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Survey shows consumers prefer Blu-Ray Disc over HD-DVD

Written by James Delahunty @ 14 Jul 2005 4:04 User comments (33)

Survey shows consumers prefer Blu-Ray Disc over HD-DVD A recent survey conducted showed that consumers generally prefer the Blu-Ray Disc format over HD-DVD. Both formats are contenders to become the standard next generation DVD format and both sides wonít give up arguing that their technology is the best for consumers and for business. In the survey, 1200 people were questioned and the result was 58% prefered Blu-Ray, 26% were undecided and 16% preferred the HD-DVD format.
Of the consumers questioned, those who actually showed real interest in next generation formats overwhelmingly chose Blu-Ray also. 66% favoured Blu-Ray Disc, 19% were undecided and 15% preferred the HD-DVD format. "While we are still in the pre-launch phase for both formats, Blu-ray Disc is the early front-runner," said Mark Penn, whose firm conducted the poll. "Consumers perceive Blu-ray as the favourite on technology company support, gaming, storage, and disc versatility."

Some of the biggest reasons why Blu-Ray was the preferred format the ability to play the discs in more devices (PCs, upcoming consoles), backward compatibility with current DVD media and the larger disc capacity the format has over HD-DVD. "From day one, we've focused on delivering the best possible consumer experience while building support from the best brands in the world," said Maureen Weber, chief BDA spokesperson. "The result is a format that delivers a consistent, compatible consumer experience across a range of platforms, which is clearly something that resonates with consumers."

The Blu-Ray Disc Association has announced that Blu-Ray hardware (players, recorders and computer drives) are expected from Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sharp, Dell, Phillips, LG, Pioneer, Mitsubishi and Samsung. The Blu-Ray disc format will also be used in Sony's next generation Playstation 3 (PS3) console. The format war looks like it may lead to a repeat of the VHS vs. BetaMax war which cost billions of dollars and was a pain for consumers.


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33 user comments

114.7.2005 05:32

another war, eh?'s coming. too bad consumers couldn't demand only one format and agree upon which one it must be, or even vote democratically. arg, this blows.

214.7.2005 05:49

c'mon a survey done by who sony? im sure the people they surveyed probably never heard of blue-ray. As politics have proven, surveys and polls can be altered.

314.7.2005 06:13

"So which of these two things that don't actually exist do you think is better?" Really useful information...

414.7.2005 08:36

akkuma- not to slag on you , but if the people surveyed never heard of Blu-Ray why would 58% prefer it? IMHO the reason 66% of those who were actually interested prefer Blu-Ray is because it's a better format for consumers all the way around. If this ends up being like the DVD-R vs DVD+R crap I won't be buying either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD.

514.7.2005 11:05

Format war? How stupid are you people? Has anyone bothered to look at the support coming out of blu-ray's corner? "Hitachi, Panasonic, Sharp, Dell, Phillips, LG, Pioneer, Mitsubishi and Samsung" and about a hundred other heavy-hitters like Apple, 20thCentury Fox and Disney. Oh and let's not forget that it's going to be the disc drive for their little project called Playstation 3. For anyone wondering why that might be relevant, the number of ps2 owners currently stands at just over 80 million. Yea, 80 million. And if you haven't connected the dots yet there'll be a lot of blu-ray owners around the world when it launches next year.

614.7.2005 12:33

there's almost as many people fighting for hd-dvd as for blu-ray...and that's basically what happened with vhs and beta-max. just as vhs won, i'm sure blu-ray will, but it will have to fight, at least at first.

714.7.2005 13:36

so let the battle rage on. People will do one of two things, either: 1) buy the format that suits them best or that they percieve suits them best ;o) which helps one format gain the advantage it needs (while risking that they will eventually have to re-buy everything in the other format) *(see note below) -or- 2) do nothing, buy nothing, and wait until a clear winner is declared (as in vhs VS betamax) or until dual format support devices are available (i.e dvd +/-r) with a 'war' it is perceived that prices will go up due to the 'doubling' of formats and the reduced demand for either/or. But really this may be farthest from the truth! Look at DVD DL's. There is NO competition/other format except DVD5 compression (not a format really just an adaptation) and prices are ridiculous. If both formats are released EVERY COMPANY who backs one or the other will have a self serving interest to insure that their format comes out on top. History has shown that when companies want to drive consumers to their brand they do what??? (everyone say it....) CUT PRICES. The console games do it (taking a loss in hopes of making it up on the backend with games), the airlines do it, the car makers do it, heck even Wal Mart does it (lol). Yeah there will be a 'war' and if the business models hold true, it might just be the consumers who win! * note from above: I understand that some of you will say that the risk of having to switch formats will make the consumer lose. But really think about it. How many people re-purchased collections that were in LP's to Tapes? Tape format to CD? VHS movies to DVD? EVERYONE. The only consistentcy is change and upgrades. Now while some of these changes didn't have to take place for years, this is just not true in the PC world. Heck, I bought 2 DVD drives LAST YEAR and am looking at upgrading at least the DVD to a DVD-RW so I can have two burners. What about HDD's?? Who hasn't upgraded or bought more storage? Whichever format people buy will sooner rather than later be on the verge of outdated. Chances are noone will buy one or the other and within a year have no media to use in it. Besides which I've heard talk of the device manufactures leaning towards a dual format compatibiltiy anyways (just like dvd +/-r). Anyways, that was my thoughts while I read this article and the above posts. lol.

814.7.2005 13:40

oh, and about the 'not existing' thing. Thats just simply not true. As has been stated, the PS3's are being geared for blu-ray and just recently (even mentioned in AfterDawn) Cyberlink publicly demonstrated blu-ray at an electronics show. While the tech may 'not be available' (yet) it certainly exists (at least blu ray....can't recall hearing of any open showings of HD DVD) sorry, while it may seem like semantics, there is a difference between not existing and not available. :o)

914.7.2005 13:53

Format war? How stupid are you people? Has anyone bothered to look at the support coming out of blu-ray's corner? "Hitachi, Panasonic, Sharp, Dell, Phillips, LG, Pioneer, Mitsubishi and Samsung" and about a hundred other heavy-hitters like Apple, 20thCentury Fox and Disney. Oh and let's not forget that it's going to be the disc drive for their little project called Playstation 3. For anyone wondering why that might be relevant, the number of ps2 owners currently stands at just over 80 million. Yea, 80 million. And if you haven't connected the dots yet there'll be a lot of blu-ray owners around the world when it launches next year.
huh????? HD-DVD has huge support behind it to and has one major advantage over Blu-Ray. The switch from DVD to HD-DVD would be a lot less expensive for the industries than the switch to Blu-Ray, which is why it stands a chance. I prefer Blu-Ray myself but its not like HD-DVD is completely out the window at all

1014.7.2005 13:59

DuckNrun..... you said it perfectly Ludikhris

1114.7.2005 15:47

Now that Apple is gunning for Blu-ray too I am positive it will win. Yes HD-DVD has it's supporters too, but I like Blu-ray better, and so do the majority of big companies, well except for a few like MS.

1214.7.2005 19:15

i prefered anyone that play on the dvd player i have now which is hd dvd.

1314.7.2005 19:21

HD-DVD media WILL NOT PLAY IN YOUR CURRENT DVD PLAYER. Both media actually utilize a blue laser, the blu-ray one is just smaller to read smaller pits for more data cramming. HD-DVD is ment to be CHEAPER AND THAT'S IT. And it isn't cheaper by enough to convince me.

1414.7.2005 22:03

hooray for Sony, blu-ray all the way!

1514.7.2005 22:44

wild77 "Long live BETAMAX Sony Sucks" What does that mean?

1615.7.2005 02:06

Yes Greay statement my man what does long live betamax sony sux mean, it was sony who had the betamax format.To add the betamax is still used today as its far superior to any other tape format, hence all the t.v companies use them.Anyway so thats living proof that not always does the best format win the consumer war, we will all see i guess what wins in the end but be rest assured its whatever sony backs because they own nearly all record labels and have vast shares in all the major film studios not to mention there game consoles...For the monopoly on all this media i would agree they do suck, but they do make some great stuff..without which today i would have been lost.

1715.7.2005 05:28

And the winner is....The Adult Video Consortium and Blu-Ray. Secondary winner is the Movie Industry Production Studios. To me, the biggest reasons behind the new standard is new copy protection and a new media for the consumer to re-buy product (ie. vhs, then dvd, now blu-ray). As with the VHS/BETA wars, it came to title availability. Sadly, as we move forward to the new standard, they will likely repeat history and severely reduce in new releases in the old DVD format, just like they did in laserdisc. My questions are: What significant enhancement is 720p or 1080p blu-ray disks if you already upscale existing 480i/540p to these formats (and don't think the studios won't just step their existing dvd masters)? What new(?) or improved(?) audio response is there in blu-ray that you don't get from DTS? Will the general public, a majority of which will still purchase 4:3 sets, be willing to convert all their electronics to properly display and hear blu-ray technology at it's fullest?

1815.7.2005 07:34

They need something new to sell, lrodrigue. DVD sales are slowing down. Way down. The DVD market is maxing out, already at 80% saturation in the USA. But you're right .... I don't see much use for an expensive Hi-Definition movie played back on a 14" bedroom TV with a single built-in speaker.

1915.7.2005 09:48

It's not always the better format that wins just like Sony's BetaMax which was superior to VHS tape systems. Dela states this well, HD-DVD has a chance and could dominate the market. For those who think you can't judge something before it comes out. Well that's just not true there is a thing called SPEC's and they do tell most of the story but can also be deceiving at times. Clearly Blu-Ray is better but is much more difficult to produce and I would thing compatibility issues would increase. Look at all the compatibility issues we had with DVD-R or DVD+R and what stand alones they would work in or not. I have a JVC that plays some of a type but not others, which also get's into writer issues. It was a good two years after the new burners and media were out before players became more compatible. I personally wonít buy HD-DVD as my needs require larger capacities which eases system backups and allows for more movies on one disc.

2015.7.2005 19:22

I'll try to explain this, again, very s l o w l y. It does not matter who HD-DVD's partners are. Even if one of them is "Billion Dollar Bill Gates" as one genius put it. It doesn't matter that HD-DVD "would be a lot less expensive for the industries". The only thing that will matter is the number of Blu-Ray owners after Sony launches their PS3 next year. This is Sony's latest successor to the Playstation family which to date has sold almost 200 million units combined throughout the world. Let me repeat that because that fact apparently failed to sink in the first time I mentioned it. The Playstation brand has sold almost 200 million UNITS WORLDWIDE since December of 1994. In the real world that's what we call extremely profitable. Why is that number important? Because it stands to common sense that Sony is going to continue that success with the PS3 resulting in an immediate installed base of Blu-Ray players IN THE MILLIONS. It wouldn't matter if Blu-Ray was inferior to HD-DVD, it wouldn't matter if Blu-Ray was named after a former communist who sold cigarettes to kids. Millions of gamers are going to buy the PS3 for their video gaming needs. The fact that it'll also solve a gamers HD movie needs makes buying an HD-DVD player pointless and a PS3 all the more attractive to everyone else still hanging on the fence. So with millions of Blu-Ray enabled PS3's flying off the shelves faster than Oprah on a baked ham, how long do you think the movie studios will sit on their hands before deciding to cash in? I guarantee Sony will have a decent amount of Blu-Ray movies for sale right alongside the PS3 on launch day. If you want proof look at the PSP. It launched in the US late March using Sony's proprietary UMD format to which movie studios again weren't too optimstic about. Here we are not even four months later and these same studios are now falling over themselves to release more movies on the PSP because it's selling very well. In the end it's not the movie buff that's going to determine which format wins. It's going to be the gamers. Gamers who will see the Blu-Ray disc drive as an added bonus when not playing games. It worked brilliantly for Sony when they chose a DVD drive in their PS2. It's not that HD-DVD is inferior, it's just that Sony is giving media-entertainment consumers a much better incentive to go with their format...unless of course HD-DVD players start off at $50 bucks.

2116.7.2005 04:45

A lot of die-hard movie afficianados (enthusiasts) are going to take offense at your contention that a gaming console -- (any gaming console) -- will or even could dictate which high-definition/high-density format will win the war. A lot of people can't stand games. A lot of people wouldn't use a gaming console if you gave it to them. Movie buffs are not all "Pow! Zowie! Zap! Blow 'Em Up" Gamesters-Types. Frankly, I believe that if the fate of serious movie-collectors is in the hands of a contraption sporting joysticks or panel buttons, and who's main purpose in life is to blow up the bad guys, we're all in deep shit. To suggest that, "Oh yeah, this box will play movies too" is far too much of a cheap afterthought to merit the least consideration for people with expensive, dedicated home-theater systems. These people will not consider hooking up a battery-operated toy -- no matter how hi-tech that toy may be -- to an expensive large-screen high-definition projection system, and I don't blame them. Those little 1 GB movie discs in Sony's proprietary video format are inferior, highly compressed add-ons not meant for home-theater systems. They are meant for viewing on a screen measured in centimeters. They are meant for casual viewing by folks who want to do something different after they've tired of beating up all the bad guys for today. They hold a mere fraction of the resolution of "real" blu-ray discs. If I had to use a Sony Playstation to play back serious movie classics, I'd rather stick with VHS. You wanna play games on the local transit busses while hooked up to cheap $10 pair of headphones? Get a game box. The rest of us will put our batteries away and get a serious, dedicated, "proper" high-quality set top movie player with digital outputs.

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2217.7.2005 15:22

A_Klingon, would you change your mind about UMD if I told you the discs were 1.8GB :)? Your absolutely right though, UMD has no place outside travel movies (that costs way too much anyways) on a screen like the PSP's. 1.8GB just isn't enough, and those disc are expensive in comparison according to Sony. Even though we can't buy them, damn! Most people won't have the PS3 for movies, some might not even know it can play them, lol. The PS3 will definitely offer support for BD, BUT most people will have a straight DVD player anyway! I have four not including my PC outside of my PS2. I won't use my PS2 for movies because it doesn't play back-ups, and neither will the PS3 play copies. Almost everyone will end up with a Blu-ray or HD-DVD anyway, and then everyone who bought a HD-DVD player will end up throwing it away and buying a BD player in a year anyway :)

2317.7.2005 17:22

I'm not poo-pooing on game machines in general, reasons, especially when they are used for playing games. Sony is trying too hard. They are trying to be a little-of-everything to everybody, which you cannot be and do everything well. In the overall scheme of things, it matters not a whit how many PS3 players are sold when it comes to Hi-Def. When in comes to Hi-Res, Sony game boxes don't cut it. Its like comparing apples with oranges. Sticking movie capability in a game box does not a quality movie-player make. Sorry. (Yeah, ..... I guess you're right). The UMB discs hold 1.8 gig, not 1 gig. <g> Makes no difference. They hold less than half the space of a cheap .39c present day dvd. That's.... (um, let me see...)... less than one twenty-fifth (1/25th) of a standard DL blu-ray. "Thhrrrpppphhhhhhhh!!!!" You wouldn't be the same fellow who thinks I.E.-6 is the cat's meow over FireFox, by any chance ???? <hee-hee>

2417.7.2005 18:59

Ahhh, that is me, no doubt. But, I actually do use FF too because it seems faster. I was just pointing out that both have their problems, because people tend to think IE is the devil with security. FF is revolutionary no doubt, but has had as many fixes as IE. They just don't announce them or do them automatically, you just download the new version. As far as DVD sales goes, it takes a good movie for someone to buy it for $15-$20. Most movies lately are olny worth renting. They even fudged on Star Wars Episode 3, I expected better anyway.

2518.7.2005 07:02

I hate to say it but Avant Browser kicks on both FF and IE although AB uses IE underneath it. I donít know how we get on these side tracks? I donít waste my monies on movie rentals, at $4, Iíd rather wait until itís on cable/satellite. I do agree that Hollyweird doesnít know how to put out a good movie though, with exception to a very few. Just wait they are ruining Willy Wonka now, great job MR. E.T. and Pirates of something or other. Itís all about the bottom line, money, and as long as people keep going to the crap they put out it wonít change. I have an XBOX with the wanted Samsung in it but I still donít use it for movie play back as itís not that good.

2618.7.2005 09:41

Am I bad mixing up my bad movies Not Mr. E.T., Mr. Sissor Handless... Mr. E.T. was with Tom Looser.

279.8.2005 18:05

can someone tell me if they are going to rerelease all dvds to blu and hdddvd

2820.8.2005 01:44

We will probably be talking about the same things when future formats are released. What we always will crave is the capacity of which the new formats can hold. Who cares what copy protection is on these new formats, i am sure it will be fun for all the people to test there brain power when they try to break it. 50 gig on a disc for blue ray, yes please.

2926.8.2005 12:44

I am going to make up some statistics that probably more accurately reflect the public opinion. 6% prefer Blu-Ray 2% prefer HD-DVD 92% prefer NOT TO HAVE A FORMAT WAR!!!! Of course, if the two formats end up mating, I'd vote that they go with the Blu-Ray name because it sounds slightly more interesting and takes less syllables to pronounce.

3026.8.2005 20:42

I myself am going to wait for the new 3" mini-pink-ray High-Def 3D discs to come out. 433 GB each. 87.6 layers. No DRM of any kind. You'll be able to buy a 50-unit spindle pack for $1.95. Each disc will hold seventy-two 3D Hi-Def movies. They're already working on a 100-disc pink-ray changer. Fits in your back pocket. It'll play nonstop for 10-1/2 months before you have to swap anything. :-)

3126.8.2005 22:08

Here is an old news from both Pioneer and Philips getting ready to launch their next generation dvd writer, which will support Blu-Ray. It's an old article from January 2005, but at least we know for sure that somebody is coming up with a dvd writer that can write/burn Blu-Ray Disc. I guess I'll wait and see what's up in the end. I hate to admit this, but as much as I hate Sony, I may end up getting the new PS3 regardless.

WARNING: Do not "update/upgrade" your SAMSUNG BD-D5XXX series (Bluray Player), or else you cant enjoy any of your movie files.
How 2 downgrade Samsung BD-D5XXX Series Bluray player

3228.8.2005 08:18

You can now buy a Blu-Ray SA unit on ebay for $3875 usd made by Sony. These are marketed/sold in Japan right now and someone is exporting them to the US. I wouldn't pay that kind of money but they are being sold as we speak. You can check it out for yourself by going to the link below; ebay Sony Blu-Ray High Definition DVD Recorder Player

3328.8.2005 08:42

you can also buy them directly from, they've been availabe for a few months

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