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R.i.p CD-RW.ORG - Welcome the!

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 13 Aug 2005 1:50 User comments (11)

R.i.p CD-RW.ORG - Welcome the! This may very well be my last post here at CD-RW.ORG and Oh boy, it was back in 2002 when this co-operation started, so my feelings are quite mixed at the moment. Since now the CD-RW.ORG is transformed into and is detached from and Afterdawn Ltd's other operations.
It has been an amazing perioid of over 3 years. We have seen the generation change from CD-R to DVD-R, which has changed the recording hardware industry quite a bit. Software has evolved a lot, and video features are much more important today than they were 3 years ago.

I can't list all the names from the 'good old days', when I used to be an active member at the Afterdawn's forums. I just wish to thank you all for the good times and interesting conversations. I wish to thank the core team: dRD, Ketola and Dela. We had our highs and lows during the years, but I think if we sum it all together we can say that it was a succesful perioid - Afterdawn has grown into whole new heights during this time and CD-RW.ORG enjoyed a rather steady few years and earned recognition being alongside Afterdawn.

But all this is now history and it's time to look forward. The is now up and running, and it has a slightly different approach than current major CD/DVD related websites. We aim to deliver a much more user oriented experience. Come visit us and see if the grass really is greener on the other side ;)

Once again, thank you everyone and farewell! - We Burn a Bit!

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11 user comments

113.8.2005 7:19

Farewell and good luck Lasse :-) Been cool working with you. Looking forward to see what BitBurners grows into as time goes on! :-)

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213.8.2005 11:28

So does this mean that the site will be completely offline or will it be left up so people can still download stuff from it. Cuz it's a very good site

314.8.2005 0:33

Yes, CD-RW.ORG is completely redirected to However, we will have download links at BitBurners too and of course you can find the software of CD-RW.ORG from here Afterdawn too.

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414.8.2005 1:39

Thanks Will BitBurners be a DVD site as well as a CD site.

514.8.2005 1:41

We will focus on all aspects and technologies related to optical recording.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

614.8.2005 2:28

Good luck with BitBurners, Lasse!

714.8.2005 18:15

I suppose this is the proper place to ask... What about That was THE place to get Nero plugins and now I can't find them anywhere.

815.8.2005 3:42

Oh dear! [pout] Who am I going to disagree with now? I always enjoyed disagreeing with Lasse, and he with me. Seems no matter what either of us said, the other would always say "no way, yer full of beans" or something, so (of course) I would always 'relent' and let Lasse have his way, 'cause if I didn't he would get all 'sookie' and stuff. :-) Best of times to you Lasse, @ BitBurners. You are bookmarked, my friend. -- Mike --

915.8.2005 3:59

It seems that the DNS entry for Neroplugins isn't pointing anywhere anymore. I've added a DNS entry for Neroplugins to our own DNS, and the site is now available at: Thanks for pointing out the problem, daemonzx6!

1015.8.2005 4:47

Neroplugins are and will be an integral part of the new site. I am discussing this with MauSau (the developer) for updated versions etc.

1115.8.2005 9:24

NeroPlugins are again available at

Yes, we tried to launch the site as quickly as possible, so we included only the basic features for the first days. We were well aware of the popularity of MauSau's plugins and we are constructing a new official website for them.

The domain names should work pretty soon, and the plugins are already available for download. A more informative webpage will come soon, and we are discussing with MauSau whether there will be updates.

UPDATE 8-Jul-2013: The emperor has new clothes. is back.

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The old school is back. All hail the new !

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