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The Pirate Bay torrent site raided - Hoax

Written by Jari Ketola @ 01 Jun 2005 8:29 User comments (16)

The Pirate Bay torrent site raided - Hoax UPDATE! OK OK so you caught us pirate bay, good work ;-) The site was not raided, they are just playing a joke on the BitTorrent community.
According to the front page of The Pirate Bay the site has been raided by Swedish anti-piracy organizations this morning. The Pirate Bay was one of the most active BitTorrent hosting sites in Europe.

The statement on the page reads:
Today the swedish anti-piracy organisations raided The Pirate Bay and confiscated the computers running the tracker. This probably means the end of The Pirate Bay and we, the crew, apologize for all loss of income caused by our activity over the years.

The Pirate Bay's admin always responded to legal threats by mocking the lawyers that had contacted him and stated that The Pirate Bay is perfectly legal under the current Swedish legistlation. It is interesting to see how the case elvolves.

The Pirate Bay

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16 user comments

11.6.2005 08:50

well, according to a computermagazine here in sweden, the lawyer in The swedish anti-piracy agancy, Henrik Ponten, denies that they are involved in this. The guesses on different forums are that it might be a joke or that the sight is hacked. We can just wait and see.

21.6.2005 09:06

I read on slyck that it is a joke and they are upgrading their servers. Only time will tell!?!?

31.6.2005 09:08

Yes apparently it was a hoax ;-)

41.6.2005 10:35


51.6.2005 11:47

all i gotta say is "be careful what you wish for"

61.6.2005 14:06

says new update available soon, you just never know boing boing baggies baggies

71.6.2005 15:27

Yup, sites closing down everywhere, servers raided, people arrested or quizzed by FBI etc....hahaha real funny guys....your best joke yet.

81.6.2005 19:10

Is funny how some of the places claim to have been shut down are still working for me. Thanks for the new torrent site to check out when it comes back to life. And do you realy belive anyone was arested a few years ago for downloading MP3? All lies intendted to scare people away from doing it. -Del

91.6.2005 23:41

Is it just me or was the joke not funny?..........kinda odd actually....

102.6.2005 02:50

Sure...really sick joke...i almost cried when i saw the page lol :D ... now i can't stop insulting that mad admin and laughin my ass off lol... and big phheeewww hehe

112.6.2005 09:38

This is what thier page said yesterday which I translated into engish from swedish. "Now maybe yous am wondering whys we did it so here? We would only make yourself aware on that The Pirate Bay soon am arriving in an fresh version." It basically said they were doing site maintainance and updated the site. I never saw anything about it being raided, I wonder where that came from ><

122.6.2005 09:48

its said earlier yesterday morning that it had been raided then changed later in the day,, thats were it came from boing boing baggies baggies

132.6.2005 12:07

Hey.. April's Fool was ages ago.

142.6.2005 12:26

"Now maybe yous am wondering whys we did it so here? We would only make yourself aware on that The Pirate Bay soon am arriving in an fresh version." hmm. i can't tell if this is more pirate or swedish?

152.6.2005 16:49

On behalf on swedish pirates and TPB I have to say we thought the joke was kinda funny. Maybe its out bad sense of humour(?).. Anyway, v2 is up and running and lots will change and have changed. The GUI has been made easyer etc., faster laoding etc. and we are currently working on more changes. So go google for torrents now! :-) "Everything for free, why is that bad?"

163.6.2005 16:31

Acutally, I don't think it'll be much longer before there is a non-hoax raid on the Pirate Bay. I recall reading that the Norwegians are trying to shut down their BitTorret sites, and Sweden will probably do the same thing. The Pirate Bay has much too high a profile and much too cocky an attitude to escape attention.

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