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Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Jun 2005 12:28 User comments (9)

New site: As most of our regular visitors know, we've had our "sister site",, online for years now, serving as our more generic software site where you can find web browsers, office applications, etc. But as the site's name is slightly problematic (people tend to mix it with or, we decided to rename the site and do a full facelift for it as well.
Now, our new software site is called simply Site's layout is much more "modern" than its predecessor's and it has also several new features and improvements that we thought were necessary to get the site dragged to the new millennium.

We'd love to hear thoughts, ideas and suggestions about -- you can simply post them here or you can also use the site's feedback feature to send us some email.

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9 user comments

111.6.2005 13:26

haha, from filepedia from softpedia ?! the same software from afterdawn? what's this?

211.6.2005 13:55

Like the new site, very nice!

311.6.2005 14:03

Filepedia from wikipedia. Software selection is currently quite similar to aD's, although there are appx. 150 tools already not listed on aD that are listed on filepedia. This is about to grow to 500-1000 by the end of the year.

411.6.2005 20:10

I like the site.... It's fresh, clean and pleasing to the eye. I did offer feedback through the site, and hope to have a positive response. Two thumbs up from my point of view.

511.6.2005 23:29

Refreshing and more eye-catching. So far I think its great and hope to see it grow. One thing would be is forums that go into detail regarding software that is posted like here where resident 'experts' help others out.

612.6.2005 10:51

At the moment this site is in its infancy but is a good site but one improvement that could b added is a freeware section either there or here in the software section

712.6.2005 22:43

Nice one boss, 6 years of afterdawn and you aint sittin on yer laurels. Nice to see. :)

815.6.2005 4:23

The layout is very appealing and very well done.

919.9.2005 8:54

I like the site... I think it would be helpful if you indicated the price of shareware on the description I've seen before under license..."free to try, $$ to buy." It would be easier than having to manipulate through screens to find out... Thanks for listening!!

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