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Apple adds podcasting to iTunes

Written by James Delahunty @ 30 Jun 2005 1:24

Apple adds podcasting to iTunes Then latest version of the iTunes music store now gives customers free access to podcasts. It has created a directory of shows on its iTunes music store and so far is providing about 3,000 shows; a move which the company claims "brings podcasting into the main stream". The updated software also allows users to send in their podcasts, but of course each will be checked first by Apple to make sure there will be no copyright problems.
Podcasts are downloadable audio shows that anyone with the right equipment could produce or download. They have become popular due to the fact that they are an easy way of getting digital content and listening to it where and when you want. Basically anyone with a computer, microphone, some extra software and access to the Internet can create a podcast. The rising popularity has come into the attention of many radio stations, and as a result, some, like the BBC for example, are making shows available as downloadable MP3.

"This is really going to drive podcasting to the next level," said Stan Ng, director of iPod worldwide marketing. "We really are embracing podcasting, making it easy for people to manage, listen and subscribe to podcasts." You can get access to podcasts through Apple's music store where about 3,000 are currently available. "We've tried to include as many as possible," said Mr Ng. The content is not only checked first for copyright issues, but also for objectionable content.

The company insists however that it is only trying to help podcasting grow and not trying to gain control over it. "We're not trying to be the gatekeeper of podcasting," he insisted. "We wanted to make it easy for people to publish their podcasts." However, adding them to the iTunes store does make the possibility of selling podcasts in the future a reality, but Apple wouldn't comment on that.

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