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Short downtime at AfterDawn

Written by Jari Ketola @ 26 Aug 2005 23:56 User comments (10)

Short downtime at AfterDawn A failed network interface on one of our database backends caused some 30 minutes of downtime at AfterDawn this morning (from 3:07AM EDT to 3:40AM EDT).
We have re-routed all traffic and service should be back to normal. Some further downtime can be expected when the failed hardware is replaced.

There is also a scheduled maintenance at our ISP on September 2nd at 2:00AM central, which will cause a short outage to all our services.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the downtimes. staff

Update: The failed NIC has been replaced on the server and no further downtime should occur.

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10 user comments

127.8.2005 8:46

Downtime means withdrawl....I don't know if I can handle it! I get panicy if it's down for 30 min. Im serious!

227.8.2005 11:24

Its okay geestar, just practice your most relaxing breathing techniques or breath into a paper bag and you'll get through it ;)

327.8.2005 11:42

See afterdawn sucks! Jk .. I didn't notice as usual. Good websites don't deserve to be down at all!

427.8.2005 14:50

I get all hot & bothered if I can't get to Afterdawn! Just as well they are a top team & got it sorted! Well done guys, you made us proud again!

529.8.2005 0:39

I know i hate when i cant get on afterdawn, i have been playing god of war which im really into but i cant play it properly because i go back and forth to the comp to see if its working :)

629.8.2005 4:58

good on you guys for getting it back on as soon as uses could

729.8.2005 5:52

Talk about bad luck and bad timing! I was reading one of the news updates earlier this morning (Monday morning, Aug. 29th, wee early hours, maybe 2 or 3 AM) and replied to one. Well, - I got the text all keyed-in but then ..... NO WAY would the message go through! I forget the exact error message (I have never seen that particular one before) but your address was definately down and unaccessible. Now ..... you can understand that this sort of thing can be aggravating at the best of times. But as I are very neerly a genius and everything, it was (of course) heartbreaking to painstakingly type-in all my genius-stuff, only to be prevented from sending it to my many fans worldwide. For all I know, my superior intelligence, advice, insights, and other indispensible genius stuff, could have saved many lives. If this sort of thing continues, I may be forced to ask for a refund or else seek counsel from a lawyer, maybe. Since my message rejection took place, I was thrown into a highly depressed state. I was so put off in fact, by this horrible network glitch that I was obligated to get a 40-ouncer of my 'good stuff' (over-proof rum) out of the linen cabinet, (which I had been saving for Christmas) and guzzle down pretty much the whole thing, just to stave off the Blue Funk which AfterDawn's servers had plunged me into. It was just _awful_, (well.... it got a little bit easier after the fourth drink or so). Now I ask you.... is this any way to treat a genius? My wife has advised me that I should not go into work today, and that I should continue to drink as much more rum as possible.... (er) .... as necessary, which I thought was kind of weird coming from her, as I am not even married or anything. I hope the rest of you fared better than I in this unfortunate downtime. God Bless All.

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829.8.2005 14:10

Heheh i dont have anything to drink except a little bottle of jim beam whcih i got from a smoke shop, it came in photo frame saying "In an emergency break glass" . Whenever ad is down it doesnt take long for it to go back online :)

93.9.2005 18:59

Joewho What a bunch of whingers, 30 minutes downtime TCH TCH ! You are all spoilt !

104.9.2005 0:36

Joewho What a bunch of whingers, 30 minutes downtime TCH TCH ! You are all spoilt !
NON Spelling worm...find a dictionary!
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