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BeAll Best 16x DVD-R media reviewed by CDR-Zone

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 01 Aug 2005 12:29 User comments (3)

BeAll Best 16x DVD-R media reviewed by CDR-Zone Our buddies at the CDR-Zone have published yet another in-depth review of DVD recordable media. This time they have tested 16x DVD-R media by BeAll. As we haven't seen a lot of reviews of this manufacturer's products, it's refreshing to see BeAll properly tested.
It certainly lives up it its cost effective claims and offers low cost 16x recording with a good degree of quality overall. We have seen much worse 16x media sold under better known branding brands achieving lesser results in tests and if all spindles of BeAll 16x DVD-R media are of similar quality then buyer confidence should be good. That said BeAll developers have produced media in the past that is known to have variance and we await more testing inhouse with different batches of this media before we can fully recomend it as consistent media.
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3 user comments

11.8.2005 13:52

I have to say what an excellent thorogh review of one media type. I have to say i have not tried it yet but reading the review and reading the tests i may check it out :) pretty kewl :)

21.8.2005 16:32

I used to use BeALL untill I had to redo almost my whole dvd libary due to break down of the dye and I couldnt play them any more, now I stick to TY or Verbs and they really arent that much more considering the cost factor of redoing my libary

35.8.2005 10:46

BeAll worked well for our mass duplication, one of the better brands, even beating some of the name brands (Maxell, TDK). Our only problem was they would not drop smoothly when using the automatic Print Factory DVD labeler, so we switched to Fujii which has had less than 1 defect per 1,000

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