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Levi's releases iPod-compatible jeans

Written by James Delahunty @ 15 Jan 2006 1:39 User comments (26)

Levi's releases iPod-compatible jeans Attempting to merge fashion with the latest in tech gadgets, jeans giant Levi's has introduced iPod-compatible jeans. The RedWire DLX jeans are not due out until Autumn this year though. It has a joystick remote control built into the watch pocket allowing owners to navigate through their iPod's contents and change the volume without having the take the device out of their pockets. A separate pocket will hold the iPod and also conceal the bulge from it.
It also features a built in retractable headphone unit to prevent tangled wires. The company also said a red conductive ribbon will keep wearers connected while allowing them to remove the iPod from their pockets to view the screen. "The Levi's RedWire DLX jean is the latest extension of the Levi's brand leadership position, by merging fashion and technology that provides consumers with the most innovative way to enhance their portable digital music lifestyle." Robert Hanson, Levi's US brand president, said in a statement.

More than 100 countries sell the ultra-popular brand jeans. This is an example of why the iPod enjoys so much success; it is not just a device to play music in some people's minds, it is a fashion accessory. This does not make iPods the "best" players by any means, but it keeps them on top as the most popular.


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26 user comments

115.1.2006 13:54

Total craziness. Though I am curious as to what they might look like.

215.1.2006 14:13

ye, sounds like a big of a silly idea, but still, cant known em till you see em ;-)

315.1.2006 14:22

Soon, babies will be born with a built in phone number and an Ipod for a heart.

415.1.2006 14:49

"Soon, babies will be born with a built in phone number and an Ipod for a heart." be careful what you wish for... it can be done if they wanted too...

515.1.2006 17:57

thats the stupidest F*c*ing thing ive ever heard,

615.1.2006 18:32

how do you wash something that has a built in remote and all that jazz??

715.1.2006 19:33

remove the stitching and wash each component separately in a wash pure evian water and soap made from the toe jam of jesus himself. then you have expert aged french tailors take two weeks to sew them back together.

815.1.2006 19:35

I bet it's going to be over $60. Levi jeans are so expensive.

915.1.2006 20:03

OMG, I have been waiting for these forever, do you have any idea how hard it is to take my ipod out of my [GASP] FRONT! pocket?? And omg, I have to have the wires built in that way I am always paranoid about accidentally mixes water and my electronis, FUN!!! Anyway, Levis can go to hell, shove it, you get the picture... how retarded are poeple these days?

1015.1.2006 21:39

anyone know where i can buy these jeans!!!!!!

1116.1.2006 03:42

"I bet it's going to be over $60. Levi jeans are so expensive." On "Good Morning America" they talked about those jeans last week. As of the time of the press release, they'll cost about $200 for the jeans. I'm not joking.

1216.1.2006 06:54

errrm when they refer to "ipod" is it just the ipod or all mp3 players? either way i wouldnt buy these jeans

1316.1.2006 07:11

I foresee some serious ass kickings on campus, I can't wait, all the edited by ddp will file out of The Center For The Arts wearing these things. They were bad enough wearin gpink shirts, then the single shoulder strap bag, but anyone who combines all three is in for it where I come from.

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1416.1.2006 07:52

Reasons?, read the forum rules above about language.

1516.1.2006 10:23

This may be a little of subject, but i figured someone might find this interesting. Levi's are made in Colombia, that is in South America, Not Columbia with a u. They are shipped to America and the Levi's Logo is sewn on, Colombia actually sells the Jeans for a very cheap price. A Co-Worker from the last job i had was visiting USA to go to grad school and told me this. Look on some Levi's Jeans if you do not believe me.

1616.1.2006 17:24

My bad, ddp, I guess it's a little natural language where I hail; And a natural consequence of voluteering that life style in this area. I'll keep it in check though.

Fanboy is a term used to describe someone who is utterly devoted to a single subject. This generally is followed by the devotion and support even when proved wrong.

Anecdotal, by my definition, it's the way too many people here think. It's also all the evidence you have.

Xbox 360 GT: NEGATIVE 273K

My advice: Wait for PS3.

1717.1.2006 06:02

iPod Jeans? What utter Garbage....

1817.1.2006 06:24

How you supposed to wash them as it could ruin the joystick remote control?

1917.1.2006 06:42

How you supposed to wash them as it could ruin the joystick remote control?
I don't know, lol. But I also don't really care, as I won't be purchasing a pair. Don't get me wrong. I love my iPods, but this is ridiculous. This is for the real fanboys

2017.1.2006 09:41

who ever buy those jeans are going to look like a dork from my eyes

2117.1.2006 18:35

Lazy Basterds

2217.1.2006 20:26

over $60 is expensive? just go to something basic like american eagle and you can pay close to that..

2318.1.2006 03:15

Reasons i love what u wrote about the college thing i love it ur a genoius sorry for my spelling im only a lil kid

2418.1.2006 14:22

Kids shouldn't be sheltered from the facts of life I guess.

2521.1.2006 14:44

well its all business! I am sure apple get something out of it. some people might just buy the jeans because of its compatiblility with iPods. it is indeed madness but there is money in it for both Levi's & Apple!!!!

2623.1.2006 13:34

For those Ipodies Beware QuickTime ads for windows pc's are totally false. Quick time pro does nothing for you unless you have a mac. So save your $31.49

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