evidence, and im sure other will vote for that. u have such plenty of stupid comments its a waste to rebute them all. ex 'after dozens of the same dumb games with the same stupid mario and pokemon characters being released year after year' so mario 3 is dumb and is very much the same as mario64, yeah. like halo has a big leap towards halo2. (and there are way too many to ladies and gentlemen) now, i am an opengl programmer working for an animation studio(sory cant say the company name, ive said to much in this forum). we specialize in 3d animations. my job is to make sure rendering is at its maximum efficiency through api handling. i constantly custom code the api used that is taylored to the hardware. now many may ask why i entartain such foolishness. well i have 2 kinds of pissed off state. 1 pissed of state is i voice out like what i just did. and the 2nd i just do somthing about it. And I would like to reauest the web master to show the whole thread if its possible. thank you. swag_w(scientifically wild ass guess) OUT.

6225.5.2005 18:41

Jauzzi if I wanted a cumback i'd get your dad to scrape it out from the back of your throat. homo

6325.5.2005 19:32

chill out buddy,you're goin to get sick with so much anger in your chest. sorry but you were the one that started with all the name calling and smart ass remarks,i do believe that anyone's opinions are as worthy as the next guy's,even if they go in opposite directions,but once you start being aggressive and intolerant you know you're goin to get in a flame war. so to end this whole mess i will express myself back into topic. 1.-i still think that nintendo is just trying to catch and grab what little piece of the home console cake they can get because this time they're not only late,but also underpowered,at least the gc was more powerful than the ps2,but not this time. 2.-sony has everything it needs to remain at the top in the next console wars unless the price of their new console gets too high,in wich case it may give the rival consoles a better chance of stealing the show. 3.-microsoft may gain some momentum with their early launch,though this will come at a cost by cutting short their original xbox 2005 holyday season. 4.- and my best guess for the next consoles lifespan would be at least 4 years. 5.- if you differ from my opinion ,how long do you think they will last gsuscrazy?(honest question)

6426.5.2005 14:42

you guys need a time out

6527.5.2005 06:42

castro, you need to stop masturbating with gay porn... your dingolin is gonna go poopoo, and then your dad ain't gonna have nothing to suck...

6627.5.2005 11:52

get back to the revoulution please.

6727.5.2005 11:53

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 27 May 2005 @ 3:01

6828.5.2005 20:04

Wow. It's just a game console - lighten up. Stating on-topic opinions and reasons behind them is great, but attacking any one person for their opinion isn't going to convince anyone of anything, other than the fact that you have anger issues. Can we please get back on topic?

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 28 May 2005 @ 8:06

6931.5.2005 08:28

I was just playing with my friend fidel castro there guys, no need to worry... he got a little angry because of the chimichanga incident, but you are right, let's get back on topic. So what was the topic about?

7031.5.2005 10:24

I got an email stating that this thread was updated just to read this crap! Absolutely nothing envolving the Nintendo Revolution console.

7127.6.2005 13:07

actually, all the next systems, xbox360,ps3 and the reveloution, are capable and have a 256 bit graphics card. ps2,xbox and gamecube all have a 128card, but some games looked crappy becuase they wernt using full capacity. ffx-ffx2 used full capacity in the videos and that was only 128! imagine wat 256 will look like! no matter wat system.

7229.6.2005 08:47

I still don't understand those small number of people that are excited about the Nintendo Revolution though. Nintendo has made so many blunders in the past years including now bringing out a even smaller gameboy advance yet the have a gameboy SP and a Gameboy DS out as well. Plus just because Nintendo says that you can download games from 20 years of its library doesn't mean that it will be all games. May just be Nintendo developed and owned games and not Third party games licensed under nintendo such as Ninja Gaiden series, Double Dragon series, Bad Dudes, Bionic Commando, Smash TV, Super Raiden, Super R-type and others.

7329.6.2005 11:20

I think that the micro and revolution are smart moves. I personally hate the DS and Gamecube, but there has to be alternatives to the big priced systems like the PSP and XBOX/PS2. As long as there is a niece, someone has to fill it. The revolution is stylish and way smaller than the opposing competition. All those Jap kids eat that shit up. They have different taste all together, like that nintendogs??? What a screwed up game, and it's number one out there.

novicebb (Junior Member) 29 June 2005 12:47 Plus just because Nintendo says that you can download games from 20 years of its library doesn't mean that it will be all games. May just be Nintendo developed and owned games and not Third party games licensed under nintendo...
I didn't even thing about 3rd party games for revolution... if those aren't released I wouldn't blow my brains out or anything. I get nostalgic every now and then and play NES games on my emulator. I used to live for contra and captain sky hawk, and now I just don't have the patience.

7429.6.2005 13:00

i dont really think theres apoint to make micro. because there are three versoins of the gba. Its probally the best yet though, because sp was to cramped and you had no hand space. about downloading games on the reveloution, i think u can use roms, or u will have to pay. But one things for shure, its going to be the cheapest out of all off themm.

7511.7.2005 13:13

Nintendo revolution is so much better than the other systems people judge systems before the even know what they will be like. If nintendo Revolution has backward capability and can play downloaded earlier system games then it is so much better and if any of you little fuckers say it is a piece of shit then look at who made the first good system. NINTENDO

7612.7.2005 10:21

Don't get me wrong i like my ps2, and psp. but come on people at E3 the pictures and demo's the ps3 showed look's very good, but they are not the real game play, people are saying ps3 is the best. might be true but if the companies can give u a game that looks that damn good why not have it in real time so people could play it. xbox360 had games to play and gears of war looks damn good. i love my gamecube even if it don't have all the M rated games. pluse the revolution will have all the classic game for all they sytems, how cool is that. who need all that s*#*t on a console i have a cd player i have a dvd player. i just won't a video game system thats low in price. i will get the ps3 if it's not 400, 500 dallors, but the revolution is fisrt for me. i think nintendo system will look just as good as ps3 and xbox360. ODB

7718.7.2005 06:56

The only thing that Nintendo will have going for them as far as the Revolution is concern is the price. That is it. I mean can you imagine Nintendo tries to market downloadable games from Nintendo's library and then you go online and find out that those same roms can be downloaded for free online for your PS3 or 360. The only chance Revolution has is if it supports downloadable versions of the same current games you can buy on disk at the store but at a lower price. So for example: If you purchase say Madden 2007 on disk for Nintendo Revolution for 49.95 at your local retailer but have the option of downloading directly from Nintendo's site for 29.95 then I think it may have a chance. But for it to do this it will have to have a harddrive or offer support for one.

7820.7.2005 07:21

I own every console since the atari 2600 to the NEO GEO to the XBOX, PS2, and NGC. To say that the old games don't matter is ridiculous. The only reason I bought the XBOX is because it had Metal Slug 3 and because I can mod it to play emulators. I've never bought an XBOX game, but yet I have bought over 70 NGC games. The only reason I bought a PS2 was for DDR, which I've now just DLed onto my XBOX. So, if you really want to find which system is doing well, and which system will survive, lets look at the money trail for people of the general public. Parents will buy games for their kids. Games like Animal Cross, any Mario title, any Zelda title, and Metroid. I know I wouldn't want my kids playing GTA and Playboy Mansion, but I can download it for myself. Bottom line, I'm willing to pay for games, and if I don't have to pay to download a game, how is the company going to survive? PS2 has made little money from me. XBOX has not made a single profit from me. But, I have spent thousands of dollars on NGC.... I guess I'm just another loyal fan that will have to say goodbye to Nintendo. R.I.P (sarcastically)

7922.7.2005 14:20

first off feel free to flame me as much as you want, as i will probably never go to this site again. you are all complete asses. one guy throws out an opinion and people explode on him telling him how wrong he is and he should kill himself. MY personal opinion is this, nintendo may not be out yet, but its dying and dying quickly. i have been a fan of nintendo since i was a little kid and got my first game system, the NES. but ive grown older and found myself enjoying the nintendo less, probably due to the lack of games for older people. i dont want to play super mario spray and wash, or bang on the bongos with a damn monkey. call me mainstream or whatever but i want to blow someones head off sometimes. i have invested enough in nintendos "everyone can play" titles, and they seem to be cranking out nothing but them lately. yeah price does mean something and thats why i think nintendo will live through this round, but then again if they priced the virtual boy at $10 would it have been successful? i dont see myself buying a revolution unless there are going to be some serious changes, the only exclusive that i find myself enjoying lately is zelda, the rest to me have taken a turn for the worse. and downloading games on a console? who gives a rats ass? you can download "classic" games on any shitty comp and play them. lack of controller? go out and buy a POS for $10. they have playstation clones that IMHO is the best controller. /rant

8022.7.2005 20:56

i could not agree more!!


8123.7.2005 20:25

fuck all you fuckers nintendo is the best it is better then any other console nintendo made the gaming world work we are the grandfather of the industry were going to fuck your mums while you watch and cry like little bitches having your first orgasm SO ALL WAYS REMEMBER THAT NINTENDO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8224.7.2005 19:15

I couldn't agree more nintendo started video games if it weren;t for them you sony fuckers wouldn't be able to play you're fucking grand theft auto.

8325.7.2005 08:52

Did nintendo start modern gaming as we know it? Yes. But did Nintendo create video games? NO! And just because it is the granddaddy of games doesn't mean it is the best or should always be highly regarded. I mean it is the granddady of games. And I take offense to being called a Fuck*$ as well.

8425.7.2005 10:05

It's the ODB here, why is everyone so uptight on the up coming console's. everyone is on the power of these machines, graphic don't make the game, gameplay do, don't get me wrong i love good graphic. but it like everybody is say those games look better than the xbox360 and so on,i will get both sony & nintendo. but i will have nintendo first because it will cost less. maybe the big N will change the way of games, maybe the big N can get more M rating games and still have the kid games too. u never know. if nintendo had more M games like sony no one would be talking in this thread, cause nintendo and sony would be neck & neck in this race and xbox & 360 would be in 3rd.

8526.7.2005 08:32

HUH? Who is this guy and what drugs is he on? Claiming that Xbox would be in third? Who is he kidding.

8626.7.2005 18:29

dg0896 is a legend nintendo is the best and all ways be the best and graphix is not all game play is fuck sony, xbox is all right but nintendo is the best any one who likes nintendo stik with it and never give up and all yous are legends for likeing nintendo and nintendo DS makes Sony PSP piss bye miles becoz graphix isent every think i admit that PSP has some good graphix but it aint all about that and DS has good graphix and way better games!!!

8726.7.2005 18:41

Man, this thread has turned to shit. *UNSUBSCRIBED*

8826.7.2005 23:18

well it would be very hard for any one system to dominate more then 40% of the existing market i don't think that that nindendo with the weaker power in graphic will be at a huge disadvantage as i believe that title names aka ninja gaiden vs smash brothers will be the deciding factor in the console wars and not the power of the system. As it will reach a point where one can no longer tell the difference. But that is just my 2 cents.

897.8.2005 23:34

Just like GFreeman will prob never be in here agin but just want to point out how stupid some of these people are. The thing is that Microsofr and Sony know that if you show dumb people big numbers with a MB or GHZ behind it they will think it is the greatest thing ever. These high numbers and and 3 of these, 35x this, 5 times as powerful dont mean anything. If anyone in here knows anything about how a computer works they will agree with me. Its not all about how much power you can put into them. Its about how you use the power that is in it. XBox360 may have their 3x 3.2GHZ processors. Show me a single game or app that will use that much power and i will shit my pants. Look at how many pipelines, FSB, pipeline width. Find where all the bottlenecks in the PS3 and XBox are going to be. Then try to find a bottleneck in the Nintendo Revolution. There arnt any. Thats why it is really more powerfull. Lets look at an example XBOX 360 3x 3.2ghz processors. (Im not sure of the specs for this but you should understand it) lets say that there are a total of 12 pipelines here. each processor will get 4. take away 1 or 2 of these processors and you give each 6 pipelines or a single proc all 12. Your feeding a small amount of information to a processor that can handle SOOOO MUCH MORE. This will just slow down communication as it bottlenecks around the processors. Picture traffic on a 12 lane highway being cramed into a 4 lane highway. Doesnt work to well. Similar concept here, things will slow down. Its just my opinion but i would prefer the 12x1 ratio myself. Instead of the 4x3. Just makes more sense, You get more power if you spend more yes. But you see more speed and what seems like more power if you spend less. See what im getting at here. Nintendo has it right. Single processors, nice big pipelines. easy flow of traffic. hmmm, go nintendo. these are the same reasons Apple computers run better that PCs.

902.11.2005 14:01

ehhh graphics arent everything, i remember i did the best thing last year and got rid of my Xbox, and gamecube, and got a whole bunch of regular nintendo games.. spend most my time on computer (fps games, rts games, MMORPG) but when i wanna play a console i pick up my handy dandy Nintendo Controller and play away... Contra/Mario 3/Castlevania/Final Fantasy anyone?

913.11.2005 03:18

I agree with you Enderxvic. if people remember when xbox and ps2 came out, nintendo said the same thing that the gamecube was not as strong as the spec of the ps2 and xbox. but the ported games looked as good as the ps2, and xbox was a little smoother than the two. so the rev will have good looking graphics just as xbox360, ps3.

9229.12.2005 16:09

Hey, Let me start off by stating that it is 2a.m., and that the only reason I have joined Afterdark is this thread. I have just spent the last hour reading this thread, in it's entirety. I must say that from the start this thread has been based on flaming and narrow minds. Furthermore, I believe that some forum members could do with a grammar lesson rather than the next installment of Halo, LOL. However, I must get to the point and hit the sack. I quite frankly have been a rabid Nintendo fan for years. I still remember buying the stickers and all for my room. I thought that this loyalty would have broadened mind and made me more receptive to Nintendo's "innovations". However, my first thoughts about the system, mainly its "Tv remote"-esqe controller, were highly critical. But, I must admit after seeing a few of the possible applications for the new controller, I was hooked again. Hell, even now I desperatley want to pre-order a Revolution. I've never been more excited about a console. I don't know why exactly, but its' seems so full of life and as silly as it sounds different. As far as graphics are concerned, I really don't think they will change my decision to buy a Revolution. Here's why: A. Nintendo has not released it's specifications yet, so it is ridiculous to frett over speculated figures. B. Nintendo has stated that the graphics will be "on par". Although this statement may be a let down for some, I never really expected Nintendo to go "power hungry". They're alittle too resourceful for that sort of thing. C. I dont know about you guys, but that demo looked liked straight-up fun! I think it gives the system the life I was talking about earlier. So yea, I'm gonna say "game-play". Plus, there are already big-name designers such as Hideo Kojima drooling to develop fps for the Revolution. Just thought I'd mention it for all the Halo fans. D. Money talks. I'm sorry, but a system whose graphics are "on par", has amazingly fun game-play and cost about the same as the competitions handheld? Think about it. What kind of parent is going to shell out 400-700 bucks on their kids latest phase? Heck, going off to college next year, I know my pockets will be hurting. E. So, they want to charge. Who cares, by allowing for gamers to legally download classic games they not only widen their potential market but combat piracy. Resourceful egh? If, you're worried about extra fees, don't. Just think how much money you saved by not getting a Playstation 3, and remember you've got cash to burn. Furthermore, no one is bitching about iTunes. Same concept. F. Curiosity, I'm itching to know what the Nintendo execs said would "replace HD". I've read all sorts of crazy trite ranging from 3-D holographs, no joke, to an HD side step using filter effects. G. Last, I don't remember the last time Nintendo has had this much third party support. So, the way I see it, if game designers are excited I should be too. Now, as far as the Revolution being Nintendo's Obi Wan, I'm skeptical. Nintendo could make 20 more years of complete flops before beginning to worry. Some very good arguments concerning Nintendo financial status were lodged earlier. Basically, Nintendo has been around since 1890, I think. They started off making some kind of Japanese playing cards, god only knows. Furthermore, Nintendo has had 15 years to completely ride the market. So, like the early profiteers of the American industrial revolution Nintendo has room for competition and error. They've made their money, unlike Sega who I believe was a much newer company. On a second note, Nintendo does not have to "win", because they are not directly competing, smart move. Nintendo's Revolution will be cheap enough that many gamers will buy one even though they have already purchased other next-gen consoles. Okay, let's talk smack. The Playstation is a good console. I have both the Playstation and Playstation2. However, I remember getting my first Playstation a year or two after my N64. Furthermore, Sony is going overboard with costs. The predicted price of a Playstation3 at this time is 500-700 Us dollars. I don't know about you, but for me that breaks the bank. Secondly, predicted prices are much more accurate than speculated specifications for a next-gen console. But, from what I've seen, if you've got the money it might be worth it. Can't trust "Bull shots". If you're an XBOX fan, you're not getting off that easy, I didn't forget you. Where to begin. I remember the humble beginnings of the XBOX. Microsoft had to buy it's flagship titles. May Bungi rest in peace, or pieces. Other than that, I've never seen much going for it, except for XBOX Live, that was sheer brilliance. Anyways, unlike Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have already committed. Their specs and shots are out there for the world to see. From what I've seen neither one has really improved too much, maybe alittle more texture depth and faster frame rates. I'm expecting alot from the Playstation3, but I must say I'm not impressed with the 360. My disappointment is based on the hype. From 9.6Ghz of processing power I was expecting alot more. So, in the end, I guess I'm trying to say that Nintendo is creating a system which I think will be very fresh and interesting, not to mention fun. Thats what it's about in the end, fun. So, I personally support and wish Nintendo much success. I plan to snatch up one of those little puppies before it even touches the shelves. Whats the point in 9.6Ghz if you only use 4? I would rather have fun than look at 500million teraflops and be bored/frustrated. Plus like I said earlier, "on par" XD. Night.


934.1.2006 12:38

i too have joined this so-called thread. even though this is an old thread it looks like there's some posters in here who need to at least start trying to pretend they can string two sentences together without the babyish remarks. the babies know who they are, and looks like i'll be checking thru a few of their current posts to see if they've reached puberty since their pathetic replies were posted. They should realise that a simple google search can dump someone smack bang in the middle of one of those replies.

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