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Revolution is now known as Wii

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 28 Apr 2006 0:34 User comments (55)

Revolution is now known as Wii Nintendo decided to surprise us with an announcement which revealed the name of its upcoming console formerly known as Revolution. The new name is "Wii" and is said to be the answer to the direction represented by the code name Revolution.
"Wii as in we", said official statement, the name should be easy to remember no matter what language they'll speak. It should also be mentioned that the "ii" in the name means "good" in Japanese. The company's "slogan" for the console paints more the aspect of we, "So that's Wii. But now Nintendo needs you. Because, it's really not about you or me. It's about Wii. And together, Wii will change everything."

The name has already divided people in two, the people either see the short, sharp and memorable name or the flat and meaningless "weeee". Nintendo has also used code names in previous products, for example GameCube used to be Dolphin, but this time many question whether the console was Revolution for too long, people simply got used to it as the name of upcoming Nintendo console. Nintendo however believes that the shock wears off and people will accept the name without any pain. That remains to be seen.

You can watch a teaser video of Wii here.


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55 user comments

128.4.2006 0:52

The "Nintendo Wee?" I guess you have to be Japanese to see the serious side of that name!

228.4.2006 1:05

That names just taking the piss ;)

328.4.2006 1:17

Revolution actually sounded cool Wii just sounds....well....rubbish.

428.4.2006 1:39

I guess the idea is to pi$$ on the rest

528.4.2006 2:10

lol.. nintendo...whats next?

628.4.2006 2:40

Gaming is fun, I think it's meant to be the Nintendo Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

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728.4.2006 2:59

one word GAY

828.4.2006 5:19

Man, they have dug themselves a hole if they want to give out a good performance when demonstrating the revolution. Aye, in the red corner, Xbox 360 (that's right it does a full 360 turn when you switch it on) in the blue corner, the PS3, and in the yellow corner, the Nintendo "Wii" (maybe the console is very wee?) Such as stupid name, it should be ridiculed to the extreme! -Mike

928.4.2006 5:37

it sound cute just like oddish

1028.4.2006 7:03

Nintendo DUB 2

1128.4.2006 7:21

Is this their pathetic chance at stardom? Ugh... I hate to say it but ever since Sony and Microsoft hit the game floor with their consoles, Microsoft has been trying to catch up, and the only thing that has kept their Gamecube going was a few lucky draws of the straws to get some popular games that were originally on the Playstation. If this is there only answer to the major compitition, they better stop while they are ahead. The 360 has the current superior graphics, and yes the PS3 may not be out yet, but the Cell chip inside it will probably take the graphics far further. This next generation may be the comming of death of the Nintendo Console as we know it, except in the eyes of the few Die Hard fans of the Nintendo consoles. They should stick to handhelds, they have already whooped Sony's attempt by having more games and experience and knowlage with the hardware.

1228.4.2006 7:41

I dont think people should be slagging the console off just yet. I may be wrong here, but didn't Nintendo make more profit than Sony and Xbox in the last console war? I heard or read it somewhere (I THINK) I say wait and see, I like Nintendo's creativity in the past, as the GC only did "ok" I think they know they gotta produce the goods. I may be wrong! Whats the score on the hand held side of things anyway? Just wondered in Sony were stealing Nintendos handheld market too? Woz

1328.4.2006 8:14

"So, what you doing?" "Gonna go to a friends house and play on his Wii..." "I like reading, watching movies, playing games with my Wii..." "Yeah I got a PS3, what about you?" "I gotta Wii" "I'm gonna go late at night to buy one so nobody can see me taking a Wii" Console will rock, can't say the same for the name.

1428.4.2006 8:21

Hey hey, ps3 already sold in indonesia.(but its still really rare.) And there also tv advertisement that give u ps3. This just like xbox 360, indonesia had selling xbox360 (the unstable ver) more than 6 month before its launched in the world. For the game, ps3 will be the best, it have many good RPG, ace combat series, etc. And when modchip come, it will be like a PC. Indonesia, MERDEKA!!

1528.4.2006 8:26

And the name, wii? Augh, im not sure N can win this time. Btw, Revolution is cool name.

1628.4.2006 8:27

And the name, wii? Augh, im not sure N can win this time. Btw, Revolution is cool name.

1728.4.2006 8:41

Well in terms of Handhelds, the PSP was a good idea, but not much further than that. The biggest thing is it costs twice the amount than the Nindendo DS, which was originally thought just something that Nintendo threw together to get out before the PSP. I still think Nintendo has the foothold by a good couple of years, and that while the PSP has good graphics and such, their UMD format is not all that well put together, as there are many stories of the UMDs falling litterally apart from too much play time, and the high def screen has been known to have bad pixels for every 1 of 3 of the PSPs developed. Btw, if you think that I am just being mean, keep in mind, I am a die hard fan of the Playstations, always have always will, I just call this tough love XD. All in all, the PSP did not go as far as the "Do all things, anywhere, everywhere..." device as Sony was hoping for.

1828.4.2006 9:30

"Wii"? Ummm....They know April Fools Day is on the 1st, right? Let's just hope this is some huge cultural misunderstanding.

1928.4.2006 11:11

Judging by the looks of the webpage, they appear to have completely overlooked it. I preferred Revolution TBH.

2028.4.2006 11:25

Okay, I jsut dont get this, people were going on about how the revolution was gonna REVOLUTION-ize the gaming world, and how it was gonna be a turning point for nintendo. The word revolution makes me think of new and exciting things and makes me more open to new ideas, Wii just makes me think of peeing. Which would you rather have your company thought of? New and exciting, or pissing?

2128.4.2006 11:27

Pissing, obviously!!! :D

2228.4.2006 11:56

I don't care what the name is as long as it has good games and good play control. Of all the systems (XBOX, PS2, Gamecube) I felt that Nintendo had the best feel and play control. I have all of the above systems (no Xbox 360 yet, I will wait for gen 2 with the 65nm chip).

2328.4.2006 12:09

cute name i like it however this news is at least two days old

2428.4.2006 12:11

Wii are not impressed.... The rev cool the Wii=golden showers....agggg...soemone keep tho shrooms away from myiamato.....

2528.4.2006 12:22

I just have a few questions. 1. If you happen to get two of the new Nintendos, does that mean you have a Nintendo Wii Wii? 2. If you connect them together on a Lan, is that a Wii Wii connnection? 3. Or if you play games on line with another player does that mean you are playing with each others Wii Wii? Ok I am done now.

2628.4.2006 12:29

Dude2099, one word, GAY

2728.4.2006 12:29

Dude2099, one word, GAY

2828.4.2006 12:38

"however this news is at least two days old" - yeah for once I beat AD to a story.

2928.4.2006 13:30

Nintendo was far behind in this console race. But they didn't invest as much, so by PERCENTAGES, they did better. However, by pure sales; they weren't even in the running. As for "Wii"... I was going to pick one up, sheerly for the rumored $200 price tag; and Red Steel... But I don't know if I want a system called "Wii" in my home. That's just wrong. Although; really covers this well in their 04/28/06 comic.... Priceless.

3028.4.2006 13:54

Hehe, that would have been better. I wonder how many little kids wanting one are going to laugh at its stupid name.

3128.4.2006 14:55

It seems that Nintendo is creating a very different console. Different and unique controller and a very different name... "Wii" They are taking Video Game to a new level, I am just unsure if I like where they're going....

3228.4.2006 15:00

The could have shortened up that tagline a bit: Wii will rock you. Anyone?

3328.4.2006 15:09

sanders66 the name is a gimick/marketing shceme,other than that nintendo dose well enough but soemtiems I wornder 0-o

3428.4.2006 16:28

Hmm, maybe this is what Nintendo wants from "Wii" naming. The gamers got shocked, they discussing and commenting on "Wii" name. And the word "Wii" will stick to our mind. Nintendo got worldwide "Wii" promotion 4 free. lol. Ah~ ill check my local gamestore 4 ps3, they are selling it now.

3528.4.2006 17:50

I didnt read the entire thread, but if it has not been said...The Nintendo Piss!

3628.4.2006 19:37

I really think the controls on the new Wii are really lame i was watching some clips and pics of the new garbage i think nintendo needs to stick to gameboys because they are out of the gaming races....well thats my opinion i dont think nintendo has it anymore they need to look for newer management or look somewhere for help.......i would like to see nintendo come back into the scene but its over for them they should stick to ages 3-8 for video games more money there for them sad to say but its true

3728.4.2006 20:13

b18bek9 eh it looks bad some of the vibrator like add ons dont help BUT if it dose what it claims (insted of useing thumb to AIM with its the motion of your hand)it could work...altho they better put more senitiveiy controls in the games....there is no such thing as a 1 control shceme fits all thing....

3829.4.2006 2:19

Just because it doesn't appeal to you, doesn't mean it won't appeal to anyone, I think you may be putting it down a little too much. I don't have many reservations about where it will come overall, 3rd, but in Japan it'd be a lot closer.

3929.4.2006 7:14

sammorris I dont like the name but hell even my pea brain can understand they just blitzed the world AD wise,the controller I always though was off...and lets face it dont some of the vibratorish looking add on freak you out? *L* Anyway if it dose what it says it dose then its already heads above the rest I cant wait to see the thing in action tho ^^.

4029.4.2006 8:54

"Wii"??? wtf. Who came up with this crap? Hey mom! I wanna Wii for my birthday! Hell no. Good move, N. (or NOT)

4129.4.2006 8:57

the thing that gets me the most is that its pronounce "wee", as in piss

4229.4.2006 8:57

Well done. You didn't notice everyone else has thought of that?

4329.4.2006 9:59

this may be good for nintendo cause the name sticks with you even if it sounds like a japanese 10y/o girl made it up

4429.4.2006 12:58

sammorris LOL odreian78 Thats miamoto for you hes realy a 50/60 year oldman livieng in a 10 yr's girls body...or soemthing I have been palying StarFox Adventures lately...WTF I never tohught they could water down a Zelda clone more than it...but ggaa...sure the game is neat and overly cute but the watered down controlls hurt...and why is it the most E for everyone game can have the most sexiest female charatcer 0_o *L*

4529.4.2006 19:24

Well maybe the head of nintendo did ask his kid what he should name it and the kid just so happended to have to pee at the time and out came wee.........lmao What do you think googles named after "The number googleplex which is a 1 with 100 zero's behind it." And the way it got its name was the guy whoo figured it asked his daughter what to name it and there ya have it.....

4629.4.2006 20:37 thoughts exactly: Gay! Although I have to give them credit for trying to be hip.

4729.4.2006 22:39

This is just about the same type of marketing that Cola company's do by associating the product with the person, youth, etc. Pepsi is for young people! Wii as in togetherness! LOLOLLOL That's enough hippiness to make you relive the 60's.

4830.4.2006 3:50

Actually 1x10^100 is a googal. A googalplex is the number to the power of itself. Google's derived from the lower number.

And the way it got its name was the guy whoo figured it asked his daughter what to name it and there ya have it.....
That's right however.

491.5.2006 15:28

actually sammoris, he was right. goto and type in define:googol and then define:googolplex A googol is equal to 10 to the 100th power. (A googolplex is..)A number that is equal to 1 followed by a googol of zeros. ..which is the same thing. Granted, the website was named with a typo (google instead of the correct googol). just settin the record straight :-)

501.5.2006 18:00

hot_ice Unforantely only 2 thigns stand in the wayof relivieng the 60s 1 aworld without STDs and 2 a world with lax drug controll itsabotu time Mexico gave in and did personal use for drugs altho I think it has far greater issues to deal with than simple drug use.

512.5.2006 8:29

Persbian, that's actually exactly what I said, pretty much, I think you may have just misinterpreted.

522.5.2006 11:54

Wow; this thread got weird...... Hey, Nintendo's new name is a homophone for pee! I must be the very first person to realize that in all these posts, right? In all seriousness though; I think I want one, because they're rumored to be dirt cheap. And if they could really do it; it'd be worth the variety in gaming choice. Red Steel looks good. And so help me; it's only incredibly evident that this will inevidibly lead up to what could surely change the gaming industry.... Mario Paint 2!!!! rofl. Just picture it; mario paint using the controller like a brush or a pencil; actually drawing things that will appear on the screen. IMHO; it could be an incredibly fun way for Nintendo to make people want their system. There are all kinds of possibilities. They could even do a new paper mario game where you actually draw in some application to the game; how cool would that be? It would be kind of cool. Bottom line, in addition to really cool controls for fps games, there are a lot of great ways to use this; and if they take their time on it; gamers will see some really cool new applications. If not.... ick. This will probably have the same issue that the DS had. Tiny tiny selection for about the first year, was a huge plague for the DS starting out. But it got a lot better. I'm particularly enjoying Animal Crossing and Brain Age. Wewts! I hate the name as a serious game system. But maybe they need something unique to stand out. Who knows it might help them.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

532.5.2006 12:01

Hey, Nintendo's new name is a homophone for pee! I must be the very first person to realize that in all these posts, right?
Erm, wrong.
the thing that gets me the most is that its pronounce "wee", as in piss
to name one of a few!
Mario Paint 2!!!! rofl.
Lol don't diss Mario Paint!
I hate the name as a serious game system. But maybe they need something unique to stand out. Who knows it might help them.
You been stealing my brain?

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543.5.2006 12:03

Wow; sarcasm is even better, when it goes right over someone's head. I've posted a good few times in this thread, and was parodying the people who came on post after post with comments like that. lol. And yes, I am stealing your brain. I need the brain juices for my collection. I collect brain juices. They make a tasty maranara sauce. (I'm pretty sure I misspelled that, and I don't care; I have your brain juices! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! *Evil Genius*) Seriously though; I am eager for E3(Even though I can't go this year *sad*) because I'm hoping for release info for Wii and PS3. That'll really make me happy. Hopefully Nintendo will confirm these ultra low launch prices. I would love that. Especially if they made Mario Paint Wii Edition.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

553.5.2006 12:11

Lol, awww, I can never go, I'm on the wrong continent! let me know how things go, and yes it's Marinara, which I learnt courtesy of Subway.... Lol.

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