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The truth about SuprNova closure

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Dec 2005 14:28 User comments (26)

After over a year of rumor after rumor and countless numbers of conspiracy theories circulating around the P2P community, sloncek has decided to give some real information on why SuprNova was shutdown. Here is a post he made on on Tuesday...
For a year now, there have been many rumors why was taken offline. Some have said that it was because of legal issues, some said it was because I sold out to eXeem project, or because I became a millionaire and did not want to bother with the site anymore, and the rumors go on.

Today, on the exact day, when went offline, I decided that it is time for everybody to know the truth and that it is time for me to stop pretending like nothing ever happened.

On November 2004, I received a call from my ISP saying that all of my servers had been raided by the police. I received nothing from the police before or after the raid, nobody told me what was going on.

In early December, Reuters did an article on me, and many Slovenian newspapers jumped on the story. So I ended up reading about myself in Slovenian newspapers. And right about that time, I had a feeling something was wrong. I do not really know what the feeling was or where it was coming from, but I decided it was time to take offline.

About a month later, after had been taken offline, there was a door bell at 6:30 in the morning, saying it's the police. Actually I was not expecting anything anymore, since had been taken offline long before that. They showed me a court order to search my place and they did so. They took as far as I remember, two of my computers and lots of documents.

About a month or so later, I was called to the police, so that we or actually they, did a list of all the files that were on all of the computers that they took from my home and from the ISP.

Another month later, I was called to the police for my hearing. I and my lawyer decided, we wouldnt answer any questions. After this was over, the police told us they will give this to the prosecutor and he will continue the procedure. My lawyer told me, that I should expect a letter from the prosecutor after the summer holidays.

And that was true, nothing happened during the summer holidays and I had quite a wonderful time. Very relaxed.

And just when I was hoping that the prosecutor would forget about my case I received another letter. When I received the paper, that I had to go pick up the envelope at the post, I became completely depressed and sad. But anyway, I went to the post and picked up the document. It was from the prosecutor, saying by the law blah blah and blah blah the denunciation against Andrej Preston has been dropped. And I received all the CD's and computers that they took from me. This happened on 18th October 2005.

Since then nothing happened, and I hope it stays that way. This has been a huge pressure on me and I think it left some permanent marks on me. I hope none of you will ever have to go through something like this.

What is written above is just a short story of everything that went on during last year. I also do not want to give out too much information, since it wouldn't be wise.

Thanks to all of the friends that knew about this and supported me as much as they could! Its been a hard year for all of us.


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26 user comments

121.12.2005 16:26

unfortunatly he was one that was taken down because of new laws that has been enforced. I give my up most respects to this person for what he was doing for the underground scene, and that he did not drop nobody in the bucket.

222.12.2005 0:08

Yeah, a big heads up to him. I still say the private trackers are much much much more safer! -Mike

322.12.2005 6:55

PEACE FRIEND ...........

422.12.2005 10:44

Suprnova sure was fun in it's prime. Sorry for the troubles o' law, and I hope all is well for the future.

522.12.2005 12:07

yeah privates are good but still et went down

622.12.2005 19:15

Suprnova had such a great impact on people because it was a great idea with great execution. It took some serious work to get that site to where it went and I am glad that it did. I am also glad that he was smart enough to pull the plug just in the knick of time...If he had waited, the police would have shown up to find live servers and other incriminating evidence that would probably have worsened his condition now in the aftermath...It was a good run, and I give my respect. Razor

722.12.2005 22:54

too bad, that really drove me crazy when the guys on tech-tv were wearing suprnova t-shirts on the air. People would ask em questions about it and they'd just be like "gotta go find out for yourself". That was in septemberish of '04 and when i saw that i knew that the end was coming...

822.12.2005 23:56

Kudos to Andrej Preston for a great site. It is sorely missed by many. Best wishes for the future and hope things are fine for you from now on

923.12.2005 5:32

Without those who have risked there life and liberties for there beliefs, we would live in a far worse place. We should all get down on our knees and give thanks to thoughts who have questioned, made a stand and have made a difference whether big or small. To accept what is thrust upon us without question, comment or revolt would remove one of the greatness of humanity!

1023.12.2005 7:36

That post reminds me of The Matrix..."To deny our impulses is to deny what makes us human." or something along those lines...And it's the truth. If we didn't stand up for things, they would just grow worse and worse. Look at the NYC deal that went on. They wanted better conditions, they striked, they got what they wanted. Razor

1123.12.2005 11:44

thanks for posting the truth :D hope the ride ends for him now.

1223.12.2005 11:49

Wow, that's quite a chain of events there.

1323.12.2005 12:21

Our best wishes to you.

1423.12.2005 13:18

This is just another example of our civil liberties being trashed. It's very discouraging.

1523.12.2005 17:54

well, copyright laws got trashed too ;)

1623.12.2005 18:04

I just found out about this today but looks like it's trying to be exactly like's worth checking out at least.

1725.12.2005 0:03

Hey Whats up, Dudes I don't know all everybodys age's here however, imagine you come up with this great frikin fantastic Idea, bust your ass with all the "Red Tape" getting it mass produced to make the fortune you worked so hard for to complete, not only for your # 1 family but to cover your next Generations, to find out your sales trickle in because no one needs to buy, what everyone's passing around for a one time purchase. However, I can remember when I liked only two songs from a Record Alblum, 8 Track tape, cas. tape and had no ,way to ask for a refund. That was many dollars ago. I've purchased many softwares that do not deliver to claims, Movies, Etc. When is there going to be protection for the consomer? Trials for software are too short! give us a chance to sample others side by side. Do I feel sorry for the already FatCat can't get enough for their already multi estates, overly expensive cars, And in the news.... getting away with it cause they got money, people. Yikes! Should Anybody? Merry Christmas, If Not, Happy Hollidays

1825.12.2005 14:47

I knew somehing was up.

1925.12.2005 19:56

No matter what, they will never stop the sharing of files on the internet (that is what it was created for, partially). What happened when SuprNova shut down? 30 new sites popped up! And they think they can stop it?!

2026.12.2005 1:52

you have my greatest respect and my sympathy also that you should be treat so badly.

2126.12.2005 4:35

law are no law the human race will find away to beat the radicels of this world.computers at this time are still in its beginnings. we out there will always be there. WHAT! codes are ment to be brocken and thats why we are here to see to it keep up the good work to all that follow

2226.12.2005 8:12

Bilo je lakshe izvan EU ;) Za sve uchinjeno, palac gore :)

2326.12.2005 18:53

That's very unfortunate for him and his users. The website was highly stocked with very good torrents. It will be missed.

2430.12.2005 9:31

BOOOOO!!! ima start a petition, pm ur name so we can get this site back online! man that site rocked

2531.12.2005 11:59

It would be great to have you back. But who knows what the future will bring?

2631.12.2005 12:55

I was like every1 else ... shocked when SN went down. I'm glad all charges were dropped. But under copyright laws in certain countries you are entitled to own a backup (copy) of a program u own. i've been busted a couple of times via F.A.S.T. and local law enforcement. but i have always been able to get the case dismissed due to the fact when I was questioned I told them I owned a copy of the software b4 my children had destroyed it. As for the tracker they cant do much .. As it states in the site small print ... No files are stored on the server and all files are provided for back-up purposes and the the site/owner cant be held responseable for the content or action of ppl using the site. I would like to send a big WELL DONE to SN and everybody else. If you wanna run a tracker I suggest contacting some1 or me and I will/they can check the copyright law. Good Luck To every1 and to all afterdawn admins ... msg me a relistic webspace usage and I will see what I can do in arranging a private backup FTP server to store backup's of ur progs and apps ;-)

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