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Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer backs Blu-Ray

Written by James Delahunty @ 10 Nov 2005 12:13 User comments (15)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer backs Blu-Ray MGM has become the latest movie studio to put support behind Sony's Blu-Ray Disc format. Blu-Ray is competing again HD-DVD, developed and promoted by a Toshiba-led group to become the next generation DVD standard. With the forthcoming availability of high definition movies and next generation games, the change from the DVD format is necessary due to demands for larger storage capacity. Both formats use blue lasers, which have a shorter wavelength than red lasers, allowing for data storing at high densities.
This means that HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs will have much larger storage capacities then the current DVD format. MGM's support for Blu-Ray is not really a surprise as the studio was bought in April by an investor group that includes Sony, Comcast, Providence Equity Partners and Texas Pacific Group. The studio plans to release movies and TV shows from its library of over 4,000 films whenever Blu-Ray hardware becomes available in Europe, North America and Japan.

"MGM's library coming to Blu-ray is certainly a nice feature in the Blu-ray's camp," said Gerry Kaufhold, analyst with In-stat. The format war has been very eventful so far, especially recently when Warner Bros. and Paramount decided to release movies in both formats, whilst actually backing the Blu-Ray format. Also Intel and Microsoft backed the HD-DVD format and demanded that the Blu-Ray camp implement more "consumer friendly" features that were already included in the HD-DVD format.


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15 user comments

110.11.2005 12:25

god this news is not worth mentioning MGM was accquired by $ony like months ago so isn't this obvious they gonna be using sony hardwares.

210.11.2005 12:29

god that comment was not worth mentioning. ye its been plain obvious, but its "confirmation" and next gen format war is something we cover so heck, why not write it.....

310.11.2005 14:14

BURN ahahah ...well people like me who did not know sony owns a piece of MGM find this stuff "worth mentioning"

410.11.2005 14:32

ok i thought most of ur guys do keep up with current events well i'm wrong. anyway sony lead consortiums acquired MGM for about $3 Billion and it was a pretty big fight between Time Warner and Sony.

stop hoping, start loving.

510.11.2005 17:24

cant wait to watch some x-rated movies on my ps3 in blu-ray format in a high def. tv. sweet stuff

611.11.2005 04:38

...god, that comment was not worth mentioning... Sic 'em Dela! Go get him boy! WOOF! WOOF! Grrrrrrrr........ Arf! Arf! .... [pant, pant] ...

712.11.2005 06:44

**** you beach

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812.11.2005 07:23

@24638 If you want to stay a member here I'd suggest watching your language

Rich Fiscus
@Vurbal on Twitter
AfterDawn Staff Writer

912.11.2005 10:12

the change from the DVD format is necessary due to demands for larger storage capacity.
The statement above is, of course, a total LIE. Most of the movies we get in the current DVD format take up a lot less space than is available. They put totally un-necessary garbage on the disks to fill it up, and most of what they add isn't worth watching. There is NO NEED for Blue Ray at this point in time.. Perhaps 10 years in the future, but I doubt it...

1012.11.2005 11:19

I agree with you smsmike I think that too, although not all of it is garbage some DVD movies do make me feel like the bonus features were just put on there to fill up the disc, those features were not interesing at all. But imagine what the blu-ray can do for gaming all that extra space can only be used for good. For example I read that in the new matrix game the path of neo you can fight tons of people at the same time without the game barely slowing down or having framerate problems but in order to have that gameplay the graphics and other things in the game had to take a big hit. I've never played the game that's just what i've read if anyone can correct me please do so. In the next gen of gaming they probably won't have to do that as much.

1112.11.2005 11:36

blue ray is a sony deal.. just think what sony virus rootkit corp can install on your computer using blue ray..while ye play those games.. my 4-cents.

1212.11.2005 18:23

@smsmike Well, Hollywood needs a new format, while most of the rest of us really don't. The Suits *have* to come up with something, because global sales of DVDs has now bottomed-out (saturated) the market. Some might say, even glutted it. You can buy first-run movies now at Walmart for way under 10 bucks. Hollywood needs more $$$, and the hardware manufacturers need to come up with something that retails for more that $50 bucks. Blu-ray nicely fits the bill on both counts, if they can ever get off their as---, stop quibbling, and actually release one. Just think: Blu-ray holds, say, 10 times as much space, so we can now have *ten times as much* GARBAGE on our discs! Wheeeeeeeeeeee ! More Yummy Extras, FBI warnings, useless trailers, etc. etc., all for FREE!!! Why, it's just "Boggley-Woggley" !!!!!

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1312.11.2005 19:52

Personally I don't think I am going to buy Sony products anymore. This rootkit and Blue Ray crap have gone to far. However I would like better graphics in games, there's always room for improvement there. But I can try and get HD DVD as an alternative format.

1413.11.2005 06:13

Game Graphics are more a factor of Memory and Processor Speed. If the game machines had the ability to ADD memory and the manufacturers would jump the processor speed, you could load the Base Graphics into the system on it's own (stand alone)disk before game play, then run the Game Disk. You don't NEED more disk space if you have enough memory available and better compression algorithms. Both are "Doable" without New Technology. New technology is fine if there is a REAL need for it. There is no REAL need for Blue Ray. Sony had oversteped the bounds of consumer trust one time too many for my liking. I no longer own ANY of their products, and am doing my best not to buy from companies they control. - Mike -

1514.11.2005 13:39

A_Klingon- "Hollywood needs more $$$..." Now that is FUNNY! As to the "need" for Blu-Ray, Hi-Def content is driving that. Most regular mpeg2 format movies will fit on DVD5 or DVD9 discs no problem. Maybe we don't need Hi-Def? Probably not, but lots of people WANT it, or at least they have been convinced they do. This rootkit crap with Sony has put a damper on my support of Blu-Ray, that's for sure, but the MS backed HD-DVD looks to be just as crippled. IMHO Hi-Def will be so buggered up with DRM and broadcast flag crap by the time it really hits that consumers will balk, and rightly so.

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