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Samsung might make dual-next generation format players

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Sep 2005 4:11 User comments (26)

Samsung might make dual-next generation format players South Korean Electronics giant Samsung is going to be cautious during the transition from the current DVD format to the next generation DVD format(s). The company has said if both sides do ultimately fail to reach some sort of arrangement for a unified standard the company will develop players that are capable of playing both blue laser formats. "We would welcome a unified standard but if this doesn’t come, which looks likely, we’ll bring a unified solution to market," Samsung President of Digital Media Choi Gee Sung told the Financial Times Deutschland.
"It won’t be simple but you’ll see our solution in the coming year," he added. "Consumers will be too confused otherwise." Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are battling it out currently for support to become the next generation DVD standard. Both formats use blue lasers, which have shorter wavelength than red lasers allowing data storing at high densities. Both formats have heavy backing from tech firms and movie studios, so right now it appears that the future market for next generation formats is already split in two.

The real fight is not simply to fulfil ego's either, it is to fill bank accounts with potentially billions of dollars as both these formats offer much greater storage capacity than standard DVD discs. This extra capacity is needed for high definition material and next generation video games. Samsung is making a wise choice in offering players for both formats, but there are also still some complications to making a player for both.

Firstly the main question that is asked is whether the player would require just one drive to play both formats, or two separate? "If it's one drive, it's going to be a step in the right direction," said Josh Martin, an analyst with IDC. "But if you're talking about putting together two devices into one, it's kind of a stop-gap arrangement." Also, a detail that is very important to consumers; how much will a player compatible with both formats cost? Currently, next-generation disc players are expected to be priced at around $1,000 at launch. Josh Martin pointed out however that if these two format players can be sold for about $1,500 it would be cheaper for consumers than having to buy two separate players.

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26 user comments

17.9.2005 8:16

Samsung has got to be the best and smartest company in the world today. Just a few years ago they were shit, no one wanted to buy from them and now today they are kicking the crap out of the big guns in the industry. Sony had better watch it's back and others too. You just have to admire this company for gaining so much in such a short amount of time. that is just my two cents...

27.9.2005 11:22

MrToast: Indeed, a totally agree with you. Well, years ago they didnt have as many products as they have now. Or well maybe not in the EU, what I do remembers was that whenever I needed RAM (for myself or when I was fixing someone elses machine or building a new one) I would buy the samsung one. They were one of the cheapest and also came out in tests very well, that and I never had one that failed, or well not that I can remember because usually when hardware fails with me I flame the brand name so hard and never buy it again. Arg, I am getting off topic :P I do find 1000 to 1500 $ pretty expensive, maybe if it also had recording capabilities but it seems to be playback only. What I mostly wonder if blue ray will have DVD support, considering blue ray is using an entire different laser to read the disks, will it be able to read ruagual DVD or will it also have a 2nd laser. But personally, I think that HD are the future! together with video-on-demand over internet. Want to see a new movie, select the movie you want to download, send xx $ to a paypal account or let it take off your credit card and the movie will just be send to your ftp server or whatever at home. when people will have a 100mbit a full HD-DVD movie will only take like a few hours right? and with such a line I think that you can just start watching the movie while it is being downloaded (buffered) to your hard disk... of course for this to get really populair I think that DRM needs to be out of the picture. I for one wouldnt mind spending a few bucks to download a super high quality of a movie that doesnt have any (or very flexible) restriction... But I am ranting too much now.. Cheers!

37.9.2005 13:33

when people will have a 100mbit a full HD-DVD movie will only take like a few hours right?
a few hours? no offence but what connection you on? samsung provide quality, robustness and style. although this looks a little pricey, (topped with the fact that here in london we dont get jack sh*t until a few years after release) i think it will be a genuine sucess, because there is no announced competition to this, thus far. you are right though, spiridon, recording features should be included, it would be nice to see samsung use a little initiative, cut out the middle man if you like. rather than rip us off by selling us a playback only, then a year later adding the recording capabilities, why not just do it from the start? thats my 2 bobs worth LethalBizzle

47.9.2005 14:09

I am a newbie to dvd burning. Want to burn movies from my computer to dvds was told i have find out how to convert data files to dvd form help

57.9.2005 18:40

I am shocked by this. Normally there would'nt be talk like this for awhile, its kinda nice to see but i would'nt pay more than $400 US.

67.9.2005 21:21

two format players can be sold for about $1,500
Who would pay that much for a dvd player? I bought my dvd player for $60

77.9.2005 22:29

Samsung is heading the right direction, but any next generation dvd players that cost $1,000 - $1,500 is extremely ridiculous period.

87.9.2005 22:48

How long do i have to wait till the price drop to $100?

97.9.2005 23:09

How long do i have to wait till the price drop to $100?
I'm with you on this. I'll probably be the few last people to buy the player when the price is right.
WARNING: Do not "update/upgrade" your SAMSUNG BD-D5XXX series (Bluray Player), or else you cant enjoy any of your movie files.
How 2 downgrade Samsung BD-D5XXX Series Bluray player

108.9.2005 1:06

Like many others here i love how samsung is watchin them fight over that ball of wool like 2 kittens and meanwhile the company will just make the bi player machine :) but like they said price between $1000 to $1500 U gotta b dreamin i know the early birds will jump but man im just gettin comfy with DVD's and the whole game here... The next generation can wait i will do all the theroy on it untill it becomes reasnable to go into the practical side of things.... @ the moment it isn't the time... But congrats too Samsung for havin some HD Intelegence and beating them at their own game...

118.9.2005 2:18

I think most people complaining about the price tag don't remember how much DVD players did cost back in 1998 or so.. It took about five years for most of them to drop below $100 tag and become "commodity items" rather than luxury items. Then again, people were happy to cough upto $5000 for 30" - 40" TVs few years ago that aren't HDTV-compatible and now need to be replaced anyway :-)

when people will have a 100mbit a full HD-DVD movie will only take like a few hours right?
If we assume that an average movie will be appx 25 gigabytes, like it is today on most HDTV TV channels, it would take 45 mins to download that with 100meg connection. Considering that ADSL2+ (24/1) conns are becoming more and more popular and at least in here cost well below e100 per month, that future isn't very far away.

128.9.2005 2:24

My first DVD player (a Sony) cost $1,500 back in 1996, and couldn't do as much as today's $50 players. All in good time people, ... all in good time.

138.9.2005 10:05

@A_Klingon why would you pay $15000 for dvd player? I'm sure back then they didn't have a lot of movies out for dvd.

148.9.2005 22:26

CD writers started at $5000 and more -- took over an hour to burn a disc -- now a -$30 item, burn a disc in three minutes. DVD writers pretty much ditto -- not down to $30 yet, but almost. Who waits, wins...

159.9.2005 16:50

I may have got confused somwhere along the way, but I thought Blu-Ray discs were going to be physically different to HD-DVD discs i.e. the typical plastic disc but inside a blue, plastic cartridge. If so then how could they even make a single-drive solution for both formats?

169.9.2005 18:54

Yeah, it could be tricky making a dual-format player - not impossible though, because there are enough similarities between the 2 formats (most notably the blue laser itself) to make compatability possible. Yes - right now, blu-ray discs (as in Japan) have a cartridge wrapped around them. Quite possibly, HD-DVD discs will also be encased in some sort of protective cartridge as well. Studies have shown that folks aren't too keen on the caddy-thing, but because of the ultra-high density of these new discs, the slightest speck of dust, a tiny scratch, a partial fingerprint, etc. could wipe out enough data to render the disc unuseable. And if you've plunked down $30 US for a single blu-ray blank, you won't like unuseable discs very much. In other words, a High-Definiton, High-Density, commercial, Hollywood Blu-Ray disc as loaned out by your local free Public Library, would have a life-span of about 10 minutes (given the way people handle library discs) if it didn't come encased within a protective caddy. Myself, I'm going to wait out the war on the sidelines. When they've finished beating each other's brains out and HD-DVD says 'bye-bye- to us, I will look at whatever blu-ray offerings we have at that time. No more 'Early Adopter' stuff for me, thank you.

179.9.2005 22:27

When the first CD players came out they cost $1,000.00 and that was a little more than 20 years ago. I guess all you guys are too young.

1810.9.2005 5:43

It took about five years for most of them to drop below $100 tag and become "commodity items" rather than luxury items.
That is the key here. Sure they might be available for $1,000 plus dollars, but how many will be purchased at that price. Look at the "Video Stores", (now should be called DVD stores. How long ago did they make the change from mostly VCR's to DVD's? Less then two years ago! A few techies’ will purchase state of the art product, only to find it out of date in less then a year. Remember the Pioneer DVR-S201 burner @ 1X? And that $5,000 plasma TV without HDTV is now $1,500 or less just a few years later. I truly believe we are many years away from a complete change no matter what format is chosen as #1.

1910.9.2005 8:58

If next generation dvd player is $1500 i would rather get LCD t.v

2010.9.2005 9:10

@ rihgt682 Purchased a 32" Proview LCD HDTV for $899.00 at Costco two months ago. Great for on the wall in the bedroom! The Go-Video combination DVD/VCR that is connected to it cost $69.00 at Costco. <G>

2110.9.2005 9:40

@angelea, you need to paost the question somewhere else. There are numerous guides and everyone will try to help. What movies? How did they get to HD. There are two free progs. that many use when beginning dvd burning, and still use...shrink and DVD Decrypter, both can be downloaded from AD. MovieDud

2210.9.2005 16:32

I just though of something,

next-generation disc players are expected to be priced at around $1,000 at launch
Is this means PS3 is going to be more then $1,000???
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2317.9.2005 8:12

so, anyone have an idea?

2417.9.2005 13:17


Is this means PS3 is going to be more then $1,000???
I really doubt it will be that much for ps3... well i dont think the baisc console will b more than $500(Aus)... But if u get extras like extra controllers and memory cards and any other new extras they bring out it may end up near the $1000 mark... But for any1 out there that wants to get it i would suggest to wait a few months to c how far the price can drop... Then compare it to Xbox 360.. Im not for or against either. I just feel ill wait and when they are both out and then i will compare them both and then decide...
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"the mediocre teacher tells. the good teacher explains. the superior teacher demonstrates. the great teacher inspires."- William Aruthur Ward

2524.9.2005 18:52


32" Proview LCD HDTV for $899.00 at Costco two months ago
Didn't costco had sale on sharp LCD 32inch t.v 2weeks ago for $800??

2625.9.2005 1:48

@rihgt682 Costco had a sale on many LCD's including Sharp, but not that size. Even the Sharp 26" is around the $1,100 mark and the 32" is around the $1,500 mark. Newegg has a sale on a 32" LCD for $899 after $100 rebate and it is a Hyundai 32" HDTV.

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