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Skype 2.0 adds support for video calls

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Dec 2005 14:55 User comments (3)

Skype 2.0 adds support for video calls The fastest growing Internet Telephony Company, Skype, has added support for video calls in the latest version of the increasingly popular software. The beta version released today has included "enhanced features that allow people to stay in touch and express themselves online." Skype has approximately 70M users worldwide, all who can now possibly see the person that they are talking to aswell. The company wants to make this form of communication as easy as it can possibly be on the net.
"At Skype we want to make talking over the Internet the most natural, simple thing for people to do all over the world," said Skype chief exec Niklas Zennström. "With the release of our new software, it's never been easier for people to talk to one another for free, and now they can see each other with video as well," Skype is teaming up with Logitech and Creative who make equipment (webcams, headphones etc.) that you can use with the new Skype service.

Here is the changelog...

  • feature: Skype video (webcam)
  • feature: contact grouping
  • feature: quickfilter in contact list and history (enable from Options->Advanced)
  • feature: new language - Portuguese (Portugal)
  • feature: new sound events for chat user join, leave and incoming message to existing chat
  • feature: chats and conference calls shown in history
  • feature: expandable "My Panel" (mood, events, services integrated)
  • feature: add contact directly from main window
  • feature: show file transfers in history
  • feature: quickfilter in history
  • feature: delete single or multiple history items
  • feature: compact chat participant list
  • feature: save user''s last auth request
  • feature: API commands GET/SET PCSPEAKER
  • feature: API command SET VIDEO_IN
  • change: auth requests new design
  • change: changed group selection hotkeys to Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn
  • change: call tab visual layout changed
  • change: UI design elements changes
  • change: tray icon flag animation on missed events
  • change: tray icon connecting animation
  • change: changed "Free Internet Telephony" to "The whole world can talk for free" in file description
  • change: import contacts error dialog displayed when there is nowhere to import contacts from
  • change: file transfer in DND mode open file transfer dialog in minimized mode
  • change: new installer and uninstaller icons
  • change: history limited to 30 days for all events
  • change: new login animation
  • change: new layout for sound options
  • change: show my buddy count as an option in profile
  • change: new design for user creation
  • change: new design for log in
  • change: main/tools menu reshuffled
  • change: new sounds
  • change: display full name in profile
  • bugfix: drag and drop to chat - whole window should accept target
  • bugfix: accessibility: tab navigation on login dialog
  • bugfix: missing window title string for remove group dialog
  • bugfix: MSAA result codes on lists
  • bugfix: accessibility: can''t navigate to related tasks in options
  • bugfix: accessibility: advanced settings not accessible by tab
  • bugfix: accessibility: make ''Your e-mail will be kept private...'' link accessible
  • bugfix: 98/Me: some languages in EULA not shown
  • bugfix: doubleclick on tray icon brings main form to top correctly
  • bugfix: JPY sign not displayed in client
  • bugfix: import contacts search made faster
  • bugfix: Voicemail was not played if enter is pressed
  • bugfix: low credit notification improved
  • bugfix: voicemail menu item should be visible for non voicemail subscribers
  • bugfix: login - save button should be disabled, if one password is unfilled
  • bugfix: login - incorrect error message, if Skype Name starts with non-Latin letter
  • bugfix: Skype UI doesn''t follow Windows DPI changes
  • bugfix: accessibility: speed dial announcement not reported via MSAA
  • bugfix: contact list - delete does not work on multiselect
  • bugfix: API notifications missing
  • bugfix: add a contact and search are not changed maximize on dual-head
  • bugfix: My Profile - each month contains 30 days
  • bugfix: call forwarding and voicemail statuses in MSAA
  • bugfix: profile view: not been online for long time?
  • bugfix: chat participant list MSAA support
  • bugfix: multichat doesn''t update names when contacts change them
  • bugfix: invalid date in profile
  • bugfix: profile: Default day item in birthday dropdown
  • bugfix: hotkeys value not changeable back to ''blank''
  • bugfix: better usability of several forms with high dpi settings
  • new language files: Portuguese (Portugal) - Francisco Miguel Oliveira Ferreira, Arabic - ( Inc), Bulgarian - (Nikolay Filipov, Nikolina Filipova), Chinese Traditional - (Morden Chen/PChome Online), Chinese Simplified - (Leon Yang/TOM Online), Danish - (Eriksen Translations Inc), Dutch - (Kees Koenders), Czech - (Petr Silon), Estonian - (Eve Loopere), Finnish - (Heino Keränen), French - (Fabrice Imperial), German - (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli), Greek - (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos/Magenta LTD), Hungarian - (Mark Bender), Italian - (Daniele Conte), Korean - (Eriksen Translations Inc), Norwegian - (Stig Auestad), Polish - (Karol Szastok), Swedish - (Anders Olsson)

You can download Skype from:

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3 user comments

11.12.2005 15:08

new language files: Polish - (Karol Szastok)
Polish! YES!!! lol

22.12.2005 5:35

Skype is the best, I was an advid user of MSN but tryed Skype out last year and would never go back to MSN even though they didn't have video. Skype wins, the clairity of your calls is crystal clear. Now with video included they just made my day. MSN has a run for their money now. Try it you got nothing to lose but alot to gain.

39.12.2005 3:56

i have both.I noticed that on some occassions that the picture quality is slightly better on Skype then it is on msn but both programs still have the same problem in that over a period of time there still seems to be small glitches and freezes which can cause abrupt end to ones calls. They still have a long way to go before some one can say that one is better than the other as they both have this problem

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