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Warner brings first hybrid DVD / HD DVD titles

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2006 15:25 User comments (37)

Warner brings first hybrid DVD / HD DVD titles Warner Home Video announced that it plans to bring hybrid DVD / HD DVD movie titles to the market next month. On one side of the disc there will be a standard DVD-Video compilation with 480p video content, and on the other side, HD DVD content with true high definition 1080p video content. However, the disappointing part for early HD DVD adopters, is the first title on a hybrid disc will be "Rumor Has It", featuring Jennifer Anniston and Kevin Kostner.
Despite the choice of movie to be the the first title, the results of this experiment will be interesting. It is unknown if consumers will be willing to pay the recommended $40 price for a hybrid DVD / HD DVD disc. That price is about $10 more than the standard HD DVD version of the movie. Warner should probably not rely too much on the numbers from movies like Rumor Has It however, and try offering more popular titles on hybrid discs to see real results.


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37 user comments

126.4.2006 15:42

$$$$$$40.00!!!!!!!! You gotta be f'n kiddin me! Never! NO, NO, NO! That's half a tank of gas!!! :)

226.4.2006 15:44

This is a good idea... This will mean that people are not limited to watching on the only TV with an HD-DVD player. I am sure the prices will fall a bit on these. It is a bit too much, but since HDVD is new, the price is not that bad.

326.4.2006 15:59

I won't spend $40 on a movie unless I was in it.

426.4.2006 16:14

One would really think that with all of the dollars spent on the R&D that goes into HDDVD and BluRay there would be a little money left over to do market research on release titles. It isn't like Sony and Microsoft would ever dream of releasing something like MappyLand, Tempest, Donkey Kong, or Battle Tank 3D on the PS3 or XBox 360. Where are the good movies that can really showcase the High Defenition capabilities of these things? Bring on the Star Wars series!

526.4.2006 16:38

Bring on the Star Wars series!
Yeah that would have been much much better. I never even heard of the movie they are releasing...

626.4.2006 18:20

I don't think it's a bad idea but the only thing that would keep me from buying something like this is the price. Just have to wait for the price to drop or wait for better selection of movies to come out that's worth shelling money out.

726.4.2006 18:21

$40 is a bit much, if it was LOTR, Star Wars or The Matrix I would think about it though. :)

826.4.2006 18:25

if it was LOTR, Star Wars or The Matrix
LOTR and Star Wars series I would say yes. For The Matrix, it would only be the first one because the last two sucked.

926.4.2006 19:05

The idea is a good one I'll give them that but the prices need to fall to the 20-30 range.

1026.4.2006 19:42

Talking about these good moves like LOTR, Matrix and Star wars.... came to me a question is the Cinema Theater moves with HD(1080p) Quality ? BTW i would love to see LOTR on 1080, but i think i would stick with renting and not buying for that price... like the other one said "this is a HALF tank"

1126.4.2006 20:21

Why would I pay a ridiculous 40$ for a movie license? You can do a lot with 40$ if well spent. Ha Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston titles! HAHAHHAHAHAAA Ya as if, 40$ staying right here!

1226.4.2006 20:48

ok 2 VERY important question ,i am willing to pay 40$ a crazy price only If i can back them up, will my computer burn hd-dvd's? and what is blueray? will i have to replace my burner when this advances?

1326.4.2006 23:40

NO your PC will not burn HD-DVDs ,there is NO software to backup HD/Blue-Ray DVDs at this time .and YES you will need a new HD/Blue-Ray burner if and when they release them on the market.note the blank media is going to be 20 to 30 dollars EACH ,a HD/Blue-Ray DVD player is around 1000.00 dollars and i imagine the burners will be 400 to 500 dollars when they come out so i hope your very rich its going to be a very expensive hobby lol

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1426.4.2006 23:47

HD-DVD/DVD Hybrid = $40 HD-DVD = $30 DVD of Rumor has it = $10 a week after release cuz it sux. I think i would rather buy the dvd then wait until i actually own HD-DVD player to buy that one.. plus what if that one disc scratches?? flippers like that are horrible about scratching.. good idea, bad follow through.. and rumor has it?? poor choice

1527.4.2006 1:29

presumably the Warner's idea includes getting that washed up tired old fart, Kevin Costner, to sit at home with you and comment on the movie while you watch it, don't see how else they are going to sell it for $ 40. or maybe he loans you his wife for the night while he jets off to that scotish health spa again to beg for a hand job from another massuese.

1627.4.2006 9:56

It might cost $20 before the year ends.

1727.4.2006 11:41

Interesting... The hybrid disc is a great idea. It could make HD-DVD the "winner" over Blu-ray, if they stop making regualar DVDs, and if they keep the price down! And the price... In the short term, Warner Home Video can charge almost any price they want. If somebody's already paid thousands of dollars for an HDTV and an DH-DVD player, they WILL pay $40 for an HD-DVD... Those customers are NOT going to buy the "regular" DVD if they can get HD at twice the price. (But, they aren't going to pay $10 to get the regular DVD on the back side either!) Then, there's always the chance that neither of these technologies will succeed. The (low quality) MP3 format took-off while higher-quality formats like S-VHS, DAT, SACD, and Audio-DVD have lagged!

1827.4.2006 16:10

Preposterous prices, i would never stand for 40$ for a movie like dances with the wolves. 4 hours of non linear torture. 20-25 $ Not bad prices, but above that, its a pass.

1927.4.2006 16:25

my thing is that "hey so what with the new technology" yeah it would be great to see movies in HD but will it last??? Everyone seems to be forgeting that when dvds or cds first came out they were considered expensive for there time. and i dont see them getting rid of regular dvds just yet, i mean you can still by vhs and thats ancient as it is. As long as sony comes through with the ps3 and the blu ray i see that becoming the number one selling HD dvd player, just cause its so versitile and will be a lot less than normal blu ray players. so just relax and wait, normal dvds are still fine, and i think everyone is jumping the gun on all of this HD DVD/ Blu Ray/ PS3/Xbox360 thing.

2028.4.2006 7:59

Great idea having both formats in a distrabution but I'd never pay $40 for it no matter what movie it is period! My limit is $20 and I typically only pay $10-$15. aabbccdd, Your statement isn't totally true, "NO your PC will not burn HD-DVDs ,there is NO software to backup HD/Blue-Ray DVDs at this time", Nero can do the Blu-ray format even though we don't have burners available for the PC yet, at least that I'm aware of.

2128.4.2006 8:14

I'll wait a couple of years till the dust settles and see what format survives. No I wont pay $40 or the british equivalent.I buy cheap i.e LESS than 10, prefferably less than 5 or not at all ;)

2228.4.2006 13:26

Like the saying goes.......there is a SUCKER born every minute. Too much money, and not enough brains.. Let the "high rollers" have at it. LOL.

2328.4.2006 15:23

looks like ill be doing the same as before ..not buying a damb thing ..these people must think we shit money out of our asses to buy there stuff .the blue crap and the HD-DVD crap i am not going to spend 40 bucks on a dvd ill go to morpheus and download before i buy another dvd

2428.4.2006 16:55

that's how U get rich fast!

2528.4.2006 21:10

To much for my Blood

2628.4.2006 22:21

HD DVD Is going to be the next big thing, but will the price become aforadable for the average person, so far HD TV has been a big flop in Australia so far, and hardly anyone has equipment that is HD compatable. TOO SOON & TOO MUCH. The only people who will see any HD DVD's in the near future are the people with money to burn.

2729.4.2006 0:51

In the world there is 6 billion people. Of this population appr. 0.01% is filthy rich. It makes 60 000 people. They dont care about 40$. So the income might be 24 million dollar:-))). (Dont quote the statistics:-). )

2829.4.2006 3:44

Miata: you said it all & in just a few words - I second it!

2929.4.2006 4:32

I can afford it. They can still blow it out their...

3029.4.2006 7:54

I remember the first title that was turned into a DVD... it was "Strictly Ballroom." I thought that was kind of weird at the time, but DVDs did well. Maybe they try the shitty movies first so that production cost could be lowered. I'd imagine that bigger movie would cost more to be converted to HD because they need to track down the original reel or something.

3129.4.2006 14:15

We`re all suckers,just for different things.

3230.4.2006 11:40

I finally got done replacing my VHS movie collection to DVD last year. If the companies offer something like, if you trade in your DVD for the HD DVD version of the same title with a charge no more than $10, I might consider doing that. Unless something like that happens, I'm taking a stand and not supporting either of the new formats. My newer Sony DVD player with the HDMI output to my LCD TV looks incredable as is. Also, I heard complaints of the current DVD's not having enough storage. Why don't they put just the movie on one disk and all the advertisment, previews, and extra features on another disk. I would gladly pay the extra ten cents that would cost them to do.

3330.4.2006 11:54

because some of us are dumb .they put stuff out and people run to buy it .if everyone stop buying there crap for one year the price would drop like and old man slipping into a hot

341.5.2006 20:21

Or maybe like those oldies but goodies the LaserDisc they will just go away.

351.5.2006 20:46

40 ?no way

362.5.2006 4:29

or maybe drop like roy jones jr. in the forth

372.5.2006 5:04

Some with HDTV *might* pay $40 for an HD disk, but I just brought home a 40" LCD HD set and I wouldn't pay $30 for an HD disk... Maybe $20 if it's a good movie and one I really want, but probably not. No DVD whether HD or not is worth more than $20 to me. I will spend the extra for a DVR and the extra to build my own computers set up to play the DVDs on the HD set though.

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