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Apple quadruples quarterly profit thanks to iPod

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Oct 2005 22:27 User comments (2)

Apple quadruples quarterly profit thanks to iPod Apple Computers Inc. has managed to quadruple quarterly profits due to the sale of more than 6.5 million iPod music players around the world in the last three months. The company's net profits for its fiscal fourth quarter rose to $403m, up from $106m last year. That is 50 cents per share, which beat market expectations of 36 cents per share but quarterly turnover disappointed investors. Analysts had expected revenues of $3.74bn, but the final figure was $3.68bn, a rise of 56%.
Apple's shares fell in the after-hours trading in New York as a result. Apple has over 75% of digital music player market and keeps on introducing new iPods to the world. Last month the company unveiled the iPod Nano alongside the iTunes phone. The Nano was a big hit with consumers, despite reports that some of the Nano screens were very prone to scratching. Sales of iPods were up 220%, compared to the same period a year earlier and sales of Macs were up 48%.

"We're thrilled to have concluded the best year in Apple's history," said Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive. "This is the direct result of our focus on innovation and the immense talent and creativity at Apple. We could not be more excited about the new products we're working on for 2006." Today, Apple is set to unveil another product to the digital music world. The biggest rumours so far have been about either an iPod with video support or a new standard iPod with 80GB storage capacity.

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112.10.2005 9:44

Of course I dont know as much as the people who do this for a living but I am shocked that Apple said there is not enough demand for a video Ipod... have they seen the way UMD's are sky rocketing for the PSP? I think that they are getting a little to comfortable... sony and the japanese mind set isnt out to kill you now, they will teach their kids and grandkids to get your kids and grandkids... Apple should bring out a Video Ipod, there is a lot of demand for it! I own a 60G Ipod Photo and I could not live without it, I take it everywhere but I would BUY a new Ipod Video in a heartbeat! Come on Apple dont take your eyes of the ball, Sony is waiting in the bushes...

212.10.2005 12:09

Go Apple

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