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Nero launches Nero 7

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Oct 2005 22:58 User comments (82)

Nero launches Nero 7 Nero, leaders in digital media technology, unveiled on October 10th, the much anticipated Nero 7 software package. The all-in-one integrated digital media and home entertainment software solution now delivers 18 applications in one powerful suite, including the addition of Nero Home, a new TV and PC multimedia management and distribution system that provides users with quick and easy access to all digital media files from the comfort of their living rooms using a remote control.
"Nero 7 is the culmination of innovative engineering, end-user requests and demands, and industry direction and convergence," said Richard Lesser, CEO Nero AG, "We have hit the nail on the head with the addition of Nero Home to Nero 7: users no longer need to be in front of their PCs to view and listen to their media files; they can access their entire libraries in front of the TV."

In addition, Nero 7 includes a number of enhancements and interface redesigns to familiar and popular Nero applications. Users now have the option of customized installation, meaning they can decide to install or not to install each application courtesy of Windows Installer Technology.


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82 user comments

112.10.2005 0:11

Must say that there alot of buggs so far. Wait for 7.1 or somth'n till buggs are worked out.

212.10.2005 1:22

Well I gotta say Nero has got a very strong foothold in the market with their software... I have not used the software for DVD Burning as of yet but my experience with their software in regards to creating and backing up CD's is excellent... When I build my next pc i will make sure i get Nero in there and make it the main application... The beauty of Nero is as they said the ease one can use it... It does not have any age requirments ad long as u can follow the steps, u should b sweet :)

312.10.2005 2:55

This leaked a long time ago... and sucks...stay with 6.6 or w/e it's at now really buggy and looks like they've dumbed it down for computer noobs

412.10.2005 4:23

or re download the legit program and not the betas that were released

512.10.2005 4:24

All In One is enough to put me off any product. Usually means each part of the "All" is compromised. I prefer a Player that just plays media and burning software that just burns but does it well.

612.10.2005 6:11

Hi there,

Must say that there alot of buggs so far. Wait for 7.1 or somth'n till buggs are worked out.
This is good advise, BUT if no one uses it and finds no bug, v7.1 will not come out soon with fixes :)

712.10.2005 6:53

I would stay away for now. I have heard and seen many bugs. Wait until the newer verison comes out. Don't be a ginuine pig lol

812.10.2005 9:01

Just to let all know that Nero 7 is not a free upgrade from Nero 6, so expect to shell out some dough.

BUT if no one uses it and finds no bug, v7.1 will not come out soon with fixes :)
True that.
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912.10.2005 9:13

Isn't that what torrents are for? :-)

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1012.10.2005 12:09

7 doesnt wrk for me :(

1112.10.2005 12:26

As they say if it isn't broke don't fix it.. I wouldn't upgrade untill you absolutely have too Especially if it's buggy

1212.10.2005 13:27

when you say bugs, what exactly do you mean is wrong with the program?

1312.10.2005 14:01

JESUS Criminy Giblets!!!! AKA Holy shit!!!! Thanks soooooooo much GiantMike!! I was waiting for SOMEONE to ask this freaking question. Most of you are like "sheeple"(look it up) take one guy's statement,"'s realy buggy...duh." If you had any sense at all you would know two things (noobs included.....Christ I hate that word noobs, who the hell worked out the standards and where the hell is the line drawn on exactly how much or how little you need to know in order to be labled a "noob".) One, ANY software can be a little buggy...your all using a form of MS or Linux and there is no freakin way you can tell me or any other level-headed person in these forums that you have an OS that is free of bugs. Two, a company like Ahead/Nero Digital is gonna release a piece of software that just may contain SOME bugs....just like the OS your using :) My point is that whether or not you got this 3 to 4 weeks prior to ship date (me included), or you just have not found the resources to skeef it on-line through some lame torrent site, you have not had it in your dirty little hands long enough to be so bold as to label it as "buggy"...I have ripped, made movies, slideshows, mp3 cds, data dvds and a shit load more than I care to discuss with Nero 7, and ya know what....either you have a shitty copy, or your a noob calling others noobs because you can't operate simple fucking authoring program! There, I'm done. If you can get it...get it. Seven is a lucky number it seems with Nero, I have used the living hell out of it and it has'nt faultered once. And here come the flames!!!

1412.10.2005 14:04

I knew I forgot something...if you DO experience bugs, please, by all means post them here...IN I may go see if you are indeed correct and compare the function to mine, Thanks :)

1512.10.2005 14:23

stop ranting you moron it still doesn't change the fact that they aren't showing you details when you are burning the cd/dvd....I mean it's similar to when u copy something from one folder to another lol it shows data traveling over to a cd or something like that...yeah...Nero 7...just great

1612.10.2005 14:27

My thoughts are only upgrade when there is a new function you may actually need

1712.10.2005 14:36

BURN-MAN Regardless of your opinion, which you have made more than clear. You are gonna have to tame the language on here or your time will be very short. Personally I know what your saying, it obviously does work, and it will end up being a very useful tool no doubt. But we still have 6.6 which works very well. People here are giving their opinion as to whether other users should upgrade or not, most people will end up doing exactly what they feel like regardless of what they read here, and there will be plenty of people who don't use this forum also using the software and reporting back any bugs found. You are only using 1 version of operating system with your particular hardware, others will have different set ups, so could experience a totally unique set of problems you will never encounter. To everyone else that has reported bugs, it would be useful to get the info on what bugs you have seen, and what setup you have, otherwise I agree with BURN-MAN, on the point that making general statements helps no one at all.

1812.10.2005 15:25

Everyone should wait till they update this with a new version. I've tried the leaked out version and its has its share of bugs.

1912.10.2005 16:09

I am on Burn-man's side simply because STILL not one person has given an explanation as to what is wrong. I haven't tried the software yet, but all of you saying it has "bugs" aren't going to stop me. I'll prob download it tonight and see for myself.

2012.10.2005 16:55

Will Nero 7 automatically kick in for the burn cycle at the end of a rip/compress with DVD Shrink the way 6 did? I'm curious as my current computer has Nero 6 and Shrink and it is so convenient to pop in a blank, start Shrink on a file previously ripped with Decrypter and just let it run through its cycle all the way to a burned DVD without having to swap programs to burn. I'm looking at getting a new CPU in the Spring, and I'd hate to lose that functionality if 7 is the only version available and if it doesn't support the piggyback with Shrink. Anybody know if it still works?

2112.10.2005 17:09

I do apologize for the language...I realy do, I am sorry but it is one of my last vices and I will try to curb it. MXGzX...I never called you a moron...thanks for that. webhedreg....thank you. j0j081....and thank you.

2212.10.2005 17:21

Is it true some folks are still using Windows 95 until Bill Gates gets all the bugs out??? <G> What can be a bug for one might be for some… none! In other words isn't that what beta versions are for... to get out most of the bugs? Some of us will try new things first before most of the crowd and others will wait, just like those still using Windows 98se or Windows XP SP1 instead of SP2. Different configurations as well can make a difference for others. I like what one posted above... instead of just bashing a product if you state there are bugs, enlighten us as to what those bugs are first with actual examples. This will lend fact to your opinion instead of just an idle comment. :)

2312.10.2005 17:45

I am an unashamed noob (wasted my youth on copious amounts of sex, drugs and rock n'roll instead of learning how to use a computer)as I bought my first computer two years ago and am still learning the basics let alone all the advanced stuff that so many of you guys are familiar with.I look to forums like this for guidance and generally find it invaluable. I am about to upgrade to a new system and wanted to adapt my current one into a media pc for streaming avi's etc. so on the face of it Nero 7 seems like it would be perfect for me, so as burn man so eloquently put it could you experienced guys report on actual pros and cons rather than unspecified bugs that may or may not be present so noobs like me know what the heck you are talking about. And as a lowly noob thanks for all your guides and forum feedback it really helps us learners a lot.Thanks

2412.10.2005 20:02

here are some screen shots from my nero7 Premium version same type of face and here is the only feature er screen I found cool This is nero Media Home pic and this is nerovisionhome4 front page BTW Nero Burning Rom gives me an error everytime I try to open it

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2512.10.2005 21:14

BTW Nero Burning Rom gives me an error everytime I try to open it
So, does this consider a bug? Anyways, how would you compared or rated Nero 7 to Nero 6 Ultra Edition ( I was just being curious that's all.
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2613.10.2005 4:38

It just gets me a little nervous when a lot of people are seeing different bugs and crashes. I know for myself a stable Nero is neseccary and it is my most used program by far. Any instability would not be acceptable. The current copy of Nero does eveything i ask for and I can honestly say I have never had a crash. It is fast, efficent, and does everything I need it to. Why mess with a product that is not their yet? In time I know it will be...just a time factor that is all.

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2713.10.2005 8:04

Nero is getting to be nothing but a joke! Hit the nail on the head? PLEASE... I bought the retail Ultra 6 back in June and have been having nothing but problems in creating chapters and the images that go on those chapters. I have been in constant email contact with Nero over this, they have confirmed it is a problem and have done nothing to solve it. On top of that, since it hasn't worked properly since day ONE, Nero *refuses* to provide the upgrade to version 7. They have NO idea of what support is. By the way, checking leaked versions of the new 7, and the same problem exists. Do the other things work ok? Shrug... I only use it for the DVD side... but I can tell you that I am less than impressed with their (cough) dedication to valued customers and IMHO they haven't a CLUE what providing proper support really means.

2813.10.2005 11:18

For me, When i used Nero 7 before it was released, It had a a bug taht i taught waz serious because it changed all the file extension icons. Also... i coudnt even use Nero Burning ROM. The only thing i was able to use was Nero Start Smart, which is a good program, but personaly.. i like using Nero Burning ROM. When i saw taht it didnt work. I tried unstalling it. But still when i did that, everytime i rebooted my PC, i got a little Promt saying "Nero Backitup expired". So i had to do Window Restore allll the way back to September 20th. Then i got all my file extension icons back and everything. I believe that Nero 7 is a good program.. but using the Beta version just messed up my computer. I also belive that Nero 6.6.X.X is an also good version of Nero and i love them both. To me, Nero 7 has a lot of stuff to it, and it changes your computer around alot. If you really love what Nero gives you, i recommend you to get Nero 7. But if you just like Nero and just use it and your familar with using a computer and burining stuff and you like the way your computer is rite now... stay with Nero 6.X.X.X. Nice posting to you guyz.

2913.10.2005 11:46

Nero just keeps adding more and more bloatware to The ahead Nero Suite dont they? adding more useless junk users will never use or need despite their claim end users requested those features. wouldnt be so bad IF you could remove those features you arent planning on ever using completely (yes custom install allows you to remove some features but still leaves in alot of junk). I had the leaked Nero 7 Retail {or so was claimed retail} installed, tested it came across too many bugs and removed it. Which wasnt what turned me off to Nero 7 ; that was the bloatware's doing. I'ma gunna keep with 6.6.x.x for now and hope Nero doesnt pull a Roxio - bog down their product so much users literally abandon it

3013.10.2005 11:52

i've been using it for a week now, admittedly i only use it to burn cds and dvds but i haven't encountered any problems in those departments yet, in fact it burns to the dvd about 10 % quicker than Nero 6 which i find strange.

3113.10.2005 13:47

i'm personally probably gonna stay with for good as i only burn audio/data cd's and standard 'dvd-video' compilations with Nero, so for me i could've stayed with even. I only really went with all the updates up to as i help out in the Nero forum, but as i mainly help out on logfiles i don't need to go 7 to keep helping ppl. just my five pence. nero 7 is probably gonna get more bloaty and buggy, but then so does every bit if software/OS by everyone else. Windows 98SE is a mighty fine OS by the way, some ppl stay with old stuff, just as some ppl like to have everything 'bleeding edge'. i only recently ditched 98SE, no real reason, i've just grown to like XP more

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3213.10.2005 15:05

I'm sticking with, it works perfectly fine for me, and it's not so bloated.

3313.10.2005 16:02

Well put creaky! <G>

3413.10.2005 17:19

I like the fact that you can do a selective install.

3513.10.2005 20:09

I have been using an evaluation copy of 7 now for a few days and given it a good workout. It seems to be fine. I agree with burn-man to a certain extent, I get really sick of people throwing "bug" around so loosely. A true bug needs to be reproduced every time you try to execute a certain function, and more importantly, tech support needs to be able to reproduce the error before the developers will even look at it. If you can reproduce the error, with a legitimate copy then do us all a favor and report it to Nero instead of whining about how crappy their software is.

3613.10.2005 20:30

If you can reproduce the error, with a legitimate copy then do us all a favor and report it to Nero instead of whining about how crappy their software is.
Jesus Christ....Another plane Jane!

3714.10.2005 11:22

Wow some heated points here and creaky put it very well indeed. I have mostly been a Roxio user but I got an eval copy of Nero 7 I haven't experienced any bugs as of yet and all I have really been using is NeroVisionExpress for DVD's. Why? because I like Roxio better for data, music and VCD creation on the other hand Roxio's dvd engine is slower and quality is weak, Nero on VCD quality is weak so you could say I have the best of both worlds now. Nero and Roxio have added lots of bloat options that either I have a better freeware program or other prefered software. I use MS Digital Image Pro for my photo's. I would be interested in any bugs people have found as honestly this is my first time using Nero but its been almost a month and is doing a very good job on DVD's. NUFF SAID"

3814.10.2005 11:46

cheers guys, i try to say it as i see it..

3915.10.2005 3:58

I for one, do not see any reason to upgrade to Nero 7.0. I have looked at it and if you already have a legitimate copy of 6.6 then I don't see any reason to upgrade.

4015.10.2005 9:35

I was told that i can burn a 2gig program to cd's using Nero and that it would span the cd's for me but cant seem to figure it out ....can anybody help ?????

4115.10.2005 14:55

Unless it is compressed in some way or another, it is quite impossible.

4216.10.2005 1:43

i have been using Nero for years and its pretty good but sometimes i dont know why it refuses to transcode some vid file you may quikly say ahhhh wrong codecs but all are installed for the files i get . in this event i use dvdsanta and it does the job and it boots straight into the film when out in dvd player well thats ny twopennyworth hope it helps someone respects to all who run this great site gordy11

4319.10.2005 13:42

Pariah; Just installed Nero 7 tonight and yes, Shrink & Nero still work together. I was holding my breath for sure. I've burned 3 DVD's so far and with no problems... ;-)

4421.10.2005 6:16

What are these rumours that if you install Nero 7 then messanger will not work? Is it true?

4521.10.2005 6:43

I have fought with Nero 7 and last night just uninstalled it. I would burn a audio cd and it would about 7 seconds into every song sound like it would be skipping. The burn was fine as far as cd-dvd speeed was concerned and even plex tools tests that i ran came out fine. Tested it on its own ide chain as i thought that was the problema and still sounded like it was skipping occasionaly. I was on my second burner a 740 plextor and a 716a plextor and it did it on both. Worse on the 740. I just thought i would let everyone know that in my professional opinion it was nero7 causing me all this greif on a simple burn of an audio cd. Nero 7 gets no love on my system until a couple revisions are made, maybe.

4625.10.2005 21:11

i had the same skipping problem. It's an awful bug 'cause I wasn't able to notice it in several burnings, It made me waste almost 12 Cdroms. I would burn a audio cd and it would about 7 seconds into every song sound like it would be skipping... :( too bad

4725.10.2005 21:40

Its the reason why they halted the launching of this software is that there are lots of bugs (or the one that leaked has lots of bugs). Purchase the registered version and youre ok.

482.11.2005 10:22

when adding a song to burn with Nero 7 does any of y'alls songs skip, or start like a second after it should? Mines been doing that. Is that a bug or just me?

492.11.2005 16:14

@TroyM It really depends in how fast ur burning the music at? 4x should b the max u burn at no fasrwe then u will have erros of skippin etc... If u are burinig that slow and still havin the problem it could b one of 2 other things. 1. The media u are using. 2.The program has a bug.

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503.11.2005 6:16

Ok well thanks I guess I'm not trying to be a jerk but burning music at 4x is not a fix and rather ridiculous been burning at 24 x + for years why in the hell would I start burning at 4x again? And yes the software has a bug or it was just the release I had as it was a torrent release and not official copy. One more reason to purchase software you use alot. To add to the real purpose of this thread --- I believe the whole issue with my skipping was ide drivers on my nforce3 chipset i neglected to notice that i was using the standard windows ones and not invidia ones for the chipset, so any body with this issue should check thier ide controller drivers. Just my two cents!

517.11.2005 8:14

Thanks djeon. I thought that sounded a little too much. I was just too lazy to say something about it. Don't worry, i didnt believe him. The songs skip when i listen to them through Nero and Nero eXpress. and how could burning at low speed help that? I'm sure it's a bug, but i'm with Nero 6 until the next update or 2.

527.11.2005 13:25

Like I said check your ide drivers as that was my problem but yeah other than that just stay tuned for a release or two.

5311.11.2005 4:26

djeon how do i check me drivers?

5411.11.2005 8:28

In the device manager look under ide/ atapi controllers and maybe delete them and then reboot, it should attempt to reinstall them. Also knowing what chipset you have and motherboard is a plus if you built the pc yourself. If it is a namebrand not as important but the correct drivers should be on thier website.

5511.11.2005 16:22

Hi, guys! I've been using Nero 7 for a couple of days and one of the problems I've been facing is when I drag mp3 audio tracks to burn an audio CD. Sometimes I like to edit the track by right-clicking the selected track and then choosing Audio Editor, which used to open the Nero Wave Editor. Only this new version doesn't do that! I can't choose this option on the track (even though it shows there). Any ideas on how I can solve this? Thanks a bunch!

5612.11.2005 2:08

there is a upgrade for Nero 7. download to fix some problems.

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5712.11.2005 13:23

Nero releases a major update to its Nero 6 Ultra Edition suite Posted by Seán Byrne on 12 November 2005 - 21:05 - Source: Nero 6 Updates pizzadude, kdshapiro and wsaintcr all used our news submit to let us know that Nero, a well known optical disc recording suite has just released a major update to its Nero 6 Ultra Edition, including the addition of new features. According to their website, to get the Nero PowerPack, the first two packages must be downloaded. Apart from the addition of a Yahoo! Toolbar, there is no mention of what else is new in this version, since no changelog has been released at this time. This major update covers the release of Nero and its Nero Digital encoding suite version Both of these include the Yahoo! Toolbar by default, however the download & installation of this 3rd party add-on is optional. Until Nero releases a changelog for this major update, the only way to find out what has been updated or added is to download and install at least their first two update packages. These can be obtained from their download page here. Feel free to discuss about Nero on our Nero & InCD Burning Software Sub-Forum. yahoo tool bar download page Current version:

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5814.11.2005 5:22

For those who just burn images to disc, 6 is great, but Nero 7 is very powerful and has some sweet encoding updates. It'll handle H.264 for Blu-Ray, and burn it o blu-ray, I think we can see who Nero is adopting. The encoding feature for PSP will be nice.

5914.11.2005 8:10

I just used the newst Nero on my g/fs notebook and my songs still skip. Seems like ill be with Nero 6 for awhile.

6014.11.2005 17:53

Nero is just a little overkill for that dude, try itunes, AAC 256kpbs VBR, it'll all come out the same if that's the quality you use Nero to rip to anyhow. Itunes is free too, and has the best library management system out there, I hate apple with a passion, spit on the fairies. But I'm also honest.

6115.11.2005 2:27

"I just used the newst Nero on my g/fs notebook and my songs still skip. Seems like ill be with Nero 6 for awhile." clean uninstall Nero 7 then install the update ( enter your own serial again. and it will load, i burned 5 discs with the Nero update and not one skiped.

6215.11.2005 4:16

thanxs for the heads up....will stick with My old Nero for now!!!

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6315.11.2005 4:45

jalaneme, I downloaded that version from neros site. I actually burned the CD from the Trial version...So i really don't know whats going on with it. Nero 6 is till rolling fine for me.

6415.11.2005 5:02

i think i know why, i am using Nero ultra 7, not premium which is where the problem is. so use the upgrade version of Nero 7 ultra not premium. and i just use Nero burning rom.

6515.11.2005 5:06

So your saying that the possible bug is in the premium? I'll try to find a key for Ultra and get back to you.

6618.11.2005 10:19

I used a rip of Nero 7 Ultra by ADDICTION and was getting skips on my cds....... I then uninstalled the program and deleted any leftover files, downloaded Nero 7 Ultra Demo from Nero's website and used a keygen for a serial. After burning an audio cd with this, I STILL had the skips!!!!! Evidently the bug is still in the new update....

6718.11.2005 10:25

magic507 , welcome to my world.

6818.11.2005 11:08

well thats unuseual, i burned 4 CD's with Nero 7 and not one of them skipped i listen to the CD's from beginning to end, no skip... but when my friend burnt one of his CD's his one skipped :S. i think i go back to Nero 6 again -_- until the major bug has been sorted out.

6918.11.2005 11:08

@magic507 - no discussion re keygen pls, that kind of stuff is for other websites...

7018.11.2005 23:08

*moved from news comments* Also for the genius that trys to ask "where did ya find the keygen" .... Read the forum rules. Watch the piracy talk (just a reminder)

7119.11.2005 7:33

We all know AD is no place to discuss piracy, that's for sure.... :)

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7223.11.2005 13:55

Ok Folks.If you go to program files/common files/ahead/audio plugins you will see a file Mp3pro.dll. Delete this file and replace with an earlier version from Nero 6.You will not have anymore problems with skiping audio.

7323.11.2005 17:37

i have installed and uninstalled the Nero 7 so many times now, that i wont install it for a while, unless someone can confirm that it is the DLL that is making the tracks skip?

7424.11.2005 4:04

Replacing the dll file really works!!!! Thanks alot for the information, I have been trying to figure out a fix FOREVER!!!!

7524.11.2005 10:19

cool, going to try it later on then.

7624.11.2005 13:52

No Problem glad to help.Maybe I need your help in the future??????

776.12.2005 10:24

Yep I can also confirm this as well. The mp3pro.dll from Nero 6 works fine. No skipping whatsoever. I had skips alot with the version of mp3pro.dll in Nero 7. I saved the original mp3pro.dll and copied over the older version from Nero 6. Works great.

786.12.2005 17:22

I uninstalled Nero 6 but saved the file on my desktop. Installed the demo from Nero, which already had a serial in there, so i installed it and its the Preminum version and i overwrote the newer dll file with the one on my desktop and it still skips...did i do something wrong here?

793.1.2006 9:35

i was using the European version of Nero7 for a while then recently i updated from the website with the North American files. The problem I have is that it keeps adding a Bitmap picture file on my desktop and keeps comming back everytime I delete it and use Nero. What gives?

807.11.2006 18:25

using a keygen, generate a serial for the MP3PRO plugin and it will solve the skipping when making an audio cd. i've tried this and it works

819.11.2006 6:30

thebox = utter pirating idiocy

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826.7.2007 10:53

Originally posted by jalaneme:
there is a upgrade for Nero 7. download to fix some problems.

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