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Creative players shipped with worm?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Aug 2005 13:12 User comments (15)

Creative players shipped with worm? Creative has made a statement confirming that some of its Zen Neon portable music players, about 4,000 in total, have shipped accidentally with the "W32.Wullik.B@mm" worm. These 4,000 players were all sent to Japan. The windows worm dates back to 2003. It is a mass-mailing worm. On the player, there is an infected file but Creative has said that users would have to browse through the device's filelist and click on it while connected to a PC in order for it to affect the machine.
The company released the serial numbers of the players that are suspected to be infected with the worm. They are serials "1230528000001 through 1230533001680". Shipments of the Zen Neon 5GB model have been suspended temporarily while the company investigates the issue. The company apologised for the annoyance that has been caused to consumers over this matter.

The statement was posted on the company's Japanese site so there are only rough web translations to rely on, which are still complicated to understand. Creative Zen players are becoming increasingly popular, as Creative is now the biggest competitor of Apple Computers. Creative hopes to take some of Apple's 80% market share for portable digital music players away over the coming years by introducing new models that will compete with the iPod.


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15 user comments

131.8.2005 13:45

how does this happen? lol, Sorry but whoever posts the new articals is bius, has anyone noticed how there is SO MANY posts about ipods, and this is the second time i have seen a creative one i belive, and its about a mistake they made. hmmmm

231.8.2005 14:28

*cough* Insider work by an Apple spy *cough*

331.8.2005 14:38

How about I accidentally ship Anthax into Bush's birthday cake.

431.8.2005 14:39

Nothing surpirses me when it comes to Creative now. I almost bought the Zen micro then found out the headphone jack is defective, but they shipping them...

531.8.2005 17:15


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631.8.2005 17:43

i would edit your the bush post if i were you before 10k agents knock at your door.

731.8.2005 18:35

Whats up with accidentaly shiped. LOL Some inside dont like there own company LOL.

831.8.2005 19:41

i would edit your the bush post if i were you before 10k agents knock at your door.
Scary but true, LOL. True story: 65 yr old Vet was working out with friends and made a comment about President Bush. A bystander heard it, reported it to the Police, and within a day or so, the FBI went to the gentlemen's home questioning him (DISCOVERY CHANNEL). Talk about touchy. That sucks though, I was looking forward to getting one of the Zen Media Centers when they up'd the 20GB hdd...might think twice about it now.
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931.8.2005 23:41

More news circulates about Apple than Creative, and if you want the opinion of the author, iPods suck, so i guess i must be Apple insider? ;-) personally im delighted that the MP3 player file organisation patent (or Zen patent) was awarded to Creative and not Apple, and delighted to hear that Apple's grip is starting to losen ans more companies like Creative, Samsung etc... ave a self declared MP3 war with Apple because in my opinion, someone has to take apple off the top. However, people are forgetting, we dont always report positively on Apple, we write news that is circulating amongst press and pretty much every news that has any sort of report on the digital music market mentions Apple, iPod and iTunes. Hate or love Apple, no arguing they are the biggest success story in that market so far -> when that changes the circulating news will change. So don't blame me for too many Apple news articles, blame the masses of people stupid enough to buy over-priced MP3 players... or hey... just dont read the news. ;-)

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101.9.2005 4:22

I am sorry but.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... What the hec? That is type of thing that makes me never want to touch a Creative / Sound Blaster product again. Very smooth move and way to keep up the quality up there.... jack asses.

111.9.2005 5:07

ur a little fanboy. have u ever heard a creative product? i have a zen and an ipod and the zenn sound is much better. the pod has style...but ur "quality" statement is a wholeloada bullsh*t

121.9.2005 7:14

Me? Fanboy? I guess I was a little ahead of myself. I have always used creative products on my PC and will probablys alwasy do so. As far a the MPS, personal music players or whatever I could not say. I use my Pocket PC for my portable music player...there is only so much room on the Utility Belt... How every I still find it it funny, as in sad funny that they still shipped something with a virus on it or the software. That is a really big deal.

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131.9.2005 10:44

hey Dela, sorry. i do hate apple and i get a little annoyed because it does seem that 3 forths of the articals posted are regarding the ipod, and i think this web site isnt really centered around audio as much as it is gaming and dvd (or video in general) discussion.

141.9.2005 10:56

This site started off as audio in 1999 and digital audio is something that we continue to cover now. Look through the 5000+ news articles and you'll see that the iPod news has only really been when the iPod hit big success. It's like anything that successful, every single day there is more news about this and that on P2P networks and how this many P2P users moved from here to here to avoid prosecution. We do our best to keep useless news off the site, but unfortunately a lot of it isn't useless. Keep your eye on Gnews or whatever and you'll realise we only cover a small portion of the iPod news that goes around! But ye, no problem, I understand hatred for big corporations as well as the next internet geek ;-)

151.9.2005 14:20

i would edit your the bush post if i were you before 10k agents knock at your door.
It's okay, I'm good friends with the law enforcement agencies. =D
Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

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