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Jury rejects murderer's claim of Grand Theft Auto influence

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Aug 2005 9:09 User comments (80)

Jury rejects murderer's claim of Grand Theft Auto influence A Jury in Alabama has rejected a claim by a 20 year old man who murdered three police officers and then pleaded not guilty by reason of mental defect after blaming Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto games for the influence behind his actions. This is just one case of many where a court exonerated a video game when a criminal alleged that he/she was influenced while playing a game. Devin Moore was 18 at the time that he committed his crimes.
He grabbed a gun from a patrolman and then proceeded to kill three police officers before escaping in a patrolman's car. Later on, he was arrested and he told officers that "life is a video game, everybody has to die sometime". This phrase was used by lawyers defending the man who claimed that his long hours spent playing Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City influenced him to the extent where he could be no longer be liable for his actions.

However, the Jury sided with prosecutor Lyn Durham who argued that the man was fully aware of what he was doing and that he "knew it was wrong". He could now face the death penalty for the murders. Even after the Jury's decision, families of the victims have filed civil cases against Take-Two Interactive and two major retailers. No court has ever ruled in favour of plaintiffs in these types of cases.


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80 user comments

111.8.2005 9:15

Im glad the case was regected! What an idiot!

211.8.2005 9:16

serves the bastard right. i hope he fries.

311.8.2005 9:23

What a creep. Just because I played Kirby 64 doesn't mean I try to float in the sky or eat people to gain their abilities. That would be reeeeeeeally stupid.

411.8.2005 9:24


511.8.2005 9:26

damn, this guy is sick. a game doesnt influence murder, well maybe in a ten year old who is immature but he is a grown man. hope he burns in hell

611.8.2005 9:36

nonoitall: it would be reeeeeeeeeeally stupid, but damn funky if you could...or with the new DS game where you draw that coloured line...imagine people floating about on coloured this guy was stupid. period. Dan x

711.8.2005 10:06

We let our 4 year old son play this game on a very rare occasion, and even he knows that it is fake and you can go to jail if you do things like that in real life. If this guy can't tell the difference at 20, then they may want to take a look at his parents....If he has yonger siblings, then they meed some drastic help.

811.8.2005 10:58

You lets your 4 year old kid play that game! Thats nuts!

911.8.2005 11:11

Finally a person is being made to accept responsibility for their own actions instead of being able to pass the blame. For years now people have been trying to blame everything but themselves for the their own doings. First it was heavy metal, then rap, then movies and TV, and now video games. Its a sad world we live in.....

1011.8.2005 13:07

Pure crazy

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1111.8.2005 13:39


1211.8.2005 14:04

ssxm, get out. i aint even gonna say bout u wat i wana say cuz i dnt wana get reported or kicked out... but, to put it diplomatically, no, onone here (i hope) in their right minds would take a gun 2 a cop. if u ever gona fire a bullet, make sure u point it 2 your throat. that will get you higher than high u sick warped tw*t

1311.8.2005 14:25

calm down old man ...thats all i have to say to you

1411.8.2005 15:14

I love war movies but don`t even own a gun,don`t blame the media for your acts.

1511.8.2005 15:41

@ ssxm your a F**!

1611.8.2005 16:05

No I wouldn't ssxm! Are you out of your mind. If you really be lieve that, you don't deserve much better then this idoit got here!! Folks like you is why our American society is going to h*ll. Do yourself a favour and quit posting stuff like this. Duketown

1711.8.2005 16:58

Let me Clarify myself a little.....My son take the guy in the water and drives the car.....he watches his Dad and his 15 year old sister play.....none the less.... he still knows the difference between right and wrong. And as for the guy who does acid....I agree with the statement that you deserve about as much if not more then the other guy got.

1811.8.2005 17:48

Anyone that takes 2 sheets of acid is gonna try to kill anything that comes in contact with him/her. (ssxm) duh.

1911.8.2005 17:50

all i have 2 say is that guy is an idiot the game didnt make him do anything

2011.8.2005 18:55

what a jackass i've been playing grand theft auto grames since the gta 3 and every time a new gta comes out you here or some surt or crap like that some dummass gets the idea in there head to do something that they know thay cant do but they do it anyway and blame it in the game but i'm glad that that throw it out

2112.8.2005 0:30

OH GOD SOMEONE HELP ME i just got done playing MAPPY for 24 straight hours and now i cant stop slamming my cat in the face with the door and why wont my dam mice bounce on the trampoline .......Must do what game tells me...... and i have this incredible erge to pop balloons ??? hmmm They should put Devin Moore in the next GTA as some kinda sex dominatrix's bitch LMFAO

2212.8.2005 2:34

what an idiot!!! someone tell him to come back down from cloud 9 to earth!!!

2312.8.2005 4:54

ssxm: erm...u realise that reeeeeally wouldnt stand as an excuse in a court of law right?i can just imagine you trying ot use that as an legitimate excuse. It's your responsibility that you take the acid, therefore , your actions are the results of YOU and nothing else sorry buddy. If you don't like that, don't take the acid, or don't kill the police officer. It's up to you. I can see you behind bars one day. (yelling: 'it was the acid maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!let me out!' Dan x

2412.8.2005 6:43

i agree man just cause i play doom and castle womfenstein does not mean u am gonna fly over to germany and hunt for some facist to kill nake me sick people always triing to get out of taking responsibilty for their actions PS if video games cause people to kill then their would be a lot of dead people

2512.8.2005 8:39

I thought that when you kill cops in GTA, they still end up chasing you until you get caught and goto gaol. I bet they never mentioned that part!

2612.8.2005 11:31

I really hope that anyone wants to pawn off murderous activities on our games learns from this.

2712.8.2005 11:45


2812.8.2005 11:56

if you actually ate 2 whole sheets of acid you wouldn't be playing a damn thing, you'd be dead. 2 hits maybe, but no way you ate 2 sheets. uuummm, dont ask me how i know about that kinda thing, but 6-7 hits is about the limit where people turn into a bumbling puddle of mess (unless it was made very poorly).

2912.8.2005 12:53
3012.8.2005 13:35

how stupid people can be these days just watching or playing grand theft auto that's stupid and how dare him blame rockstar games.

3112.8.2005 15:58

janmw5 if they have all the fowl langauge in those versions of GTA like San Andreas does you shouldnot be letting your 4 year old play that game. Maybe he is mature for his age but my 2 year old son happended to walk into the room while i was playing GTA SA and heard @.... and @.... was the next word out of his mouth. I dont play those kind of games around him or my 5 year old nephew. I am not blaming the game it was my fault he heard the word and I try to make sure he is nowhere to be found when i play GTA SA. Just my opinion that GTA is a little too mature for a 4 years old. I am sure that even though you and your spouse watch him their are hundreds of others games more appropiate that he could be allowed to play. ssxm I am not even mad at you man. I use to wonder how it was possible to look in the newspapers everyday and always be pretty much sure to see someone got murdered or something. I surely dont agree with you but i know sadly that there always has to be someone dumb enough to take someone elses life, rape, rob or steal from people, or even beat their spouses in this world. Evidently you fit into that criteria. They have a prison waiting for sick individuals like yourself. Neo1000 is right. It is time for society to stop blaming video games for their childrens actions and start accepting the blame for their child's actions. I know that their are always exceptions to the rule even when a child comes up in a good home things can go wrong or mental defects can cause some actions but I am talking to you parents out their that let your children throw a temper fit at 6 years of age while out in public, let your children curse talk back and disrepect you and the rest of the world and then give that pathetic excuse. I cant make my child mind. There is a right and a wrong way to rear a child. Too little disclipine and you got a problem. Too much disclipine and you also have a problem. I love violent games and have been playing them since age 15 when Mortal Kombat was first released. Those of you out there who blame the actions of a 15 year old on video games need to confront the real problem before it is too late. You need to look into the mirror and fix the problem at the roots.

3212.8.2005 16:21

It all started when we stopped spanking our kids, that was the generation that started carrying guns and shooting people in the face for fun or for a stupid gang thing. now those idiots are having babies of their own and the cycle is just going to get worse. come on people, beat your children when the deserve it!! (and no locking them in a closet aint cool either, i just mean a good open handed swat on the ass)

3312.8.2005 16:48

what you mean with a swap on a@@ my old man hits me with wires,belts, anything that was painfull any were so please don't talk about hitting kids that's why they become gangsters

3412.8.2005 17:06

Good thing the kid didn't have Whacko Jakos legal team, or he would have got off on this defense. The best justice money can buy!

3512.8.2005 17:06

come on people, beat your children when the deserve it!!
AMEN!!! to that. I started spankin my kids when they started walking. Figure if they can walk they can learn right from wrong. Today my kids are 6 and 3, and they are two of the best behaved kids around. I get compliments on how good they are in public from random strangers.

3612.8.2005 17:15

please don't talk about hitting kids that's why they become gangsters
no, i think just the opposite. my old man had a thick ass leather belt and could have it off and formed to the proper kid beating position in exactly .0542 seconds. if i dropped a glass of kool-aid, i'd be feeling welts on my ass before the cup hit the damn carpet. and i turned out pretty well. and my kids get it when they deserve it, but nothing like what i got. i think it's wrong to beat them with anything other than your hand or something small like a pingpong paddle or somehting, but i definately think the kids that dont get spanked turn out the worse. and why wouldn't they, if they do something horrible their parents just send them to their room with their xbox and internet and TV and all that crap, ooooohhhh terrible. if you notice we all used ot get along pretty much thru the whole social structure ove rthe past few hundred years, but only now are we killing each other in the streets at an alarming rate. we've always had crime and murder, etc, etc. but now it's done by people way younger and in much larger amounts. so i say...beat the little bastards before they get 10-11 years old and come home with a 9mm cause you wont let them go to a party or something.

3712.8.2005 17:42

please don't talk about hitting kids that's why they become gangsters
discipline them .. don't beat them. Kids become gansters because their parents aren't a part of their life, and aren't really shown right from wrong. That comment right there is just as bad as Mr. Devin Moore trying to use video games as an excuse.

3812.8.2005 18:35

my old man had a thick ass leather belt and could have it off and formed to the proper kid beating position in exactly .0542 seconds
Same here.

3912.8.2005 18:41

maybe ssxm will start playing a flying game and go jump off a really tall building somewhere. Im currently a police officer in the state of alabama, and was a police officer in Tuscaloosa city at the time of the murders. Tuscaloosa is actually only about 30 min. or so from where the murders took place (fayette, AL). I personally didnt know either of the two officers or the one dispatcher that was killed by this nut. But there were several officers I worked with that were close friends of one or more of the fallen. RIP.....

4012.8.2005 19:55

Hmmmmmmm.... I remember about a hundred years ago - after losing a game of pong, I felt like beating the neighbour's cat up. Boink.......boink....*Beep!*, *Beep!*....... (boink, boink).... *** GAME OVER - YOU LOSE! *** I think it ran off two penlight cells or something. Do you suppose this means I have violent tendencies? (Hmmmmm)..........

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4112.8.2005 20:02

to be brutaly honest how the **** do 3 cops with training in an academy get murdered by a stupid kid ?? go figure ...

4212.8.2005 20:13

to be brutaly honest how the **** do 3 cops with training in an academy get murdered by a stupid kid ??
Who really knows in situations like this where the worst case scenario occurrs.Maybe when they recover from this tragedy and piece together all the facts new policing techniques will come into force so this may never happen again. As to the gunman: your about to get what you deserve, hopefully you have made peace with your maker @ ssxm: well you got off easy with your attitude: being made inactive, maybe if you ever visit theis site again you will use some of that intelligence that everybody has (well in your case there must be very little) and be a bit more circumspect in what you say

4313.8.2005 12:48

mxndemon, there could be a thousand scenarios how this could happen. I deal withit every single day on the job but just have to accept the fact that officers could die at anytime. On alot of occasions the only way to perform a simple duty of letting a inmate take a shower can turn deadly. But i can tell you this..... for starters officers should never be allowed to carry there weapons into area where they will could be having direct contact with inmates. I've been an officer for 8 years now and have seen many ify situations. First they need to look at there holsters level of retention. I would imagine that it was more than likely a level one holster that belonged to the officer that got his gun taken away. the second officer may have possily not had his weapon with him due to him following policy and locking his down in the wall safe. then ofcouse the dispatcher prolly had no weapon at all. Like I said, if you cant understand how this could happen to any trained professional, then you have not lived enough to realize all the possiblities. and the logic that could be involved in incidents such as this.

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4413.8.2005 15:22

he might of had more of a case if he was actually playing the game at the time he killed the police know when youre on a critical mission and one of those damn cops intentionally hits your car so he can have an excuse to turn on his lights and try to arrest you.then you end up running from the cops and not completeing the mission(damn that pisses me off!).so then he took his anger out on real cops.he be like..."why you cops always interfering with my missions?!"..bang bang bang. he would still be liable for the murders but he wouldnt look like as much as a jackass trying to blame the game.though he would still be a jackass.

4513.8.2005 20:00

Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- please don' talk about hitting kids that's why they become gangsters well said....FLIP128

4613.8.2005 20:38

i thought kids became gangsters because they wanted to start a rap group and make millions of dollars rapping about being in a gang.that gang association sh*t is blown out of proportion.i guess most people assume the us is overrun with gangs or aint as bad as you think. usually kids that get abused really bad kill their parents or go on a rampage that has nothing to do with being in a gang.they have emotional problems is what im saying.i spent some time in germany when i was a teenager and the older germans would openly scold other peoples children.i thought that was funny because in america if someone scolded someone elses kid that person would catch an ass kickin even if the kid was doing wrong.

4713.8.2005 21:15

This company is selling top quality video games and the guy publicly takes a steamin heap on it.Just terrible!

4813.8.2005 21:17

I guess he should play 25 to Life now.No wait,stay away from it!!

4913.8.2005 23:19

i think 25 to life is what he'll be doing.

5014.8.2005 10:36

I think violent people are caused because of the lack of atention of their parents,you see the father and the mother both work and don`t have time to look out for their children.It wuold be better if one of them works and the other stayed at home,it doesn`t matter if it`s anyone of them.

5114.8.2005 11:13

you see the father and the mother both work and don`t have time to look out for their children.It wuold be better if one of them works and the other stayed at home
what total BS!!! Both of my parents worked. My wife and I both work. It has nothing to do with both parents working ... it matter if the parents choose to discipline, influence and teach their children the right way. It's all about quality over quantity. What you do with the time you have. And I've seen families where one parent is home, and let me tell you some of those kids are just as bad.

5214.8.2005 13:31

And I've seen families where one parent is home, and let me tell you some of those kids are just as bad.
My miss is a stay at home mom and I work. But, when I'm home they are rather well behaved(kids will push the limits sometimes). But when I'm gone, she tells me horror stories of their actions because she won't punish them the way that I do. Children need to learn young to fear the consequences of their actions when it comes to breaking rules. A timeout in the corner doesn't exactly bring thoughts of fear the way a spanking does.

5314.8.2005 16:51

This %$#@ing scumbag should get the needle. I play Vice City for like an hour a day, and sickos like this give video game escapism a bad name. Sounds like he was trying to quote Tom Berenger's character of Sgt. Barnes from Platoon with the "...everybody has to die sometime." When that prick lawyer argued that a kid beat a little girl to death because of the WWF, the WWF (now WWE) sued for slander, and won. Rockstar Games and their affiliates would be smart to do the same, being as how the defense lost a case with that crap. Sets a great precident.

5414.8.2005 22:32

Spanking and other physical types of discipline is garbage! Parents that spank their children don't know how to discipline their kids in a civilized way so they beat them because it's easier. Or they just can't control their own. It's a copout from talking to them. By hitting your kids your not teaching them anything your just making them afraid of you. If you raise your children in a environment where violence is sometimes a solution then that's how they are going to react to other people. Kids who are physically disciplined are more likely to become violent people themselves. Of course discipline is absolutely necesary but it shouldn't be done by inflicting pain. Talk to them for godsake's, take away their toys(such as game consoles) or privillages. Anyway kids that commit these sort of crimes are not kids that are grounded instead of spanked or kids that have parents that are too "soft" on them. Their kids whose parents are simply not there. Or not involved in their kids lives.

5514.8.2005 22:41

nice nick ...

Parents that spank their children don't know how to discipline their kids in a civilized way so they beat them because it's easier
what ever ... just cause I spank my children doesn't mean I beat them. I don't leave marks, bruises or anything like that. And my kids fear two things ... God and daddy. Plain and simple. And believe me everytime my kids get in trouble they know why cause I explain it to them afterwards.
Talk to them for godsake's, take away their toys(such as game consoles) or privillages.
Please that don't work, and if it does it doesn't work as good as the spankin method. Kids have to learn to fear getting in trouble. And taking away things won't set fear into them .. they'll just wait it out or find something else to do.

5614.8.2005 23:36

Kids have to learn to fear getting in trouble
Or make them relize that it's to their extreme disadvantage to get in trouble. If I take away my kids computer, xbox, and I don't let them watch tv or play with their freinds for a month(basically they would only be able to read and exercise) they would be pretty upset and wouldn't want it to happen again. But in that scenario they wouldn't be afraid of me they would just be mad at me(they would get over it though). I don't feel that fear is necessary to keep them from getting into trouble... I just think that it's important for them to know that it's not in their best interest and for them to regret doing whatever they did. I personally don't think it's right to inflict pain on people you love and that includes my children.

5715.8.2005 0:08

@___: A spanking isn't "violence" or not "civilized". A kid will "get over" a spanking just as easily as they will get over having a priviledge taken away. Besides, using your logic, whenever you take away a toy or whatever, you're using stealing to solve the problem. When murderers get sent to prison, kidnapping is used to solve the problem. Any punishment in the world can be made to seem criminal with the right wording. My parents spanked me many, many times. I don't hate them. I'm not afraid of them. I love them. They weren't afraid of doing what it took to get a lesson across. I've seen kids with parents that spank them and I've seen kids with parents that just give their kids a timeout or take away a toy or something. As an almost perfect rule, the ones that get spanked behave better and grow up to be more responsible adults. Punishment needs to leave a lasting impression to be effective.

5815.8.2005 4:23

My parents spanked me many, many times. I don't hate them. I'm not afraid of them. I love them. They weren't afraid of doing what it took to get a lesson across.
Amen. It was the same with me.
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5915.8.2005 6:38

you think there is a market for a spanking could hire someone to come over your house and spank your kids for you.that way your kids wont fear you.they would fear you calling the person that is gonna spank them.kinda like telling them the boogieman is gonna get them if they dont behave.that way they dont associate getting spanked with you.besides unemployment is rampant and we could use new jobs.

6015.8.2005 9:17

sad as it must be for the familys for the police officers what were they thinking if I sneeze around a cop they pull a gun maybe its the new pc police the ones who ask why or how come , not like those old ones that yell and point a gun at you and say things like hold it police or hands up or even risk firing that one Barney bullet ( maybe we send their bullets to iraq ) sad they tried to blame a video game why not blame a shitty game like drug wars 2 or wolfinstine or something like that GTA has gotten over the hot coffee issue and now more free plubisity for Rockstar makes you think that the next GTA game must be ready for release...

6115.8.2005 14:39

Amen. It was the aame with me.
eh? Neph ... what did I tell you about eating and typing at the same time. STOP IT!!! lol

6215.8.2005 16:08

Nah, my old man beat me so bad I can't spell anymore :P

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6315.8.2005 16:47

Video games are just a easy way out for criminals! I play games and kill over 100 people a day on the game and that dosent give me the urge to go out and kill in real life!

6416.8.2005 8:03

All you people are just arguing over nothing. Let me put it to you plain and simple,the kids are going to do what they want... I don't care what you say, you can only begin to show them the way. The child has to make their own desicion to do whats right. You spank the sh#t outa little Bobby... he's still gonna do what he wants. You give little Susie a lecture on something you think is right or wrong... little Susie has to make that decision. "You can only show them the way..the right path to be traveled."

6516.8.2005 8:56

I couldn't agree more goodswipe.

6616.8.2005 8:57

You spank the sh#t outa little Bobby
You give little Susie a lecture
their names are TIMMY and must be talking about someone elses kids.besides timmys tuff..he can take it.and sarah doesnt pay attention anyway.

6716.8.2005 10:45

Thanks sui-cyco, that's exactly my point! Like I said they are going to do what they want.

6817.8.2005 7:43

These people are the kind of idiots who need an excuse for being messed up in the head. I feel sorry for the creators of these kind of games having to put up with so much hassle over something that quite plainly, an adult game. It was meant for adults, it shouldn't be sold to anyone BUT adults. Rockstar should take no responsibility for these kind of incidents, because it is nothing to do with them. They ratings state that you MUST be 18, to even play the game, -Mike

6917.8.2005 7:54

yeah,whats the freakin difference,MA or AO?you still have to be over 18 to buy it(in the us).

7017.8.2005 8:44

Nope, to buy MA you need to be 17

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7117.8.2005 9:04

big difference,one anybody is gonna card you for a game cant buy beer until youre 21 but they still sell it at wal technically beer is rated xxx.

7217.8.2005 9:59

My fiance and I are pretty young at the age of 24 and so he is still in to games like GTA and Silent Hill and stuff like that. His younger brothers are 12 and 14 and the 14 year old asked to play GTA and he told him no, it isn't a game you should playing until you can buy it yourself. His mom won't buy him the game because of what My fiance told her about the game.

7317.8.2005 10:04

A lot of reaons kids play these games is because the parents don't check the ratings they just buy them because the kids want them. The Parents need to take responsibility for there kids and the choices they make about the movies they watch and the games that they play. That is what being a parent is about. BEING RESPONSIBLE. I have a 6 year and a 2 year old and we only get him games that are rated for him to play. I know that kids are influenced by a lot of different stuff now days and if i'm the only one standing between my kid and an M rated game that he wants I'll be standing there until I don't have a say.

7417.8.2005 10:12

@vtecbaby-your fiance is right in not letting his little bro play. The game is pretty much for adults only, and unlike the other GTA games in the series, is unsuitable for people younger than 17

7518.8.2005 10:33

You know you play way too much GTA if you do any of the following: 1. Spray paint buildings 2. Partake in drive by shootings 3. Break into houses 4. Kill random people and police officers 5. Kill random people and police officers then blame it on GTA 6. Have a flame thrower and/or sniper rifle in your closet 7. Take your car out and try to drive on water 8. Can't come home because you are on a vigilante mission 9. Call yourself CJ 10. Instinctively steal a car when your current car makes odd engine sounds

7618.8.2005 12:01

Too funny lol. my fiance has to read that

7719.8.2005 10:30

Dont take your car out and try to drive on water your insurance won't cover it even if you tell them you seen it in GTA. But for real with your kids all you can do is spend as much quality time as you can, show them right from wrong and hope for the best or at least that they dont do all the stuff you did.

7819.8.2005 15:01

They better make more GTA games, i hope they wont stop all cuz of this influence shizz and "hot coffee mods stuff" gta is a good game just to take anger out or if you just feal like stealing cool cars or cop chases or anything else you can think of, The glitches to lol, let the GTA series go on, seriously!

7921.8.2005 15:02

Yea i hope they bring out GTA on the PS3. It'd it be rockin, fo shizzle, ya nar mean? Photo realism graphics too. Gotta have the realism. Jerks like the one who blamed GTA could ruin it all. He's obviously a few shrimp short of a barbie. Not right in the head. P.s theres a difference between spanking and beating. so long as u dont get the 2 confused, spank away.

8021.8.2005 19:19

i agree with "pippa"lol go gta go

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