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iPod, iTunes and Inflight Entertainment

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Apr 2006 21:50 User comments (3)

iPod, iTunes and Inflight Entertainment Companies that specialize in Inflight Entertainment (IFE) systems have revealed they are in talks with Apple to integrate iPod and iTunes into IFE systems. In plans would be seatback-based iPod docks with USB and charging ports. Passengers could charge song and video purchases to frequent-flyer miles. "Our interests are wider not just Apple, but enabling any e-commerce on the aircraft. Music is one thing in that category we are working on," said an executive with Panasonic Avionics.
There are some obvious issues with Inflight downloads. The main issue would be licensing and payment problems while a plane is in international airspace. Passengers would also have to be able to transfer songs that were downloaded directly to their iPods while in the air, back to their HDDs when they get home.


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3 user comments

114.4.2006 6:26

You know, I have to say that even if you hate Ipod (why I dont understand, we arnt FORCED to buy them) you have to give them props for becoming so much a part of the culture. I am a big fan of Apple and am old enough to remember when the first computers came out from them. I own a 60G Ipod and use it mainly for the TV shows I miss (G.B.Y. Bram Cohen!) and for some music. For me the 4 bills I paid was so worth it. Im glad that other companies are making it easier to use them. I dont think that the Ipod will have serious competition for a while and eventually every piece of electronics we own will be Samsung anyway. Still, now that my Scion has the port I would love to see some kind of portable monitor/dock/speaker system come out. About the size of a labtop 15" flatscreen monitor with a built in dock... Come on it cant be that hard to do! Peace ps- Check out Bif Naked through Google, her music is really good.

217.4.2006 14:03

this sounds like a big mess. what if you have your ipod stuffed full of songs, would there be an interface to delete some? And like I have an ipod mini. I don't make so much money that I can upgrade to every new version. Will this ipod dock work with my model or only the newest models? there are way too many problems

37.10.2006 9:33

Can someone please lookup "Oligopoly" or "Vertical Monopoly" in an Economics textbook. The Apple Tree needs pruning, methinks...

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