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IFPI Finland - 'Linux/Mac users should consider buying CD players'

Written by James Delahunty @ 22 Sep 2005 8:45 User comments (16)

IFPI Finland - 'Linux/Mac users should consider buying CD players' So it seems that copyright laws in Finland might make it impossible for consumers to move their music to a MAC or Linux OS but according to Tommi Kyyrä of IFPI Finland, this is fine because listening to music on a computer is simply a "privilege". So what advice would this man or organisation give to users of either Macs or Linux? Consider purchasing a regular CD player.
This was said in a quote from Tommi Kyyrä on It was a response given after a question of whether the copyright protection schemes would work on operating systems other than windows was asked. Since it is in Finnish, here's a rough English translation of his reply I got from a blog at

"Now, we need to understand that listening to music on your computer is an extra privilege. Normally people listen to music on their car or through their home stereos", says Kyyrä and continues; "If you are a Linux or Mac user, you should consider purchasing a regular CD player."

And for our Finnish users:

Kysymykseen siitä, toimivatko nämä rajatun kopioinnin tekniikat muissa käyttöjärjestelmissä kuin Windowsisa, Kyyrä ei halua vastata suoraan. "Nyt pitää ymmärtää, että tietokoneella musiikin kuuntelu on extraa. Normaalisti musiikkia kuunnellaan autossa tai stereoiden kautta", Kyyrä sanoo ja jatkaa: "Jos nyt käytät jotain Linuxia tai Macia, kannattaa harkita ihan tavallisen cd-soittimen hankkimista".

Shortly after the original article was published apparently Tietokone magazine received a demand from IFPI Finland to remove it. While the article still exists, the quote has been removed. However there is a screenshot showing the difference between the original and new versions of the article at

I think all would agree that Kyyrä's quote is not very consumer-friendly or generally "fair".

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16 user comments

122.9.2005 21:28

Class action suit time...

223.9.2005 00:51

I want to unlock nokia model 2600 IMEI: 35623100/326063/6. I think it is locked to vodafone company.

323.9.2005 01:01

I want to unlock nokia model 2600 IMEI: 35623100/326063/6. I think it is locked to vodafone company.

423.9.2005 01:45

...erm...well go to a place that unlocks the phone then. thi sis the comments section for commenting on the above news post, not stating you want your phone unlocked. anyway...ON THE SUBJECT OF THE NEWS POST: wow...not very consumer friendly at all. its a shame these things get taken down as they show the greedy money grabbing record industry for the true...erm, money grabbers they are.

523.9.2005 02:32

I understand. the first comment is constractive

623.9.2005 02:56

i wasnt't going for the term constructive....i'd call it more kind of, erm....relevant.

723.9.2005 07:27

Stupid industry m****rf**cker, he would probably agree that it´s not worth spending the record industries hard earnt money on developing copy protections that work on all platforms. I´m sure he loves using his copy of Windows, but he´s not exactly rounding up more customers with a statement like that. Well... fine... whatever, if it´s going to be like that I´m not going to pay for their products anymore. But they probably won´t like that either.

823.9.2005 08:02

Better yet...why don't we get an 8-track player!

923.9.2005 09:14

"Linux/Mac users (and everybody else...) should consider NOT buying CDs with asinine copy protections". They can stuff their "privilege" where the sun don't shine.

1023.9.2005 13:39

Its funny, because they`re messing with the wrong people, usually someone with a linux os would be a person who knows a little bit more about computters, so if i were in finland, knew a little bit about computers and had some greedy j3rk like him telling me i dont care if you cant hear original cds on your linux/mac, i`d feel encouraged to download illegal mp3 music wich is completely compatible with my computer so they`re actually being theyre worst enemy

1123.9.2005 14:09

That's a good point Gradical. Until now, the recording industry has mainly been going after ignorant people who don't even know what a hard drive is. By singling out people who are more tech savvy, they could be opening up quite a can of worms for themselves.

1224.9.2005 14:11

yeah...later we only got previlige to play music from xxAM-xxPM....nice....

1325.9.2005 22:41

ahhahahaha. when you're only focusing on windows copy protection, i don't think it even applies to mac/linux oss. as far as windows goes, disable autoplay. you can't change the disc structure while maintaining playability on audio cd devices. you'd think if they wanted a working copyright protection on their discs, they'd switch to a format that wasn't completely worthless, like SACD/DTS/any 5.1 format. when do i ever sit in front of my dvd player to listen to an audio disc?

1426.9.2005 06:39

As Chris Seibold said the other day: "I think I might declare today Tommi Free Tune Friday and go download crazy…"

1526.9.2005 17:53

That's what I didn't get about this statement. From the recording industries own surveys, most people use computers to listen to music now, because almost every family has at least one computer. With middle-class families, it's more like one computer per person. I wish that they would get off the copy-protection and see that the real problem isn't piracy, but the OUTRAGEOUS prices that they want for CD's. I mean, 10 years ago I paid 15 dollars for a Soundtrack from a popular movie. Now that movie and the soundtrack have been re-released and they want $25 for it. Why the goddamn raise in price when the price of making CD's has come DOWN?! It's just the music industries being greedy, and I don't think that people are going to stand for it much longer. Class action suit time indeed!

1626.9.2005 17:56

Also, why would IFPI Finland want them to remove an article if it is accurate, and the quote is accurate? That is censoring the press, and that f***ing well will NOT stand anywhere in the world outside of the Middle East. Tietokone should think of suing IFPI. As long as they were not making up the story or quote, IFPI can go bugger themselves with a pointy metal stick. They have NO right to demand that a story is taken down, as long as it is accurate and the interview actually took place.

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