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Sony recalls faulty PS2 power adapters

Written by James Delahunty @ 13 Sep 2005 5:44 User comments (34)

Sony recalls faulty PS2 power adapters Sony has recalled over 3.5m power adapters that were sold with the slimline version of the console between August and December 2004. The faulty adapters in question could overheat causing damage or injury. The specific models in question are SCPH70002, 70003 and 70004. People who think they may have one of the faulty adaptors are urged to go to for more information. Sony said that customers should not return the faulty adapters to the place they bought the console.
Sony has received 40 complaints in the U.S. related to the adapters. Over two thirds of the affected consoles were sold in Europe, 960,000 of the units were sold in the US, 210,000 in Asia and 60,000 in Japan. The company has also admitted that it is a possibility that some affected adapters may have been bought after December 2004.

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34 user comments

113.9.2005 18:59

Good thing that I did not buy the slimline ps2

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213.9.2005 21:10

This sounds like the XBox story. HAHAHAHAHA Hilarious isn't it

313.9.2005 22:28

Happy to have bought one of the bulkier PS2s. :)

413.9.2005 22:29

Its good to see sony has taken the initative to fix the fault :) I got a normal ps2 soo im all good :)

514.9.2005 03:03

well... that was pretty stupid of sony!

614.9.2005 04:38


714.9.2005 05:00

personally, i dont htink this is stupid at all. waht would be stupid is if they pretended it didn't happen. kudos to them for dealing with it like this. Dan x

814.9.2005 08:03

I too, am surprised that they actually took the blame for their mistake instead of sweeping it under the rug and putting it on the customer. This is eerily similar to what happened to the xbox a while back isn't it?

914.9.2005 08:23

My nine year old nephew just got a slimline PS2 in July for his birthday. He played his for many many hours everyday. His work perfectly fine.

1014.9.2005 10:29

Just goes to show how skinnier isn't always better - I like my PS2's with a little junk in their trunk!

1114.9.2005 10:45

havent had any real problems with my slimline. though the power supply box does seem to get pretty hot after a while of playing. im not messing about returning it though, ill take my chances :)

1214.9.2005 12:12

Are you sure that's wise? -Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

1314.9.2005 16:14

Yeah I would not risk something like that.

1414.9.2005 17:01

If they're willing to replace something for you go for it! Even if your power supply isn't going to cause any problems, having a new one is better than having one that's a year old or so.

1514.9.2005 18:39

brad1102 You might want to read the article again. They did not say that the slim ps2 was the problem. The adapter is what the article refers to so your comment about the slim ps2 is really irrelevant to this topic.

1614.9.2005 18:40

I have the slim and big ps2 and portable (PSP) and have no problems with them.

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1715.9.2005 05:05

well free or not to return... ill still be stuck with a ps2 with no power supply for the days, even weeks it will take to get a new one sent out to me.

1815.9.2005 06:56

This does make a statement about sony that they are not afraid to admit a mistake, sometimes product release dates make the engineers release products before they are completely done developing.

1915.9.2005 20:35

What is with these console manufacturers?! Microsoft had to recall their XBox power connectors, Nintendo had to recall WHOLE GameCube's, and now Sony had to recall some Playstation 2 power connectors. Are these guys getting too jiggy with the cheap parts or something? I mean, come on, did you not do ANY testing before sending out the slimline PS2's?! Just seems like sheer stupidity, when a little testing before release would have saved them a whole lot of money.

2015.9.2005 21:19

okay man i see where you are coming from but. Companies do test products before they are released to the consumers and cheap parts are not always the problem. The problem is the same thing that is wrong with you, me and everyone else on this earth. No one is perfect. It does not matter how long or how many times something is tested. Problems will still exist unless God himself is the one making the products. You see where i am coming from. Even cars have recalls and defects on them all the time from many diff manufactures too so no one can say its just a specific car maker. No product will ever claim 100% reliable. Example, look at the readings on a can of lysol spray. It says it kills 99.9% of germs and bateria. They are not going to say 100% ever. Condoms, the same way. You cant fault any company unless you find out that they knew that the defect existed and that they went ahead with the release to us the consumers without really caring about how it would effect us. Then you would have the right to really be upset. So why should you be upset with sony?? This is real life. It is not perfect and things happen. You just have to learn to deal with them.

2115.9.2005 21:22

At least they didnot try to sweep it under the rug. They could have left people out in the rain but they didnot. I give sony and any other company a hand for stepping up to the plate and being a real man about the situation and handling it accordingly.

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2215.9.2005 23:15

If they can do something about DRE.

2316.9.2005 12:39

i did not get what you were saying. DRE????

2416.9.2005 17:52

my adaptor seems to keep pretty cool but the plastic on the cord that goes to the ps2 has already pulled out of the adaptor and is showing bare wire, maybe ill send mine in just for the free new one

2516.9.2005 20:18

I would do something fast if i were you man. If the positive wire ends up touching the negative, you will see some sparks fly. It will trip out the breaker where it is plugged in or blow the fuse and possible fry your system too. You need to see about that ASAP or risk the chance of having to replace more than your plug. Also risk starting an electical fire that could happen while you are sleeping. Hope you have smoke detectors. More than one too. If you dont. Better get some fast.

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2616.9.2005 22:00

He could just leave his system unpluged to avoid that whole 'fire while you're sleeping' thing...

2716.9.2005 23:40

True, but i was just pointing out that there is he may forget to unplug it and there always a higher risk of death if a fire starts while you are sleeping.

2818.9.2005 09:06

Lol, yeah I was just thinking that. Not like he's gonna leave the system on all night. -Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

2918.9.2005 09:22

you never know 24hr races on gt4 lol, but yeah i know its dodgy prolly worth sending it back to sony for a new one, they are pretty good about that stuff iv sent mobile phones to them and had them back in 4 to 5 days.

3018.9.2005 12:44

Got mine on the way, got an email about and and a link. They send it to you before you send yours back. I suppose you could not even send yours back if you felt like it. Thank ju Sony.

3119.9.2005 09:31

Theres a couple of specs that have to match up for you to be able to get a new one. Mine is on the way also.(I didnt get no e-mail tho cause I never registor my stuff) They said when it comes they give you shipping money to send the Bad one back. The heck with that im keeping both of them, What if the new one is junk and breaks, My PS2 does get super hot but I never had a problem ,with the adapter box they recalled I never played over 12 hours in a row so maybe thats why. Yeah thanks for trying to burn down are houses sony.

3220.9.2005 07:32

well thats just bloody marvelous, i filled in the fields on the sony site and it told me my adapter is one of those affected (a fire starter) but when i went to the next page to fill out my address it seems its not for america so i cant have one. thanks for the help sony, i guess ill go get some home insurance and fire extinguishers.

3320.9.2005 07:40

okay ignore my last comment now i feel like a retard, found the u.s site, maybe i should still take out some kind of insurance for protection from myself.

3426.9.2005 14:51

I filled out both forms so maybe I will get two , One came in the mail today in a little brown box and everything is in a differnt Language,they give you a postage sticker to send the old one back, WOW that was pretty quick,

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