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iPod Nano gets competition from Samsung and SanDisk

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Jan 2006 7:47 User comments (41)

iPod Nano gets competition from Samsung and SanDisk The iPod Nano MP3 player from Apple Computer Inc. is one of the most popular digital audio players of all time because of its small size, design and decent storage capacity. The 2GB and 4GB models have earned Apple massive profits, selling out easily. Even reported problems and lawsuits surrounding the player's unique ability to gather scratches did little to reduce its popularity amongst consumers. Samsung and SanDisk are just two of Apple's long list of rivals, and both companies want to compete with the Nano - meet the Samsung YP-Z5 and the Sandisk Sansa e200.
Samsung YP-Z5

The new Samsung TP-Z5 does not look much like a Nano at first glance, but it comes in small silver and black models, 2GB and 4GB available, just like the Nano. It is also around the same size as the Nano. It has two main advantages over the Nano; firstly it has a 1.8in colour LCD screen in portrait orientation (compared to the Nano's 1.5in landscape display) and it has a 38 hour battery life (compared to the Nano's 14 hour battery life).

It supports playback of MP3 and WMA files (DRM protected WMA files are supported). It can display photos also as slideshows (JPEG). The player will be released in February according to company officials.

Sandisk Sansa e200

The Sandisk Sansa e200 is a bit more Nano-like. It is around the same size as the Nano also. It has a 1.8in colour LCD screen (compared to the Nano's 1.5in). It comes in three models, 2GB, 4GB, and 6GB. An SD card slot is also included for additional memory. Its distinctive, high-strength and lightweight back cover is made with an advanced Titanium alloy from Liquidmetal® Technologies that is stronger than steel and highly resistant to scratches and wear.

It supports playback of MP3 and WMA files (DRM protected WMA files are supported). It also supports Microsoft PlaysForSure which means users can load it with music from a subscription service. It can display photos in slideshows also and is advertised as having video playback capabilities, but I couldn't find more details on the video. It will be available in the U.S. and Europe and March according to the company.

Both products were shown at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The Register
Samsung Press Release (Image Source)
Sandisk Press Release (Image Source)

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41 user comments

16.1.2006 10:46

I'd go with the sandisk. I hate apple.

26.1.2006 10:56

the Sandisk one looks very nice indeed! Nice intergration with their memory sticks for those who have them for their cameras. Smart move.

36.1.2006 13:40

The samsung 1 looks nice i too h8 apple

56.1.2006 15:43

I like the Sandisk because on the tellie they showed you could put in a small chip (like inserting flash memory) and add more songs to your mp3. That would be nice.

66.1.2006 18:24

Haha you guys can hate all you want, you know when something has won when you can find Ipod items in gas stations and most major car makers now include Ipod ready hardware. The losers always complain the most... Ipod has won, WON! Not winning, not in the running, WON THE WAR!! Im a huge fan of Samsung though and might just get that player because of it. Samsung is now the premier maker of mass consumer electronics and the player looks cool. Kid yourself not kids, Apple is THE top dog for a very very long time.

76.1.2006 19:54

nobody cares about apple so screw them

86.1.2006 19:56

heh, that's another funny thing to say... nearly 15 million people care much for the Ipod, you guys are just pissed cause you really want one! Ipod rules you all!!

96.1.2006 21:32

Damn, toast really caught us, we really want to pay more for less memory, more scratches, and less compatibility, We are just hiding it ;)

106.1.2006 21:37

toast sounds like a apple fan boy. I pefer choices in my purchasing of a player, where I can choose which one fits my needs, it just so happens, the ones that fit my needs aren't the ipod since they don't meet the requirements I like, not to mention, I really hate itunes and rather use file tree to sort my music.

117.1.2006 2:20

Please Mr. Toast if you are such an fan of iPod don't write it as Ipod. I really wonder if you are a Troll. I have iPods but the last one I bought was really unhappy that I could not use Music Match to download and sync songs to my 2nd iPod. My first generation pod used this in the WIN format. I mix with iTunes but like MusicMatch better to download since I already have to use it with one iPod. The Mac BBs say the same things about PCs but it is my contention use what works for it the latest PC or mac or abacus. Each has it pluses and minuses.

127.1.2006 5:31

ipod isnt the best just most popular.

137.1.2006 7:01

samintx (Member) 7 January 2006 7:20 wrote: Please Mr. Toast if you are such an fan of iPod don't write it as Ipod. I really wonder if you are a Troll. A troll eh? I was just trying to start some shiznit. Heh, It just cracks me up how much Apple can make people Hate or Love... Im not an Apple fan, I just really like my Ipod and as far as price, everything is worth only what you pay for it. I think in the end the Ipod will remain the victor although like I said I am thinking of getting the Samsung player too. I just dont think other players stand a chance with Ipod becoming so much a part of the culture, have you seen how many people walk around in the gym, on the train, in college with white headphones? Of course I think in the future maybe it will be a cell phone hybrid that becomes the champion, then again Jesus might come back by then...

147.1.2006 7:49

iPod is by far the most popular, but for any gadget freak, you can already see the undesirable things about them and see the better players made by the competition, such as Creative. To name a few problems - the iTunes / iPod tie is annoying, you HAVE to download songs from iTunes (if downloading legally that is) and can use no other online music store that uses DRM for your downloads. This is much more annoying for people who buy CDs and can't put the music on their iPod because of DRM issues. In my experience also with a 30GB video iPod, the battery does not live up to advertisements. Also, as mentioned before in this thread, having to use iTunes to sort music is annoying too. Apple probably won't hold the market for too long, but they have a few years left yet. There are other issues too they must face, such as patent infringement (Creative owns patent that covers iPod UI) so that will complicate things for Apple too. There are some things about iPods that you can love, like the click-wheel for example, but now that more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon, apple cant hold on for too long. Samsung for example, is confident in its ability to push Apple out of its way, and lets not forget, that is a company that has done similar in different markets over the years. We'll see :-)

157.1.2006 9:52

Well, I really don't care who buys what as long as it fits their needs. There is love hate among PC/mac users which is silly. I use both. The kick doesn't have a exclusive on that. Many have the kick wheel. I don't like the lack of battery life on the Apple but don't know if other brands are any better. We are all friends here and I don't need controversity just the facts of what people like and dislike about a product not the love hate of PC/Apple. Right?

167.1.2006 11:12

well i wasnt flaming anyone, giving my 2 cents ;-)

177.1.2006 11:20

Dela, I was generalizing not point any fingers at anyone. Sorry if you thought I was targeting you.

187.1.2006 13:20

Puts hand up for a Sandisk Sansa :)

197.1.2006 13:46

Let us know about the battery life...and what program it uses to put music in the cute you like the download software...Then I might buy one..

207.1.2006 15:17

Nano rocks!!

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Apr 2006 @ 23:42

217.1.2006 15:35

OoOh! Liquidmetal! LOL I was hoping it would at least be 10 posts before this turned into a flame war, but w/e. That Samsung looks really nice, but I'd prefer that SanDisk. That seems to be some heavy-duty protection, which I find very nice for that kind of thing. I'm not really bothered if it doesn't have a battery life over 30 hours though (you have to go sometime, right?), but hopefully these two will be able to have better sound quality in comparison. That's just me though :).

228.1.2006 14:56

The samsung looks small and sleek.

238.1.2006 17:05

FINALLY Ive been cringing and struggling my hardest not to jump into this new IPOD trend.. everyone has them and quite frankly i love them.... but ive been holding out for reasons.. this new samsung gadget is one of those reasons... I knew someday they would make a bigger(or should i say smaller), better, more compatible and cheaper product as time goes by.. now im just gonna try and hold out for another year.. and watch the price tag drop.... but yes.... this samsung player seems to catch my eye.. and only make it harder for me to hold out for the cheaper price... i'll hate to see what they come up with next.. for a even better price

248.1.2006 22:44

Finally something new! I was tempted this xmas to buy the Nano just because there was nothing better, but it would of made me feel very sick, and ashamed to give my money to a company that makes products, that yes look very trendy but just dont perform in my opinion. My brother has an ipod mini, and personally i think it's awful, when it first came out i thought it looked kinda cool, but after looking and playing with it further i find it boring looking and annoyig to thank god someone has brought out an alternative, hopefully the sandisk and samsing wont have the same flaws as iPod Nano (Loves scratched etc). I think i will go with the sandisk as it looks good and has the ability to take memory cards. I think if you buy an apple product you have been seriously done, i have read a few apple enthusiast websites and when someone ask them "Why did you buy an apple computer?" they get very offended, apple computer owners say that their Apple computer look better than a normal PC but personally i think the Sony Viao's look alot cooler than all of the apple computer that are on the market... so yeah i hate apple and thank god i dont have to buy one of their thingys!

259.1.2006 0:09

Ditto on the Sandisk. I'm going to check it out at Best Buy or wherever. I like the idea of the memory card expansion. One of these days we will be able to plug these fellows into the chips planted in our brains! I am a mac user since the 80s and on Mac boards I am booed off the board when I refute the I have no problems with XP or when remarks are made about MSFT by people who have never used a PC.Love Vaios and Toshibas. And I hope to love a Sandisk Mp3 player along with my battery draining iPod. I like the white color of the iBook and iPod, however. Anyway for a woman.

269.1.2006 0:20

samintx-you are the 1st apple consumer i have come across that has not flared up in defence for apple, i respect that...Just adding to my point from earlier, i have used Apple computers alot so i have experience and my personal opinion is that they dont compare to PCs in almost every aspect, I have a top spec HP PC which kicks ass along with my personal touch to it, but i will say my HP PC is butt ugly! i might paint it a nice cream color!

279.1.2006 10:53

OK I Own an iPod Video 60 GB and it sold for $400. Yes I was going to get one of those Plays For Sure WMV players that can also play WMA's (with DRM) and of course Mp3's too. However since I can already crack most DRM on the video services I turned to the iPod video and use videora iPod converter to convert my video's to iPod Mp4's which are superior to the WMV format and hold a very close competition to DivX and XviD files. Its really easy to use videora and not to mention that I can crack all the DRM files in iMesh to save to my iPOD. Yes you have to use iTUNES to read your music or video folders to transfer to the iPOD, but its really not a big deal. If your holding out on an iPOD because you think you can't Download video from say LimeWire or Ares and convert to the iPod think again. And for Music even subscription services like iMesh which is only $7/Mo if you were a beta tester when it first came out well then your miss informed. Also think of it this way. The more people that buy iPods the lower the prices will be as well. Their video format is the best and if everyone used Mp4's instead of all this DivX codec, XviD codec, whatever whatever then you'd have less fakes out p2p because the Quicktime codec works great period.

289.1.2006 13:26

i have an ipod mini (green with envy), so I'm not complaining about apple, except that I hate itunes (it doesn't like my pirated songs). But what I do hate, is that so many new and better things are coming out so fast, that I almost wish I waited. I'm really feeling this with cell phones where just about everyone has a 2-year contract now and will just have to wait an eternity (at least that's what it feels like) to get the next thing!

299.1.2006 21:39

The bottem line is this Apple owns the mp3 music playing market. Nike Air Jordans $150 dollars plus tax alot of money for shoes. you may be asking where am I going with this. People buy things that are IN. No one is going to respect san disk or samsung mp3 players like they whould an Ipod. People jock the shit out of my Nano, oh it so cute, oh its so small. You can pratically get a girl in the sack if yours is shiney lol. san disk no props, Ipod props

3010.1.2006 6:23

I've been holding out for a long time to buy an mp3 player bought for myself, and I have to say that the Sandisk seems very appealing to me besides the iPod. I hope the navigation of the UI is easy to use, and not crazy heavy since its made of a material thats stronger than steel. Just as long as it doesnt scratch easily. As for iPods, I liked the first few models but now I cant stand them now. I cant justify the high cost and it lack the things that I want in an mp3 player. Yes I love the no-nonsense minimalistic design of iPods (and apple design in general), but I don't buy things for only the way it looks, it has to have the features that I want and need. I cant say that iPods do that for me. Yes I love my macs and am a mac fan in every way ( and my pcs too), and started using both computers within the same week for 8 years now. I consider myself a unbiased mac user though, I don't defend then for the sake of it, if theres products I don;t like from them, then I'll be flaming it, the same goes for pc products as well. I go with whatevers suits my needs, not whoever makes it just b/c I like the maker. As for what samintx has experienced on mac forums. I experienced tons of hostility too. I mentioned that I love Microsoft Office (mac version) but favor it more on the mac than I do my pc. They agreed with that point but I got blasted for saying that mac users should acknowledge and be thankful that Microsoft made an excellent Office app. I couldn;t believe it! Yes Microsoft (actually their MBU does) makes it and I know these mac forum members were just being brand loyal, but get a grip people! get a life! Here I am a crazy mac fan myself, being flamed by others. this only happened when I was on forums with people who loved pcs. I just cant stand it when people say they hate this and that just b/c their a fan of a certain manufacturer. I tihnk people get way too defensive about which is better (especially mac users). the mac and pc is is old, dumb and pointless. Alot of pc users have asked me why I use macs, I just tell them that I love them, and wonder why I also know so much about windows as well. And their eyes bugout in utter shock when I tell them that I love the pcs I own as well. Anyhow, the only way I'll buy an iPod nano if they make the video screen bigger, watching vids on that small screen is rediculous small. Size does matter. I think I'm just get a PSP for watching vids. also make it with scratch resistant shell. Although I own 4 iPods in the past, the mini being the 4th, all were b-day and xmas gifts. I would never buy one for myself unless they added something like sirius or xm to it, or I'd buy from any maker if they added that. later guys

3110.1.2006 8:54

macDiesal: what about if they added Desperate Housewives? ;-)

3211.1.2006 9:28

only an idoit would buy an ipod seriously 1/3 to half the price isnt actually paying for the player ur paying them for nothing!!!! u r paying for a name not a quality product its OUTRAGEUS 400$ for A 60GB ipod video and the product qaulity is so bad i mean my crap has more quality than an ipod!!!!(i dont mean to offend anyone just trying to get my point across) i can get a media player with all the features of an ipod but alot cheaper and a good name brand too!!!!!!!

3313.1.2006 5:26

I have a nanoPOD and I like it OKAY. I have a crashing problem with it though. I don't think that I would recommend that anyone buy the first generation of this product. I had the 20G. It was nice, but two heavy. I am glad to see the competition in this market.

3413.1.2006 15:56

Stats: * Holday quarter 2005 best quarter on record for Apple (who turns 30 this year) with $5.7 billion total revenue. * 14 million iPods sold during holiday quarter 2005 (far beyond 4.5 million sold during same quarter 2004). Over 100 iPods sold per minute during entire quarter. * 42 million iPods sold since launch in 2001. 32 million in 2005 alone. * 850 million songs sold through iTMS * iTMS has 83% market share

3513.1.2006 16:11

I like the Nano;s looks, but I got to say that samsung is not bad indeed. I wonder how you scroll through ur songs cause i look to scroll through fast

3614.1.2006 3:06

Just one more thing to add... in the US 40% of the automobiles made in 2006 will offer Ipod options! Not samslung or sandick option, no snowny or others IPOD See stats above, Ipod has WON. Itunes has won. Just making the obvious points (nearly everything I own is samsung... Ive said that I am a big fan before) Just that Ipod is the victor, its the age old argument about Microsoft and how some people think they wont be on top forever. Hate to say it but all the Linux and other crap out there will NEVER topple Windows! You need to pay attention to the fact that most people arnt tech savy and dont want anything other than what is SIMPLE. If people can just point and click, or scroll and click they will. Only the nerds that get so worked up about widgits and ram stats are pissy. Just post your opinion in one of the forms about someting out of the norm and the pocket protectors will fly...

378.1.2007 19:42

ipod nanos are gay,all you ipod lovers can kiss my ass,samsung yp z5 wut! whos down with that?

389.1.2007 7:56

The nano had so many problems. Well I know the day after Christmas their was slight chaos on the message boards for the nano because it didn't seem to be working well with the new itunes.

399.1.2007 8:03

Nickit...I get flamed on mac boards because I feel macs are great but I would not want it as my only computer feeling PCs do some things better. If a software program or computer does not do what you need done I don't care if it is an Apple, PC or whatever...just as long as the job gets done easily that is the program or computer I use.

I really think switchers are are going to be sorry after a while. I can't tell you the things I like better on a PC but when I'm on a mac on the web I certainly can.

409.1.2007 10:04

They both look really good Does anyone have an idea on the price range?

4110.1.2007 20:05

i still think the nano is gay

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