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PSP sales break record in UK

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Sep 2005 14:22 User comments (6)

PSP sales break record in UK Sony's Playstation Portable (PSP) console has become the fastest selling handheld console in the UK, with more than 185,000 units since the device's launch on September 1st. The details were released by Chart Track, a group that keeps tabs on retail sales in the entertainment sector in the UK and Ireland. Previously the biggest selling handheld console in the UK was the Nintendo DS console.
87,000 DS consoles were sold at launch when it was released in UK in March earlier this year. Across the world both consoles are going head to head to dominate the market for handheld gaming consoles. The PSP has gotten off to a better start in the UK than the DS console did but in Japan, the DS had better success.

In the U.S. the PSP sold more in its first weeks on the market than the DS console did but the DS has sold more united overall. PSP game sales are doing very well.


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6 user comments

16.9.2005 14:36

well i got mine. stopped charging. got another one and seems ok thus far. takes ages to load, noisy, graphics aint ps2 despite claimed. mite has well have got a ds.

26.9.2005 15:44

I cant see how the games are doing well at 35-40 a pop in most shops.

36.9.2005 21:35

i loves me some of that sweet ver. 1.5 jus got my 1gb card and man this psp is glowing.

47.9.2005 1:51

Damn. I should've got a PSP. This DS is a gimmick. Hardly any enjoyable games, and Nintendogs is a complete joke. Graphics are ridiculous, and constantly switching from buttons to touch screen is annoying.

57.9.2005 2:13

@ ZeroTech Sell it on ebay and get a PSP ^_^

smoke me a kipper i'll be back for breakfast - Ace

67.9.2005 2:19

that's a good idea.

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