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Apple to make a big announcement in September?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 30 Aug 2005 1:13 User comments (41)

Apple to make a big announcement in September? It appears that Apple Computers is preparing to make a big announcement next week which may be as critical to the company as the release of the iPod was in 2001. Reporters have received invitations from the company for a "special event" that takes place in San Francisco on Sept 7th. "1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything," the invitation reads, referring to the release of the first 5GB iPod nearly four years ago. "Here we go again."
Anytime Apple prepares to announce anything, details are always very scarce but rumours always run wild, and this time is no exception. Some clues are around as to what the company might be planning. Firstly, Apple recently has made a deal with Samsung for about 40% of the company's flash memory production. This could mean that Apple is hoping to make a larger capacity iPod Shuffle or maybe even change its iPod mini to flash based memory instead of HDD-based.

Another rumour has stemmed from record company executives that have said Apple has been asking to license music videos for distribution through the iTunes music store. Could Apple be working on, or have completed an iPod that is capable of playing video? It has been all success for Apple in recent years, mainly due to the demand for iPods amongst consumers. Now, Motorola has revealed that a long awaited iTunes phone will ship before the end of September.

It could be possible that the announcement will just be related to the iTunes compatible phone. Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg said that the iTunes phone is the most likely candidate but called the rumour of an iPod capable of playing video unlikely. "When it comes to Apple announcements, expectations are often set unrealistically by Apple enthusiasts," Gartenberg said. "But Apple has been known to pull rabbits out of the proverbial hat. It may be a new category of device altogether." he said.


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41 user comments

130.8.2005 1:15

Maybe its a decent operating system that will take over M$. LOL!

230.8.2005 2:17

An affordable mac with FEATURES... btw i hope there ain't a video based ipod seein as i just forked out 300 sterling for my 60 gig model!!

330.8.2005 4:01

They're probably gonna try to release a console and get up on the competition of the NEXT GENERATION. LOL! There's a lot of money to be made and Apple could use some!!

430.8.2005 4:37

Whatever its gonna b i really would like to see wat technology they come up with next... A new OS would b good cause Microsoft has had its run of the show far tooo long but if its a new peice of multimedia thats kewl tooo :) as they say watch this space..........

530.8.2005 6:11

"Maybe its a decent operating system that will take over M$. LOL!" Er, they have one already. I'm going to assume it's a flash based iPod Mini & the iTunes phone. There's nothing else I've seen in the rumour mill. Unless, of course, they decide to allow people to run OSX/86 on non-Apple hardware. That would please me greatly.

630.8.2005 7:39

Er, they have one already.
Hmm.. Since when has OSX or Linux been bigger than Windows????!?!?

730.8.2005 7:45

"Since when has OSX or Linux been bigger than Windows????!?!" The statement I was responding to was as follows: " Maybe its a decent operating system that will take over M$. LOL!" Said nothing about being bigger than windows, only about being a decent OS. Swing and a miss.

830.8.2005 8:21

lol @ that tinfoil. not a fanboy, but OSX>XP. The secret of the industry...

930.8.2005 8:35

"not a fanboy, but OSX>XP. The secret of the industry..." Each represents a good tool with which to get work done. Until OSX came out, I was pretty much against anything Apple. Then, when OSX came out and my wife wouldn't let me put it on her powerbook, I had to buy my own and have liked it since. It does what I need it to do quickly and easily. That's not to say that XP isn't a perfectly acceptable operating system. It is and I use it at home as well as at work. It just requires extra maintenance. It is miles above previous versions of windows for usability. I have a feeling that if OSX were as popular as Windows, it too would have virus problems and the like, and it already has regular security updates that need rebooting and such. There, I hope I don't sound like a fanboy for either side.

1030.8.2005 9:08

I'm not a fanboy by any means. I use XP because I refuse to pay the overpriced premium Apple charges for their hardware. Give me OSX able to run on x86 hardware and I'll gladly use it. I've always said I would use a Mac if I could build one myself. That, and I'd like to be able to play more than 4 games that are 6-8 months old...

1130.8.2005 9:31

I read on about a video-based Ipod may indeed be in the works

1230.8.2005 9:32

Tinfoil, LEARN how to read. He said an OS that will TAKE OVER m$. Mac and OSX have under a 5% market share if im not mistaken. Dumbass.

1330.8.2005 9:32

I read on another site that a video-based Ipod may indeed be in the works

1430.8.2005 9:44

"Apple to make a big announcement in September" "Free Beer" "Naked Boobies" BFD Actually, free beer would be pretty big, if it was good beer...

1530.8.2005 9:52

"LEARN how to read. He said an OS that will TAKE OVER m$. Mac and OSX have under a 5% market share if im not mistaken. Dumbass." Again I quote the original post: " Maybe its a decent operating system that will take over M$. LOL!" Here is what I read, without the hilarious, and never stale, use of a $ in place of the S: "Perhaps Apple will announce a stable & easy to use operating system that will eventually take over top spot from Microsoft" The usage numbers you are quoting are in the present, whereas I read nath's comments to be future-tense, to which I responded "Why nath, good sir, Apple already has a decent, easy to use operating system! They don't need to announce one, it already exists!" It was a little toungue-in-cheek, to be certain. I do humbly apologize if I've misread nath's comments or phrased mine in such a way to misconstrue or misrepresent my original meaning. I also thought the well placed baseball reference to be a prime example of innocent hilarity. I apologize if a) you were insulted, and b) you don't like baseball.

1630.8.2005 10:00

I apologize if a) you were insulted, and b) you don't like baseball.
Sorry for the "dumbass" comment, just a little on edge, starting college. As for the $ symbol, [shrugs shoulders]

1730.8.2005 10:14

All good. I (vaguely) remember those days.

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1830.8.2005 13:37

or maby it will be bancruptcy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet they are going to announce a ipod video thing, but who would give a shit because creative, iriver and arcos did that a hundred times better then they could ever

1930.8.2005 14:08

it's an itunes phone

2030.8.2005 14:22

Well, that's bloody stupid it is. 25 song cap, that is a half-hearted attempt at what could be an interesting gadget!

2130.8.2005 14:50

They could bring out anything... I reckon theyll try a portable console thats see through lol or it could be a handheld mac?

2230.8.2005 15:32

Maybe they'll finally admit that there OSX congealed in a gutter, and they are replacing it with some real work.

2330.8.2005 15:48

I reckon theyll try a portable console
they won't. they'll never be able to compete. it takes years of development and consoles to compete in the market as they are much more technical that video/music player

2430.8.2005 15:57

Lethal, It is possible for them to have been planning this for years. When the first gameboy came out, Someone at the apple headquarters thought 'Lets make a super gameboy' Plan it for a couple of years. Then when sony released PSP info, they knuckled down and started constructing a Portable device. I'm not sayin dey are going to bring one out but its possible! don't rule it out!!

2530.8.2005 17:52

Actually, no it isn't possible to already have been developing it. There would almost garunteed be a leak.

2630.8.2005 18:08

Apple has already tried game consoles, and failed worse than the Newton.

2730.8.2005 18:17

Wow, I did not know that, weird. The market is flooded with game systems as it is anyway, they wouldn't have a chance.

2831.8.2005 1:00

hmmmm have to agree with uniique1 about new console, but from what they said about the 1000 songs. Video Ipod could be posible cause remember they did just do the crappy photo one so it could posible

2931.8.2005 4:05

My money is on a video iPod. iTunes has been gearing up for more video content, so it makes sense.

3031.8.2005 4:26

Reasons? do you have any reasons for saying they wouldn't have a chance in the gaming industry............ errrrrrrrr no (chris rock style no LOL) Also apple has alot of money to spend due to the success of the ipod, It wouldn't suprise me if they released a console. Yep making a video ipod also makes sense i wouldn't rule out a portable mac either

3131.8.2005 6:00

Reasons? do you have any reasons for saying they wouldn't have a chance in the gaming industry............ errrrrrrrr no (chris rock style no LOL)
One would hope that they learned from their previous attempt at a gaming console. However, it *does* make *some* sense. The Mac Mini would be a very good media pc, so it would stand to reason that it coule be made into a console as well, after beefing it up some. However, I don't see it happening anytime soon.
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3231.8.2005 6:34

Disclaimer: This is MY analysis, in short, very short. And I could be wrong. Condsider first what Apple was before the ipod, they were nothing to the average joe, nothing, at school you used their computers and talked with your friends about how they blew. That's it, Apple and their OS were entirely unsucessful in the big picture of the multi-billion dollar industry. Most new the word MAC and not who made them. People here might have know, but your afterdawn poeople, not the consumer base for electronics. The success of the ipod sparked the success of their OS and other hardware etc. The general consumer became much more open to idea of an MP3 player (long time ago). And so came success. Think about the majority of poeple who bought the ipods. Do they game? Are they the type to buy a new next gen console? If they did buy a console out of pure Apple fanaticism, woudl they buy many games? Have time for the games? Not only would Apple fight an already established group of console manufacturers, but their loyalty base is comprised of people who wouldn't buy a console, much less from them, if they were interested in gaming. Those of us sitting here, if we were faced with a portable or home console, we would most definitely choose something we already have faith in, the PSP, and the PS3/360/revolution. Would you really risk your hard earned money on one console, that hasn't been time tested? There is hands down too much competition, and if Jobs is a big enough idiot, he could try and then fail again. I doubt it, but if it does happen, it will be a failure. This include portable consoles. The base isn't there poeple, and if their marketing analysist can't figure this out, he's going to get fired.

3331.8.2005 6:41

I forgot to add this... It's kind-of time to come back down on the OS war, seriously. Here is what each side has mainly. Windows- Vast thrid party software, most usability, highest compatibility, gaming etc. High security risks. OSX- Safe, reliable, secure, and pretty. No games, expensive and inferior architecture. Now, the windows side of things is pretty cut and dried, but OSX has it in store for you. What you don't understand is that OSX isn't any more secure. IT ISN'T, it's low popularity keeps hackers and virus/malware/apyware/adware writers from WASTINNG THEIR TIME writing to such a small group of victims, when they can write and infect the masses who have windows. The moment OSX or any other operating system, controlls enough market share, the writers will rip it to pieces. And with no experience like MS has, Apple will be SOL, struggling in a world they thought they were safe. OSX is only safer because no one wants to write malware for every 50th person. OSX will be in the same boat if it becomes too popular.

3431.8.2005 12:51

"The moment OSX or any other operating system, controlls enough market share, the writers will rip it to pieces. And with no experience like MS has, Apple will be SOL, struggling in a world they thought they were safe. OSX is only safer because no one wants to write malware for every 50th person. OSX will be in the same boat if it becomes too popular." Apple doesnt need the experience MS has ; which I might add would be lackluster in security anyway. Seeing as how long it takes MS to address security issues in their OS as well as their software. Apple has a MUCH faster reponse time to patching / addressing security issues with their OS/software. as for OSX not being secure just because Apple holds a meger percentage of the market is asnine. OSX security comes from its using a security based OS as its core code (BSD). OSX was designed to be more secure from the get go.

3531.8.2005 13:10

It's not the fact that windows has more market than Apple, which obviously is a BIG factor. It's the fact that windows is INHERENTLY insecure on a default install! Default windows install - No administrator password!! RPC - Enabled...WHY??? - Lot of worms loved this one! IE - well, long list! Many more, but this isn't about bashing OSs' so I won't derail the thread anymore. I think it will be the iTunes phone in the announcement, I don't think it's that amazing, but they do I guess! It may surprise us all and do what the iPod has done, but, not long to wait and we'll all know.

3631.8.2005 13:39

DMW, my install of winxppro set an admin account and required a password. Sadjoker, OMG, dude you have no idea what your talking about, look at my sig and the definition of anecdotal in a dictionary buddy. I don't know if they do actually patch their OS faster, but how do you come up with that one? Where is your evidence? A security based OS? Linux and Windows aren't? You have no idea what a kernel or scripting shell etc... is do you? How stupid can people be. These are things that aren't even mentioned in my textbooks and studies. Everything I told you is stuff my professors casually talk about, because to someone with any knowlege of computers knows it, and it isn't worth actually having a lesson on. LOL, your post is hilarious dude, and I don't want you to take any offense from this but, damn, programs are programs, and no matter how far they go, there will be holes, no matter what the architecture or OS. I feel like a broken record having to tell people these simple little things.

3731.8.2005 13:52

Reasons?, Yep Pro asks for an admin password, but home, which the average user has, doesnt and makes the default user an admin!?! Just doesn't seem logical to me, but a lot of it doesn't. I personally would like OSx to be released commercially for the PC platform. It may never beat MS or even come close, but at least it would be one more alternative for users.

3831.8.2005 13:53

It's more than likely the phoen that will be hyped up, but the flash mini os on it's way too.,aid,122359,tk,dn083105X,00.asp

3931.8.2005 13:58

Posting at the same time as me I see. I was guessing it was home edition that would pull that. It's the same thing as how wireless routers come with one button no security set up. The companies are so focused on ease of use, and they are for a good reason, that average consumer (Adult, who can buy a computer, then their kids end up knowing it and running it) can't deal with with concepts above th einternet a minimal word processing skills. You coulding ask them how to display formatting marks in microsoft word, of course you can't ask that of most people. It is a bad choice, but they want to make money first. At least they have automatic updates for people, that's a godsend in itself.

401.9.2005 6:14

Reasons , I'll admit I ran my mouth a little faster than I shouldve w/o taking more time to think about it. I'll that. Oh and no offence taken to your points you made about my post. I was wrong for the most part, I can accept that. Anyway, yup any and all software is evidentily gunna have flaws / bugs in it no matter what. OSX is no exception neither is Linux, Windows, BSD etc. And with that, Ive made enough of an ass of myself for one wk so shutting up now

411.9.2005 8:20

Being able to admit fault is all the redemtion one needs. That's something you can rarely find in people, much less online.

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