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DVD Jon unlocks encrypted NSC files

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Sep 2005 15:03 User comments (23)

The infamous Jon Lech Johansen, aka DVD Jon has hacked encryption coding in Microsoft's Windows Media Player that may open content broadcasting to alternative platforms. He reverse engineered a proprietary algorithm that is used to wrap Media Player NSC files that is supposed to protect them from hackers who go snooping to discover the IP address and port of the source. He has made a decoder for the files available.
He did it because it was requested but he also doesn't believe that there is a good reason why NSC files should be encrypted, as the source IP address and port can be found simply using Netstat. It is his hope that this hack will make content streamed to Media Player more available on non-Windows platforms.

DVD Jon is also responsible for developing work around for Apple's iTunes music service that allowed users to purchase music without the additional DRM protection and without having to use the iTunes software. However, the Norwegian is mostly known for his best work, which was his part in the creation of DeCSS, which effectively allows DVDs to be watched on Linux because it descrambles the Content Scrambling System (CSS) protection on a DVD disc.

However, since many adopted DeCSS to either copy their own bought DVDs or for piracy, his work landed him in a court battle with the MPAA which he eventually won.

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23 user comments

15.9.2005 15:29

this guy is a god =-)

25.9.2005 16:39

My hero.

35.9.2005 17:23

wow thats heaps wicked! so smart :D

45.9.2005 21:28

Words do not do him justice! Although, the words, pure genious come to mind.

56.9.2005 3:40

right you are :)

66.9.2005 5:51

hey havent heard about this gy for a while, good to see his work is still great, hes a genius

76.9.2005 6:28

The only sad part is that these guys, bless their efforts, are programmers that couldn't get a job out of the box. Anyone with a Computer Science degree can sit down and do it, but most are out in the work force and too busy. It's most likely this guy would rather have a IT job or something to take up his time. These guys are great though and what they do is much appreciated, keep it up. Just another reality check...

86.9.2005 9:48

good job

96.9.2005 16:40

@Reasons? (2 posts up) Wow that has to be one of the dumbest comments I've ever read! Most people with Computer Science degrees would be clueless on how to do anything like that. A CS degree isn't all that special, half of my friends have one and so will I soon. You are the one that needs a reality check...

106.9.2005 18:59

It depends on where and what degree it actually is. Is it a two year, or bachelors? Was it at the tech college or was it at a state university? Reverse engineering something you have isn't hard, like hacking a network is, you have the DVD, you have the damn encrytion in your hand. You're simply a 10 year old that's full of crap and has no idea what they are talking about. "A CS degree isn't all that special, half of my friends have one and so will I soon." Good lord kid, you have no idea, that is such a little kid BS lie. LOL, LMAO. Four years, taking required electives around copyright encrytion and security... It becomes nothing but a mindless waste of time, guess and check, guess and check, I wish I had a damn job type of thing. Face it, you lie, your not even out of high school. Sorry everyone that this is so off topic and doesn't shine well upon the good guy the article is about.

117.9.2005 8:38

you would think someone would offer him a job so he could make some cash... instead they chased him under ground.... sad hes probley the most brillint person of this generation with computers ... all we can say is wow and we stand dumb struck thanks again Jon your the best

127.9.2005 10:00


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137.9.2005 16:19

I honestly don't know much about his backround, other than some of the work he has done. He seems principled enough in in his beliefs that he is not willing to sell out to a big tech firm. Thankfully we all get to benefit from that; we definitely need more people like him.

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147.9.2005 19:14

Do all of you agree with Reasons? That what Jon does isn't at all hard with a standard computer science degree? I'm almost 24 so I've been out of hs a while. My friends who have graduated with 4 year Bach degrees, 1 even having a Master's don't know the first thing about this stuff and I highly doubt my degree will cover it either.

158.9.2005 6:20

It's hard only in the sense that the process is time consuming and redundant.

168.9.2005 10:44

I'm along way from agreeing with Reasons...I've made a good living for the past 20 years...from programing, networking and as a security consultant...and reverse programing isn't routine at all. I would assume anyone with Jon's ability would be a viable and sought after resource...that he does what he does out of passion not boredom

178.9.2005 14:56

thanks. now i feel better.

188.9.2005 15:02

may the force be with you

198.9.2005 16:10

i will support this dude!!

209.9.2005 1:42

Jon is in the magnitude of Bill Gates, although I think smarter than Bill, because Bill stole all his ideas and Jon developed them. Keep up the great work Jon, because someday soon you should be richly rewarded.

219.9.2005 12:30

Jon please be careful as the evil empire of the MPAA,RIAA, the US Gov't will soon be on your ass. DMCA law SUCKS Freedom to innovate isn't that the saying?

229.9.2005 12:30

PS Bill Gates is the biggest FRAUD,THIEF,GREEDY SOB on the planet! IMHO

2310.9.2005 22:27

You all know that it doesn't matter who created, developed, or innovated any idea. It only matters who you have in your pocket when the judgement is handed down. For that, I think Bill has the advantage. Not that I don't root for Jon.

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