AfterDawn: Tech news's sixth birthday

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2005 3:25 User comments (46)'s sixth birthday It is officially summer in Finland now, as our site turns six today. Six years? In some ways a very short time, but in some ways, especially in the world of "dotcom", almost an eternity. It has been a journey that has been well worth it, even though there have been times when it has been quite hard to go on. But now, after six years, we can all look in the past and say "Yes, it's been a good experience".
We've gone through our site's history, original idea, background, etc in our past "birthday news", so there's nothing new in that for our regular users (but for those of you, who are still interested, take a look at our last year's article). When I began writing this article I realized that our sixth year was the first year ever that we haven't launched any new major site sections, new site layouts, or anything "dramatic" like that. Rather, it has been a "year of evolution", rather than "year of revolution" for us as a website.

During the last year we've managed to focus on things that are less obvious to our average user, but make our site perform better and our site to grow faster. We spent several months during last winter on upgrading our whole server cluster and switching our site to use a new application server platform. There were times during the December and January when our site was as reliable as a Soviet-era technical gizmo, but all those problems went away after we finally managed to get all the pieces in the server puzzle together in March. Since that, we haven't had a single blackout on our site. Additionally, I've spend quite a lot of time improving our site's user experience -- fixing those little things you never really notice until they start to annoy you :-)

I would like to thank our new news team members -- Dela has been a tremendous help on our English news and guide sections, while Ankle has done similarly amazing job on our Finnish site. And yes, we have grown during the year as a site. We've grown from last June's 12 million page impressions/month to our current level of 20 million page impressions/month. So, you might say that a 75 percent growth in terms of page impressions in a year is quite good :-)

Last but not the least, I would like to thank all of my fellow admins, all of our hard-working moderators and especially you, our dear users. Without you guys, our site wouldn't be what it is today -- one of the largest digital multimedia sites in the world. Thank You!

Anyway, its time for our team of admins to practice the age-old tradition of Finnish beer drinking..

On behalf of AfterDawn Ltd,

-Petteri Pyyny, webmaster

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46 user comments

110.6.2005 3:29

yay, I have learned so much in such a short time. May AD live forever.

210.6.2005 3:51

Happy Birthday AD :P May you continue to live on foreverrrr. -Mike

310.6.2005 3:53

What can I say but "Thanks" to some exceptionally gifted and giving people.

410.6.2005 4:44

Happy 6th aD - and many more to come !! I have met a lot of great people here and look forward to meeting, helping and learning from many more. Well done aD on what is an outstanding achievement!!

510.6.2005 4:58

Great job guys, even throughout the changes over the years, you've managed to keep that essential feel that makes the site so welcoming. I'll drink to six years!

610.6.2005 4:58

Happy birthday AD :) Only been here a few months but this a great site, with some very clever people who will do anything to help you out so thank you all and AD

710.6.2005 5:37

Congrats AD, best site on the net let's hope for another 6(+) years :)

810.6.2005 5:57

Happy Birthday! The site looks great and works very well.

910.6.2005 6:01

I discovered this site less than six months ago but it is my favorite and I have learned so much. This is the only site that I have go to every single day, several times a day!!! Keep up the great work....

1010.6.2005 6:06

Congrats dRD, congrats Afterdawn!! You can be assured that we'll all be here for the next 6 years. Most informative, usefull and friendly site out there. Cheers.

1110.6.2005 6:42

happy birthday, and many more to come. great site , great people:)

1210.6.2005 6:55

Happy Birthday to all involved. Great job you have done with the site. Jerry

1310.6.2005 7:05

Happy birthday aD! AfterDawn is the best site ever.

1410.6.2005 7:10

cheers to all who contribute and make the site what it is... I myself am new to the site, love sharing thoughts and helping when I can.

Happy birthday aD! AfterDawn is the best site ever.
and yes, many more to come =)
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1510.6.2005 8:40

Happy Birthday AD Although rather new, I've learned alot & have gotten much help here on this site. Thanx you. To all involved.

1610.6.2005 8:44

AD is the most knowledgeable six year old I know!

1710.6.2005 9:04

ive known about ad for years and joined recently. it is da bomb. happy b-day

1810.6.2005 10:13

Happy B-Day Afterdawn. 6 more years! Nay, 66 more!

1910.6.2005 10:25


2010.6.2005 11:06

Many happies, as always. Great to be part of a great community. Have many beers, and put your feet up, you've earned it..............................

2110.6.2005 11:38

Thanks From Across The Pond Congratulations and Happy Birthday

2210.6.2005 11:42

Happy Birthday to AD and all it contributors, may it continue to grow in the future :~)

2310.6.2005 12:33

HAPPY B-Day AfterDawn and thx for the great contributors. Live on :)

2410.6.2005 12:57

Happy Birthday!!! Although just a newbie by name. :) I have found the site to b a great asset for all and myself has learned alot and u have brought back the passion i had lost for computing. and also i have recommended this site to friends and i dont recommend many things Many happy returns and thanxs again borhan

2510.6.2005 13:24

Happy B-Day AD!! Best site ever! I know you will prevail in the .com world.

2610.6.2005 13:30

HAPPY F***ING' BIRTHDAY TO YOU, AFTERDAWN! Definately has been such a great pleasure being on this site, it is the only one and will always be the only want that I will EVER use! Keep up the OUTSTANDING work over there..... ;P V

2710.6.2005 16:08

Happy birthday Afterdawn. Dont know what id do with out you :)

2810.6.2005 16:59


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2910.6.2005 17:16

nice one, here's to at least another 6..

3010.6.2005 17:35

Happy le Birfday Afterdawn!

3110.6.2005 18:00

Happy BDAY aD! altho the cake is missing 1 candle ;-) just four more years to the decade of afterdawn, then we can all travel to finland and party :D

3210.6.2005 18:15

HAPPY B-DAY! hip hip horay!

3310.6.2005 21:09

Happy Birthday Afterdawn and many,many more! You are a great site and one I am very happy to have found! I really appreciate your intelligent and patient mem-bers and your informative and useful areas! Stay around!

3410.6.2005 21:16

great site happy birthday

3511.6.2005 8:21

great site!! Happy Birthday, and keep up the great work Ad. You guys are the S*@T.

3611.6.2005 17:43

where's Mr. Garrison when you need him? "hey there, mr. afterdawn, happy f***ing birthday!..." and i forget the rest of the tune.

3713.6.2005 6:54

From across the world happy B-Day to AfterDawn, I have used the site for a couple of years and fine ever day an experience more and more intense. also, it's good to see lighting,uk fighting back.

3816.6.2005 5:44

Happy 6th Birthday AfterDawn!!!! I enjoy your insight to the digtal world and enjoy your news letter

3917.6.2005 9:07

Happy B-Day

4022.6.2005 19:08

Happy B-day to you "" Congratulation in Order and keep going...going ..going Thank you a Million.

419.6.2006 20:10

No kidding, happ B-day afterdawn!!!! This site has taught me everything i know:) Long live aD!!!

429.6.2006 20:17

Hey check out the safety valve........That article is old by the way...It is now AD's 7th birthday..LOL..I just noticed it that

439.6.2006 22:21

Wow its already been a yr :) thats crazy. Well i said it once ill say it again Happy Bday aD :)

449.6.2006 22:28

Afterdawn,a great place to learn,teach or just hang out.Happy Birthday!

Main System- Amd/64 3800x2 currently@ 2.5ghz. Asus A8N-E,win.xp-pro.4x1gb.Ocz platnium ddr 400,Maxtor 40gb.& 250gb.ide & 2x W.D.250 sata,Benq 1650V dvd Reader & Benq DW-1655 Writer,EVGA Geforce 7600gs,Creative Audigy-LS,Antec 750w psu. Vizio 37"hdtv monitor 1360x768@75hz.

459.6.2006 23:05

Happy X Birthday to AfterDawn! I'm using that X 'cause I don't have to fix it next year :)

4610.6.2006 0:24

Happy Birthday Afterdawn!1

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