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Vivid Entertainment to sell DVD downloads

Written by James Delahunty @ 03 Apr 2006 2:22 User comments (21)

Vivid Entertainment to sell DVD downloads Adult film company Vivid Entertainment is to start selling pornographic DVDs as downloads over the Internet. The service is interesting in that the customer is buying the actual "DVD" - it is just being delivered completely through the net. When the download has finished, a Digital Rights Managements (DRM) protection kicks in and allows it to be burned to disc only one time. Everything that is on the retail disc (menus etc.) is included with the download and the prices are around the same (like buying online without a delivery charge).
The service will initially start with about 30 DVDs on offer. However, taking a few moments to think about it, some questions are easily raised. Firstly, since the DRM will only allow it to be burned once, what will happen if the burning process is interrupted resulting in a defective burn? Another interesting question is will there be any copy protection on the resulting DVD stopping it from simply being ripped unprotected to a HDD?

Even with these issues in mind, it is another step in selling digital content online. It's likely that the rest of the adult industry and the major movie studios will keep an eye on how this service evolves.


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21 user comments

13.4.2006 14:30

Well if this turns out to make this guys money how long do you think it'll be before I can do this with Hollywood movies?? Or do you think they'll be left in the dust fearing the future?

23.4.2006 14:44

You can do it with hollywood movies now too. Freakin rip off though.

33.4.2006 16:39

Ok so I still pay the price for the DVD minus shiping and yet I get to put it on a crappy DVD-R? 0-o

43.4.2006 19:41

Is there an echo in here?

53.4.2006 20:31

Echo fixed. @ZIppyDSM, I think it is safe to say that what consumers will want with a movie download service is an ability to transfer the content to DVD to watch it on a proper TV. To do this, blank DVD media is the only way, and it doesn't take long browsing even AfterDawn forums to be told what media to buy and where to buy it for low prices. The support for burning to DVD offered by Vivid is something movie industry failed to give when its MovieLink and CinemaNow services started selling movies to "keep" not just rent. Would you not like the option to burn it to to a DVD? This download service is effectively, as i pointed out, a digitial delivery of a retail adult DVD service, they arent made to be watched on computers. But ye, good point that consumers can simply pick the wrong blank DVD media, and when u only get one chance to burn, that is a problem. But it's the early days and as this service changes for issues like that, blank DVDs will get tougher with stronger coating (hopefully) lol :P Not that ill be actually using the Vivid store or anything........ lol

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64.4.2006 00:17

Dela yes but if you dont buy a good DVD-R and also buy a lable for it its not going to last nearly as long as a "real dvd". if its download price half or less of a normal DVD then you can always rebuy and redownload it. Also lets not forget what happens if it burns ok and yet soemthign is wrong with it I have had that happen once or twice,basicly great I get the content sooner but for what cost,hell even if I would double burn the data the image onto a DVD or 3 useing rar or soemthing if the price is the same as a actual DVD. I mean realy what are they (whole media industry) are going to do sell the content over the net minus the cost of the DVD? ....I dont think so.....

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

74.4.2006 01:09

This article gave me a great lil giggle during the day thanxs :)

84.4.2006 09:08

all i can say is $$$BLING BLING$$$$$ for vivid that is

94.4.2006 09:25

I found a place to rent porn online 4 a dvd for week and it dosent say what the late charges are probly 2$ a day *L* but you know...thats ahell of alot cheaper 0-o

104.4.2006 09:59

With Divx/Xvid players and the compression ratio being so much better...i wonder if they will give u a variety of options. I'm not sure if DivX files can have DRM incorporated in it or not...but who wants to download 4.5 Gig when 700 MB can do it with very similiar quality. Its time and bandwidth wasted in my opinion. Plus... most dvds can be copied at this point in time allowing the ONE time burn will only hurt them. Then...they will have to deal with minor's lieing about their age and downloading porn. Maybe thats their real target after all....its all about $$$$ these days. Who knows.

114.4.2006 10:03

Pretty much a perfect DVD to Dvix/Xvid is 1GB if not less and thats max quailty to fit best with the DVD,it kinda is a waste of bandwith but if your on boardband 4GB aint so bad....I am on dailup and even basic bellsouth DSL was not to bad..thier modem suxed balls tho....wait..bad pun for this topic ><

124.4.2006 16:58

Vivid never, if Hustler would do that, it would be amazing, but vivid never.

134.4.2006 17:16

hot_ice eh it all depends on the burning software if its as good as Nero and double or triple checks the data then theres a small chance hell could have a white christmas 0-o frommy standpoint its to much money for to little entertainment..much liek porn DVDs 10-30 a pop WTF?!?!!? 0_o

146.4.2006 21:18

What's to stop someone from making a file copy of the downloaded DVD (just in case the DRM deletes the file) and then burn it using a virtual machine - and if you want to burn another copy, then restore your virtual machine to the state it was before the burn and burn again... and again... and again ;)

157.4.2006 07:23

I am not sure why these companies believe that their copy protection methods is absolute... Especially the porn industry looollll.. Where there is an engineer, there isn't a reverse engineer too far away.

167.4.2006 08:37

I found a Netflix type Adult dvd rental service at

177.4.2006 22:13

I can safely say that this is going to make a fortune for the porn industry, and reinvigorate the illegal porn trade on the internet. DRM... HAHAHAAA lol. It really doesnt matter how much protection you put on it.. If we have to point our DV-Cams at our TV's and make a super old school bootlegs, We will, and it will be just as popular a download as the HD porn I've seen out there.(1280x720, and even some 1080P's)

189.4.2006 08:24

I personally think, that some people are satisfied with 10 second long sample videos of porn, to care to pay for something that becomes old really fast in the end.

1921.7.2006 22:00

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2021.7.2006 22:21

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212.10.2006 22:59

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