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PS3 will cost around 500 euros

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 05 Apr 2006 23:51 User comments (66)

PS3 will cost around 500 euros After numerous estimates the expected price of PlayStation has been addressed. Vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe revels in a French radio program Générations Europe 1 that the price for PS3 will be around 500 euros.
The vide president of SCEE Georges Fornay agrees with the rather expensive console, but reminds that PS3 carries high technology worth much more, referring mostly to the Blu-ray drive. "It will be expensive if we only look at the game aspect of the machine, but it will be very cheap if we account for the set of technologies that it will integrate."

Fornay also said that Sony is sticking with the plan of releasing PS3 simultaneously in Asia, Europe and North America in November.

The calculations of PS3 price in your own currency will be anything but accurate at this time as we know that console prices vary a lot in different regions. However 500 euros would be about $615 or £350. Wait until price tag appears on stores this Autumn to see the exact price.


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66 user comments

16.4.2006 1:50

My friend that works at EBGames was right, 550$ for Montreal. Still too expensive if you ask me, ill be waiting 18 months before considering purchasing the console.

26.4.2006 1:53

Very expensive! But of you bought a standalone Blue-ray player, you'll be looking at £150-£200 if your lucky. Add to that the cost of the graphics performance on a PC system and your already over the cost of the unit.

36.4.2006 1:57

Hmm looks expensive to me. I'm not so sure about Blu-ray! Anyway I'm gonna have to save up lots of the old pennies to afford this :S Jin666

46.4.2006 2:06

I'm with BigDK, not bad for what you get, there was a story here in Afterdawn about the Samsung Blueray selling for around $1000.00. M

He who knows little

56.4.2006 2:21

It is rather expensive i think i will wait to see what happens between Blu-ray and HD-DVD. If HD-DVD is adopted by the movie industry over Blu-ray i think sony will have to rethink there plans a little as the cost for producing blue ray drive may not drop as quickly.

66.4.2006 2:38

Hmm...I'm gonna wait and see. It's no surprise that outside of America and Asia that electronics are hugely overpriced. I remember some story about people in the UK complaining about a tax that they had to pay on imported computer monitors in addition to sales tax. I could see it being 500 euros in Europe and then realsing in the States for about 499. But 599? Hmm... I don't know.

76.4.2006 3:25

Sony isn't seeing another cent of mine after the whole XCP/rootkit issue. And then there is the fact that most of what you're paying for is logo, the componantry in most of their products is sub-par at best, I've had generic brands well and truly outlive several Sony products.

86.4.2006 3:47

Can't say I've ever had any problems with any of the Playstations I've used, or Camcorders, or DVD players, or walkman, or car stereo/cd disc holder, or TV's, or Monitors. I know their customer service is something to avoid, but the quality of all the kit i've owned has always stood the test of time. Obviously it's luck of the draw when you buy something, you never knows who's going to get the duds.

96.4.2006 4:00

@ OzMick Not to defnd $ony or anything but when it comes to the PS3 you're really not paying for the logo. The same goes for the Xbox 360. The price parts alone for the two systems is about 2/3 more than the retail value. The price of a blu ray drive alone is a few hundred bucks. But of course, $ony isn't really trying to save on the parts that it can and pass that on to the consumer. I really don't think its gonna top $499, if we're lucky 399 to be competitive with the 360. There have been several gaming machines that have retailed at over 500 bucks and all of those, bar none, have failed miserably. It's weird how 14.99 sounds cheap when compared to 20.00 but for some reason 16.99 it just too expensive even though its only two dollars more. Same thing with the PS3, 500 is steep but reasonable. 600 is over kill.

106.4.2006 5:31

can any point me to the area where i can find out whats in this thing? thanks

116.4.2006 6:44

But lets face it, PS3 will not cost alot, odds are that they will lower the price be release. Its all fluxuating. And then with the XBOX 360 being REreleased in Japan, they should match up....

126.4.2006 6:57

its not to bad ,could be worse 600-700,but that would be nails in the coffin,of corse if games and stuff is what sell it why not ad 10-40 on that and lessen the console to 200 for the frist year then balance everything else out.

136.4.2006 7:17

I am not at all suprised about the price that was announced, due to the fact that the PS3 is the first to use the Cell Processor, which took Sony MILLIONS to develop. They took their entire laptop line down to divert money just so they could complete the Cell processor in as small as a time that they did. True right now game previews look as good as the 360. But developers are making a huge step from PS2 capabilities, to PS3 capabilities which are almost 10 fold better in the end, so we can definately hope for very good games 2 to 3 years from now.

146.4.2006 7:18

Zipy, Are you saying youd rather pay $100 per game and buy the system at $200? LMAO

156.4.2006 8:20

if it was $450 - 500, then maybe I'll consider it, but $615... I'll wait until a price drop or I get a coupon from one of those electronic stores.

166.4.2006 8:29

500 euro equals about $615 dollars? WHOA!!!! I think I wait the it's get moded or something before I buy it.

176.4.2006 10:14

"It will be expensive if we only look at the game aspect of the machine, but it will be very cheap if we account for the set of technologies that it will integrate." And therein lies the problem, I suppose. I AM only looking at the gaming aspect of it. I am not interested in Blu-ray. In fact, when I buy a gaming console, i'm buying it to play *drumroll* GAMES! Not movies! sirmugen is right. $450-500 MAX. If Sony is smart they'll reaslise that breaking the $500 barrier is going to turn a LOT of people off. I'm sure they know that.

186.4.2006 11:02

I honestly don't care for the first shipment of any new console,think about it what happens to the very first models they sell.They always have something wrong with them,so my advice is to wait and get it like 6 months or a year later(by then there will be a price drop for sure or atleast I hope,and atleast some of the bugs and stuff will be worked out).I'm not sure if you all seen the Xbox360 problems,but if you turn the system upwards your games would get scratched,and heating issues.It always happens with the early versions of consoles,and doesn't get fixed for awhile cause they are in mass production.

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196.4.2006 11:08

Also dont forget about the 2,000 doller tv you will need to get the most out of your system, just like the x-box( itlooks like crap on standard TV).

206.4.2006 11:40

500 euros will probably mean £400, which is just too much money. The Blu-ray DVD drive for movies is a great feature but at that price I can't justify it yet.

216.4.2006 11:43

Sony claims PS3 pricing leak 'incorrect' read it here edit,spell error...

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226.4.2006 12:13

First off, afterdawn was about a day or two late on this announcement. By the time they posted this story many other news sites have already posted the retraction by Sony. Read around, , . A couple of the sites that aired retractions to the original article. Ludikhris

236.4.2006 12:35

I still think 550$ is the accurate price. They have to somewhat try to match the XBOX 360, and make their prices competitive to get more sales. If the PS3 comes out at 6-700$, who's going to buy it? Certainly not me. What if the Blue Ray flops. What then, you're stuck with something that is uniquely built for games. Plus, how much will the games cost? 69.99$ and up? Next generation consoles with unevolving prices. To me that equates to, no deal, no buy. Or just wait till they really lower their prices.

246.4.2006 12:46

lol, 600 dollars, so much for that, 360 HERE I COME!

256.4.2006 13:49

So that's it, you buy the cheapest eh? Someone knows what they're talking about...

266.4.2006 14:25

If the console isnt a steep enough price you probably make that definately wont be able to buy the console on, its own you will have to buy at least 2 games with it. $ONY might be charging a lot but its nothing to what the rip off game shops will charge.

276.4.2006 14:36

To be honest the PS3 will bring so much its not even funny. Yes, the pricetag is important but with the things it brings it has to cost money. And when you buy it and bring it to your house you'll have every friend in your house and every person you don't know take a look at it. Plus you'll have Blu-ray and little Memory Card Pro Duos as memory cards(keep on eye on them also). The PS3 is going to be a monster, with its specs, processor, and video card. All Im saying if you do spend so much money on it, it will be well worth it and when you see those people who spent money on a 360 you can show off your PS3 with MGS4 playing on the backround then you decide.

286.4.2006 15:03

Sounds like a lot of money but one certainly has to wait until the actual release date and then compare to other consoles/Blu Ray players on the market.

296.4.2006 15:58

WOW, thats like $710 CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!

306.4.2006 16:51


316.4.2006 17:33

Funny thing, someone asked if you would buy the cheapest of consoles, the fact is that if you like consoles, is just because you like cheaper, since the better has always been computers, difference is that to have an awesome computer wich play the games at their best you need at least 1500 dollars... mmm so i get a 500 bucks xbox, i guess its not only i like cheaper, its all i can afford, otherwise i´d get that alienware pc ive been dreaming of :D

326.4.2006 17:34

Shermie.... you have no idea what you're talking about. -You're wrong on cost -You're wrong about read speed -You're wrong about gfx processing differences dont get me wrong, I am a PS3 supporter and will be buying the PS3 over the 360 when PS3 comes out. I am under the subjective view that PS3 will be more graphically powerful than the 360 but there is no real actual proof at this point. Use the search feature and find info on the stats you stated, they are totally wack. Ludikhris

336.4.2006 17:37

*n00b alert* I don't think you're quite right about the laser being 8 times faster... I seem to recall people who've read the tech specs saying that from what was released, load times are going to blow out due to the fact that the disc still reads at a comparable speed to traditional drives. Maybe if you believe a bit harder and yell a bit more it might become a reality, but having a disc with 10x the capacity that still reads at 1x means long load times. As if waiting an extra year for the console to go to market wasn't enough...

346.4.2006 17:47

dvd7227 i can almost see you peeing in your pants,c`mon dude even if it`s US400 it`s still expensive.

356.4.2006 18:09

I myself wont even go with the 360 right now. Sixty bucks for a game is way too much for me. I remember when nintendo was doing the $60 a game thing and they (flopped) did low on sales. Parents will not go with the steep price tag. Younger people will work 2 weeks to buy the console then have to wait until next month to get a game.

366.4.2006 19:14

Neo100, I know what you mean about 400, its alot of course. And sony makes there cheap parts machine to make a system run at the capacity it needs. But looking at a machine that has blu-rays, wireless bluetooth technology, memory stick pro duo slots,graphics core clock speed running at 550, Processor is 512 L2 Cache, all those parts online to build a PC will cost around the same or even higher depending on how you get your parts or where. I mean its true playstation systems are cheap(parts inside,ex. PS2 laser DRE) but they make a cheap fun system with slots and capabilities to hold for the future. The only company that has a built Ford tough console is nintendo but who really cares its the games that count. So if your gonna spend big bucks on something, and it will hurt your wallet you'll at least have fun playing the machine you bought thats gonna last 5 years of your life playing and enjoying. People can debate on the price but they really have to debate on why its that price whats its potential and its power and how long will it last without having internal or software issues.

376.4.2006 19:20

DVD is 100% correct the overall package that the PS3 brings can not be matched by any other system. Sure the Xbox360 is here now and in effect but once the PS3 comes out we will all be amazed. Now don't get me wrong I'm not some sort of Sony fanboy, but you have to be serious this console will be worth the price. The technology it is going to use is just superlative when compared to the current technology out. The only competition I see is the Revolution due to the fact its being backed up by its innovative gameplay methods.

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386.4.2006 19:33

This is my plan for the next 3years starting in nov buy a Rev get about 5 games start saving up for a hdtv(cause I want it for my bedroom not family room ) 25 bucks a month for 2 years after 2 years PS3 and xbox 360 should be priced near if not at the price I want around 200-250 buy the one winning the game war and I am set

396.4.2006 20:02

People, let's remember this is the European cost being discussed. Consoles and games are always higher in Europe. Don't expect the PS3 to retail for more than $499 in the US.

406.4.2006 21:58

$615 is huge amount but i think that the prices will get down in future. But it should be such a machine to get all other out of way only by giving good games on it.

416.4.2006 22:33

any system over $400.00 is too much.At that price . I'm definitly getting a xbox 360

426.4.2006 23:13

It confuses me that people are willing to change their purchase over price. I think you are liars. If I want to play Halo, Fable, Oblivion, or games as such I will play XBOX 360. If I want to play Final Fantasies, God of War, Gran Turismo, GTA (before anyone else), Devil May Cry, Etc I will buy a PS3. I cannot imagine making the decision on what games I am going to play based one rouhly $200, anyone that does is much too price sensitive. If you care that much, just go buy a Nintendo 64, you can get 10 of them for a dollar and games are pretty readily available. Seriously though, if you seriously dont care what platform you play the generic games for (and by being price sensitive you have no choice for console exclusive games) just buy a revolution. They will be cheaper, more innovative and have a larger amount of games at release (the downloads etc). Also Id like to comment on the Disc reading speeds. Sure someone (incorrectly) made a statement of 8X the read speed. Then another person said it would be comprable to current read speeds. Truth is it will be very comprable to current read speeds however it comes with a standard HDD and I'm not sure if any of you have played games with the cache activated but its sick loading times. I recently recieved a copy of FFX international and was able to cache it into my PS2 HDD and there are virtually no load times. This does give PS3 an advantage over XBOX 360 and possibly revolution. 360 does not have a standard HDD and therefore software developers are less likely to include such an option or take full advantage of it because of people that do not have the HDD to cache it. Ludikhris

437.4.2006 2:44

That better not be a slate of the N64, that owned! I got one of those in March 1997 at a cost of £249+£50 each for the two games. Works out at $612 at today's rate. The Blu-ray DVD system will seal the future of the PS3, but agreeably most of the sales are going to occur within the first few months of the release when the 360's inferior DVD format will be able to compete. Once the 360 starts selling lots of two or even three disc games, whilst the Blu-ray system is only half exercised, Sony may begin to reap the rewards, certainly on the games front. The Blu-ray system is expensive, hence the premium - premium console, premium price.

447.4.2006 5:22

I guess everyone is forgetting about price wars. I have had to pleasure of having both the XBOX and a PS2 and that was due the price wars: Both started competing for who had the lowest price. I got a feeling it will happen again. I just got an XBOX 360 for $300.00 bucks and it not the first generation XBOX 360. A friend of mine went to over to Japan when they were showcasing the PS3 and just the other day he played my XBOX 360 and stated that there is about a 8-10 second load time compared between the two. As far as games go: Ebay. I am not advertising for Ebay but I just bought 4 XBOX 360 games at $30.00 per game. I do not mean to get off the subject. However, remember Microsoft and Sony have always (since the XBOX and PS2)done price wars.

457.4.2006 6:13

i hope all this doesnt back fire on sony, i cant see the price being much more than $500 they really wont sell for much more than that, other than to hard core gamers or people with money. at $500 sony is losing money (when you think about the hardware in this thing) the idea is that they make the lost money back in accesories and game sales, lets hope everyone has enough left after forking over the $500 to buy some games for the thing. $500 is a reasonable price and yes it has that expensive Blu-ray drive and you would normally need to take out a second mortgage to buy a standalone Blu-ray player, but really who gives a s**t yeah the Blu-ray drive is needed for the games but people are compairing it to the price of a standalone Blu-ray which plays movies, i want to play games not overpriced Blu-ray movies i have a dvd player for that and im happy with the quality of that. and as for the release date that keeps getting pushed back, who didnt see that one coming they aint gonna release a $500 console in spring and expect to sell many for another 9 months (christmas) they just had to keep their fingers crossed and hope people dont get too tired of waiting and go buy a 360 instead, in fact thats why they gave us the spring release date knowing they couldnt make, that way people would skip the 360 release and wait a few months for the release of the ps3 then tell us we have to wait a little longer. i know it sounds like im bashing sony, im not i cant wait for the ps3 i just hope it is as good as the hype would suggest.

467.4.2006 6:18

Lets wait and see what the PS3 can actually do and not go by what we are feed by the Sony corp. They are telling everyone what they want to hear, considering they have pushed the release untile the end of the year. Don't get tunnel vision, stay objective and don't get the wool pulled over your eyes by SONY.

477.4.2006 7:12

Im still telling you, the price can't be over 550$, who the Heck is going to buy the PS3 over that price? Not me, not my friends, probably not most of you, and probably not that bit*h Shermie either. hehehe Seriously, 600+ for a console? Why the Heck would anyone pay that, for that price, I can get a new pc, with more promise than a console. Oh ya, it has blue ray technology, big deal. The transition of the blue ray, from relatively unknown to popular will take at least 1-2 years before it becomes mainstream. Besides, I am a smart shop, or would like to think I am, and the PS3 if the target price is bad... Well you can always wait 2 years before buying.

487.4.2006 9:27

Heres what Sony said: Jin666 By the way, I have my own forums. Please sign up! -->

497.4.2006 13:54

the reason the release date was pushed back is because they wanna hit thechristmas market with somethin fresh, why risk bringing something out in spring when people dont wanna spnd much. sales in spring would be bad (at $500+ very bad) which would force them to lower the price to sell more therefore by christmas they would be losing even more cash by selling a lower price concole to the christmas market. not only that, by giving us a spring release and then pushing it back makes people think that thing is gonna be amazing, we have been shown all these screen shots and such to give us a taste and then it seems like they are showing us an un-finished product, therefore making us believe that this think is gonna be better than we have already been led to believe. and as i said earlier they gave consumers the early release date to keep the ps3 flavour fresh in our mouths sort of deter us from spending the cash on a 360 when if we wait a few short months we could spend a lil more and get this beast of a machine. as for price that wont be released until right up until the console release date, i would think it would be around $500 but with the near christmas release who knows. just think all those kids that are going to be promised a rumored $500 console by parents, what parent is gonna let their child down on christmas morning because at the last min it turned out to cost $600+. they could leak rumors of a $500 release then at the last min jack it up to $600 just over the christmas period then bye feb-mar we could see that lowered considerably. so if ya can handle the wait a little longer hold on to your cash a couple more months and im sure that the price would be lowered.

507.4.2006 14:35

I remember when PS2 came out, I paid roughly $450 for it. with inflation and cutting edge technology i can see how it would be $615 easily. Gaming is advancing and changing its demographic. They can charge more b/c gaming isn't just for kids, more and more adults and playing and paying up. Sony can do whatever they want b/c the fact is they will make money regardless. The truth is that if $615 doesn't sound bad to you, just wait for all those "extras" you need to buy. Controlers, interent gaming adapter", cards, games, in reality you'll be looking at atleast a thousand dollars for a good startup cost. And, factor in Christmas shipments being low, forcing prices up, then ebay sales.....if you really want a Sony PS3, perhaps you stand in line get the first one, then sell on ebay days later for double....just an idea.

517.4.2006 18:05

not bad, not bad. thats a very good idea. Hehehehe

527.4.2006 18:49

I bought the 3DO for $550, at it`s moment it was said to revolutionize the world of electronics.......damned don`t ask me where it is now, just be careful guys

537.4.2006 20:48

i guess we'll just have to wait then..... but i think the money will be worth it

548.4.2006 7:09

DVDBack23 100 for a game is a bit much 60-90 is not to bad,50 or so for memcards and controllers if the game system itself is 1/3rd the normal price it all balances out.

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558.4.2006 7:14

The PS3 will make up the 500$ price tag in haveing Blu Ray in it tis jsut 300 more than what I can afford *L* the 360 currently is worthless to me,it dosent hve any games I want,it still has soem hardware issues mabye soemthign to look into next year but right now its pointless to get,the PS3 is 3 or 4 points higher on my list but the price and the games being unknowen I can wait a year or 2 *L* I want to get a Xbox this year *L* try and fill out my collection some ^^

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568.4.2006 7:33

I'd only really buy a 360 if it was sub £100 for the simple reason that there aren't enough games for me to justify the outrageous cost of a console with so many flaws. The PS3 will be way out of my league to begin with but once it's reasonable I'll probably buy it. I only bought a PS2 christmas 2002, having left it to drop in price a bit.

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578.4.2006 14:10

It will be like 900$ people!!!!!


588.4.2006 14:14

I doubt it. $900 is significantly more than €500.

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598.4.2006 15:45

Is this really going to have an effect on sales?!?

608.4.2006 15:45

Is this really going to have an effect on sales?!?

619.4.2006 3:51

oubt it will have any effect in sales, i mean everybody complained about 360´s price, but in the end preorders where totally out, here in mexico they even sold more than they had in stock

629.4.2006 8:38

More than 500$ for a console, that's ridiculous. A trip to cancun is around that price.

6310.4.2006 8:51

sammorris Ture let the zombie fan boys buy the buggy exspenive frist wave of a console let them beta test,I am to old and fussy to return a console nowadays 0-o hot_ice Ture but I would rather stay home and skip the hassle of travle and drinking water that givers me a runny arse 0-o 500 with a B-R palyer in it is ok but still to high for me to go and hock my "jewels" for bring it down 200 and I'll be happy to sell the "boys"!

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Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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6411.4.2006 9:20

zippy but you don't drink tap water!!! Seriously, how many times have you made that mistake, invest in bottled water!!

656.6.2006 7:25

There is a very good discussion of pricing over at this thread: IMHO, adults will be able to afford the PS3 and of course Blu-ray costing a fraction w/ability to play video games. For children, teenagers and the other market segments (people >50 DO play videogames) the price will be a major problem. Not 1, 2 or 3 paychecks but maybe more. And a system launch always finds bugs & other problems. I foresee the market splintering between the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS. Nintendo, if they produce great 1st party games and have the 3rd parties step in, will indeed take away some of $onys market share. The all important question is, will Blu-ray really matter? If Blu-ray bombs (HDTV sales being the best indicator), then $ony will see reeeeeeeeed ink and lost $$$$. They'll drop that price to take a hit & make up for it later (most likely higher cost to developers, meaning less games coming out). I'm a PS2 player myself (no GameCube or Xbox but have a GBA & DS) & hope the best *games* prove the best system. So far, the best games seem to be PS2. Nintendo only has Zelda to go on. They NEED better games. They MUST give people a reason to go with a less powerful system, to play the BEST games. That mean, fun/interactive/challenging.

666.6.2006 7:44

hot_ice it dosnet seem to matter what I drink my brain turns it into whine 0-o xhardc0re Metroid prime was good if you can stand the Zeldaish controlls.Meh I go where games are have DS,CUbe,PS2,Computer,gettign a Xbox want to get a Wii and the 360 is looking better than it was mostly thanks to Sonys aragoance...but then MS is as bad,Anyway to paly the best games you need all systems in tiem I will catch them all 0-o *L* I dont think it matters if Sony bleeds money MS did and got over it,I think sony could handle it as long as they can stay in the game..

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