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Streamcast will take on RIAA and MPAA

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2006 15:11 User comments (20)

Streamcast will take on RIAA and MPAA This news is a few days old, but one of those items we can't have missing from our collection. Streamcast Networks has broken off settlement negotiations with record labels and movie studios and now intends to take its chances in court. After the MGM vs. Grokster ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, the RIAA & MPAA informed several companies of their intention to sue them. Streamcast planned to settle the case, but now has decided to fight it out in court.
Streamcast CEO Michael Weiss said in a statement that he was disappointed that Streamcast and the entertainment companies could not come to an agreement, and now Streamcast wants its "day in court." Streamcast had aimed to create a legal service in co-operation with the entertainment companies but Weiss said that the talks turned from "a full-on partnership into a one-sided, unworkable deal."

Streamcast believes it can win because it does not encourage copyright infringement. Lower courts have recognized the substantial legitimate uses of P2P networks and acknowledged how little control companies have over how their applications are used by consumers. If Streamcast can convince a jury, it could walk away from the lawsuit brought against it with its business model intact.


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20 user comments

115.4.2006 17:26

i hope streamcast wins

217.4.2006 4:23

ive never hear dof streamcast...but anyone taking on the big boys gets my vote...

317.4.2006 7:24

I support :)

417.4.2006 7:51

That's extremely brave, I wouldn't want to take on the M.A.F.I.A.A.. that's right, mafiaa. The R.I.A.A combined with the M.P.A.A forming "Music And Film Industry Association of America.." Nah, i'm serious - You couldn't make it up..

517.4.2006 10:02

"StreamCast Networks, Inc., creators of the Morpheus software product" Bleh Also, MAFIAA is appeared on April 1st; guess what day that is.

617.4.2006 10:12

I know.. was trying to add a little spice to the news. I'm a supporter of anyone willing to take one the RIAA/MPAA..

717.4.2006 17:23

GO them if they can survie going head to head with the Media mifia let them! I wouldntmind paying 5-10 a month for soemthign thats as fast as torrents but has the stuff edonkey has if tis a legit servcie...but I guess the mifiaa wants its poundof flesh.....

817.4.2006 18:26

I support them whole heartedly. I think its unfortunate that they will probably lose. Considering whatever outcome might arise, corporate deep pockets will appeal or find new grounds to sue. This will drag on so long that streamcast will be forced to settle or be driven from the market. I think I could survive a year without purchasing a movie, going to a movie, or buying a new CD, but could "they". I know that sounds radical, but until the masses speak, this will continue. In the end, their bottom line is dependent on the consumer. It seems they have forgotton.

918.4.2006 12:54

Lol good thing they added the "America" part, though to be honest a US copyright policy is a world policy from what I've seen. The United States of World domination could seize my computer many thousands of miles away if they wanted. Anyone brave enough to put P2P vs the Mafia gets my vote. Good luck!

1018.4.2006 16:08

damn MAFIA!

1119.4.2006 0:48

<applause> Yep, that's what we're all thinking.

1219.4.2006 4:00

Q: What has Hitler and the MPAA got in common? A: If Hitler had done the job properly there wouldn't be any MPAA left.

1319.4.2006 7:14

Now now let's not be too hasty about this!

1421.4.2006 15:04

MAFIAA has been around longer than just since 1 April 2006. It's not an April Fool's day joke at all. It's just a semi-parody rephrazing the true aims of the MAFIAA.

1522.4.2006 2:20

Oh absolutely. I didn't even know it had anything to do with April 1st.

1622.4.2006 9:52

My vote to Streamcast also ;) Down with the MAFIAA!!!!

1723.4.2006 7:43

I support Streamcast Networks.. as the RIAA & MPAA mike Microsoft look like boy scouts... They need a good kick in the _ss! Good Luck Streamcast!

1825.4.2006 11:32

I want them to win; but they need help. If these companies would form their own front, for countersuits, etc. The public's freedom to share might be protected. This kind of suit is ridiculous. They aren't just striking at illegal downloads, they are striking at all sharing, without regard to legality. This needs to end.

1912.6.2006 17:17

If Streamcast had a PayPal button to donate $5 to their legal fees....

2013.6.2006 0:30

Lol yeah. Btw migraine, we don't allow posting of email addresses here.

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