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EA pays off overtime

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 27 Apr 2006 0:47 User comments (12)

EA pays off overtime The software engineers at Electronic Arts have won $14.9 million in a settlement for unpaid overtime work. The world's largest video game publisher denied overtime pay from newly joined employees, which was settled in California class-action lawsuit in favor of the employees. The settlement covers work during a five year period between Feb. 14, 2001 and Feb. 14, 2006.
EA assures that it is changing practices and almost 200 employees that were denied the overtime pay, will be reclassified as hour workers which makes them eligible for the benefit. "We took progressive steps to address those issues. Our priority is to fairly compensate people for their work. We're going to continue to do things to make people successful and be an attractive employer and a strong competitor," EA spokeswoman Trudy Muller addressed past years' work management.

Having a reputation of overworking employees, this isn't the first time to see lawsuits of this kind. Since the summer of 2004 there have been at least six lawsuits concerning the unpaid overtime including EA, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Vivendi Universal Games, nowadays Vivendi Games.


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12 user comments

127.4.2006 4:59

wow, what jerks at EA.

227.4.2006 9:02

Wow......thats FREAKIN SAD. Happy the employees won.

327.4.2006 9:42

I wish the same could apply here in mexico where a worker has a 10 hour labor day and recieves about US$1 (per hour).

427.4.2006 10:03

greaaaat... that mean EA games will be more rushed and even worse?

527.4.2006 15:33

With all the profit Electronic Arts is making, it can't even manage to pay its workers overtime? Cheap swindlers. If you make x amount of millions in profits yearly, and can't manage to pay your workers, what does that say about your company? If I was one of their employees, I would change company, problem solved.

627.4.2006 19:58

Changing companies woudln't help. This kind of thing is rampant whenever it has to deal with relasing software or engineering software. I think this is just the only case where they won their case. I bet this kind of thing happens all the time.

727.4.2006 20:11

THis is why 5 large coprate publishers are bad its better to have 20 of anything than only tohave a hand full of the "best" ..unfornately the only thing large coperations do is look out for upper managment >>

828.4.2006 14:43

Yeah and you know what? If it gets to tough for EA monetarily/legally):p They will probably pull out of US, (most of the work anyway) and do what any cheap ass company does to save big bucks and have a software development team somewhere in Dubai or Costa Rica or Korea (asuming that's not the case already), and screw poor under payed and overworked employees even more. I bet they wouldn't be winning any lawsuits any time soon!

928.4.2006 15:11

Chanta ggaaaa and I thought games couldnt get worse ><

1028.4.2006 20:40

quote: 10 hour labor day and recieves about US$1 (per hour). ------------------------------------------------------- BS I live here in Mexico the longest the goverment allows companies to keep employees working is 8 HOURS not 10 and 15USD a day is good enough here. I mean it. The minimum pay is 10$ USD per day

114.5.2006 15:20

I just skimed through this but I noticed that hot ice said that EA makes "x millions" every year and they should pay their employers overtime. Just so you know, I saw this show on G4 the other day on EA and it said that EA makes 3 BILLION per year so the 14 million they have to pay out is nothing and yes they are cheap basterds for it.

124.5.2006 15:52

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