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Apple merges iPod and iPod Photo

Written by James Delahunty @ 30 Jun 2005 1:39 User comments (7)

Apple merges iPod and iPod Photo Apple has announced that it has merged the iPod with the iPod Photo, making way for a new line of iPod players that have colour screens and the ability to view album art work, photos and slide shows aswell as listening to music. The announcement came at the same time that Apple added podcasts to the iTunes music store which can be downloaded for free.
The new iPod product line will include a 20GB model which will retail at $299 and a 60GB model that will retail for $399. Previously the company had normal iPod devices, and iPod Photo's which were more expensive due to their colour screen and photo displaying support. Increased battery life has also been added to the new players.

The older 20GB model was priced at $299 whereas the older 60GB model was priced at $499. A 30GB iPod model was dropped completely. Along with the announcement of the new iPod line, Apple also announced that it was cutting an extra $20 off the price of the iPod Shuffle device which isn't a HDD-based player; it uses flash memory and as a result can store less music.

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7 user comments

130.6.2005 10:48


230.6.2005 11:09

Its just the Ipod Shuffle 1GB that has been reduced, according to, i thought i had been ripped off just as i ordered a shuffle 512mb 4 days ago, luckily not.

31.7.2005 00:52

Looks like my 30 gig iPod photo will be a rare sight to see. That's cool.

41.7.2005 10:03

I think apple is still charing to much. I mean $400 for 60gb. You can get creative 60g for $300. I will think about getting an ipod if it's $350.

52.7.2005 12:40

Apple= Piece of shits assholes, will think twice about spending money on apple. I bought a 40Gb when they came out and got pissed off when they were discontinued, now im pissed off that apple discontinued the photo altogether and merged it. Assholes.

63.7.2005 15:22

naveedh said "Apple= Piece of shits assholes, will think twice about spending money on apple. " So, just because you bought an Apple product, they should stop all product development, and just keep selling the same old stuff over and over? Hey, I bet you just LOVE windows, then.

74.7.2005 07:33

you mustn't yet have bought an ipod photo. Ipod colour screen is exactly same as ipod photo so how is that developement. All it is, is a slap on the face to the people who bought an ipod photo.

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