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Xbox 360 TS-H943 DVD-ROM hacked firmware released

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 May 2006 8:11 User comments (52)

Xbox 360 TS-H943 DVD-ROM hacked firmware released A hacker known as commodore4eva has put smiles on the faces of some Xbox 360 owners around the world with his Xtreme firmware for the Xbox 360 Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943 DVD-ROM drive. Needless to say, this won't work with Hitachi-LG drives so don't try it. The same individual was also responsible for the release of a Samsung DVD Firmware Hack for the Original Xbox console recently. Here is a paste of some of the post he made at
14 May 2006

Xtreme firmware for TS-H943 Xbox 360

Here it is, the long awaited World first Xbox 360 backup firmware modification to boot all game backups!


Boots all Xtreme Xbox 360 backups
Boots all Xtreme Xbox 1 backups
Boots all Xbox 360 originals
Boots all Xbox 1 originals on Xbox 360
Xtreme0800 extraction firmware enables drive to function natively under Windows without any hardware conversion/adaptors
Use on Xbox Live at own risk

Technical details

Reads Xbox 360 security sector from PSN 04FB1F (Layer 0)
Reads Xbox 1 security sector from PSN 605FF (Layer 0)
Security sector must be extracted using Xtreme0800 360 firmware for Xbox360 games and Xbox 1 games
Will not boot Xbox 1 backups made with Xbox1 605b 0800 firmware (maybe in future release)

Thanks to everyone at for all their discussions. Now you guys will have to get homebrew running.
Next on the list will be the PS3 and this one will be done much quicker (once it comes out!)

Might have to hold you to that PS3 promise ;-) Visit the source for more technical details and some instructions if you are interested.

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52 user comments

115.5.2006 8:19

well done that chav, may buy one now

215.5.2006 9:31

Ditto. That's my cue to finally make the purchase, as I've been looking for an excuse to for some time.

315.5.2006 10:08

If I buy it I'll be paying for the games i know that...

415.5.2006 10:23

Same here. However, I like hacking & modding things too :-)

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515.5.2006 11:19

OOHHHH...This sounds very prommmising, will have to check it out. as stated by -Lethal_B -

That's my cue to finally make the purchase, as I've been looking for an excuse to for some time.

615.5.2006 11:46

just remember, you still cant run homebrew, so the only point of this hack is for either backing up your discs, or piracy.

715.5.2006 11:49

Where do you get the software from?

815.5.2006 12:52

read into it a little more, there is more to playing your back ups than just getting this firmware. From what i am told you will have to do all back ups on DVD+R DL and make sure that you have the game data and security sectors of the game.

915.5.2006 13:52

Great Work, look forward to that claim made on the PS3. You Rock bro! It's folks like this that make a way for us all....ThankX

1015.5.2006 14:43

It was just a matter of time before this happened. LOL to those trusting enough to try it out!!! LOL!!!

1115.5.2006 15:13

Hmm, some group will probably produce a modchip based on this hacked firmware. Only a matter of time now :) -Mike

1215.5.2006 15:29

This really funny to hear that this has already been done although its only been realease for a short time. Good work to comodore4eva. :)

1315.5.2006 17:43

Might be a good idea to turn off auto connection to Live now too, i can see a Live update very soon...

1415.5.2006 18:00

That's pretty good news, I wonder how long it will take before they do this for the PS3 as well.

1515.5.2006 18:37

This guy is my hero...

1615.5.2006 20:37

I guess DL disc prices came down just in time. Holla at ya boy!

1715.5.2006 21:10


1816.5.2006 5:21

That's my cue to finally make the purchase, as I've been looking for an excuse to for some time.[/qoute] Here Here! but maybe a little longer in my case, im thinkin' post-PS3 (or when a good game comes out for it) ;)

1916.5.2006 7:19

erm guys is it possibal that xbox live can update the firmware with an xbox live update? coz if it is we are in s***. the thiing with xbox 360 is even if you hhave a mod chip to play pirates only for when its off xbox live, when your on it oiit will still update it making it unsable to play pirates offline or on. but if its impossiba for them to reprogram the firmware ill start doing it to my xbox. and i heard ages ago that instead of opening the whole dvd drive to bits you will be able to just un a simpel exe file from your computer with the dvd drive plugged it so it will be easier.

2016.5.2006 18:28

look for 360 sales to go up

2116.5.2006 19:04

I'm beginning to think that a modchip solution based on this might offer up solutions too. That way the chip could be stealth 99.9% of the time, then when it comes time to check the SS of the disc, in steps the chip for a split second with an override. Gives a lot of encouragement and focus to all the other groups working at a solution at least, hopefully they work out a way to run homebrew some time soon too.

2217.5.2006 5:47

But heres the real question. When buying an Xbox 360, is there any way to tell if it will have the Toshiba/Samsung drive, and not the Hitachi drive? Maybe the serial number would give some indication. Does anybody know?

2317.5.2006 11:16

Within a few weeks I don't think it will matter which type you have, it should be a pretty similar process so just be patient. You can order a refurbished drive from various places on the net I think, maybe US$75 I saw for a Samsung. You just need to grab the DVD ID from your existing drive and make the new one masquerade as the old one.

2417.5.2006 11:52

aparently theres ways around both of them but there still patching the tobita one

2517.5.2006 12:15

HA HA! Someone finally did it! Is there nothing in the world safe from hackers and modders? LOL.

2620.5.2006 3:03

before everybody run out and buy xbox 360, does anybody know if this firmware works???? if so il definately buy one.

2720.5.2006 4:56

After getting the file and taking a look at it, the process requires that you backup your hard drive in case the process goes badly. That means opening up the case and getting a a data cable hooked up to your 360 to pc and backing up. Im not sure I want to do that and plus you cant play live because microsoft is going to issue an update REAL SOON. If you have money to burn and try it out then good luck and please report your success or failures.

2820.5.2006 10:31

man, to bad but can they update it from the acuall dvd drive? because if we hae to take chips out the dvd drive to hack the firmware , then who says ms can do it withour taking the drive to bits maby its safe! maby i is impossibal to update it fromm the xbox 360 dashboard system.

2920.5.2006 15:26

1. yes it works. 2. yes it works on live (my own originals backed up!) 3. it will be detectable and fixable by m$ end of.

3020.5.2006 15:28

[s check ur tray to see what drive is in it. If theres 3 holes in the drive its hitachi if theres no holes then its a samsung. biy this site is REALLY behind the rest for info! check out xbox-scene to get up to speed

3120.5.2006 15:53


3220.5.2006 16:45

Yes, but the bios can be upgraded via live. And with a bios update they can implement firmware checks. So it isn't an ideal solution, until we find out Microsoft's next move. A lot of hardcore gamers are going to find themselves banned from Live permanently for doing the mod I think, takes a very naive person to think otherwise. Even the xbox 1 resisted several attempts to mod it through Live updates, and they have no doubt read all the xbox-linux webpages that outline the steps they took, so they have made the 360 intrinsically upgradable. They might not be the most honest company, but they aren't stupid.

3320.5.2006 17:17

I totally agree. We need a solution that can be shut on or off. Its to much of a risk opening up a $400 to experiment. Also when MS has an update you either must take it or you get signed out period end of story.

3420.5.2006 17:22

iv got an idear, when you turn you xbox on if an when it checks the firmware it wount be checking it constanlly will it? , it will check it when you turn it on maby, so what if there was a chip that was connected to thr firmware of the dvd drive so after it checks the firmware it hacks the firmware with the hacked firmware update and then puts it back to normal, or maby there could be two firmware chipss the normal one and the hacked one, and there could be a switcher to select which firmware you want to use. ect. bacically you want the firmware to kick in after it has checked for it, and then it can put itself back to normal for the next time its checkd.

3520.5.2006 17:47

That's what I've been thinking too, and if you have a look, Team Xecuter has been playing an active role in developing the mod, so you may yet see something really cool from them. They already have a kit to assist in the mod, check it out at

3620.5.2006 20:00

Great, thats all I need on top of the addict partner I have already, lucky to get him off the damn thing as it is. One things for sure that XBox is the biggest passion killer ever!

3721.5.2006 3:50

jesus u guys really are slow. there is already a mod that has a blank eeprom chip piggybacking the firmware chip to let you have 2 banks of firmware 1 hacked 1 original and u can have a switch on the console to choose which firmware to power the console on with. I know i have to sign into live every time my console is started, so if i want to play backups offline i boot with switch in pos 2 and if i want to go online with my originals i boot with switch in pos 1. teamxecuter have developed connectivity tools that are in my opinion unneccessary but excellent for ppl who have little technical knowledge. They have also mentioned their own version of the piggyback mod. WHERES THE HITACHI FIRMWARE!!

3821.5.2006 5:23

MS took the short route and got hardware out frist,they dont care about copyprotection as long as they can show sales thats all that amtters,the PS2 went thru odd C-P modes but then fianly got completly cracked,the Ps3 will be cracked rather quickly to,the Wii however will take awhile sicne Nintendo is knwen for putting effort into thier copy protection.

3921.5.2006 5:54

How about some links Gazcoigne?

4021.5.2006 7:25

how much is this firmware mod then the one you switch off and on? and do people install it for you? if so how much does that cost?

4121.5.2006 7:27

o and where can you buy pirate xbox 360 games? and can your turn the xbox on with normal firmware and then whilst its on switch to the hacked firmware quicly? and then turn it off. would it still get scanned by microsoft?

4221.5.2006 7:34

Does it not seem funny that the 360 has a backup firmware; when PS3 will be released in a few months. This is just the first firmware; by the time the PS3 comes out I am sure there will be others. This definatly sounds like a strategy.

4321.5.2006 9:18

yeah its a great way of playing pirates but i think it might be impossibal to soft mod on xbox 360.

4415.10.2006 10:58

Been searching around the forum here and others for a wile on some in depth info on this. Lots of bits and pieces of the puzzle. Im sure this has already been said before but link removed has extensive video tutorials on how to do this, covering firmware and downloads. I couldnt have figured it out without step by step guidance, personally.


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4516.10.2006 15:13

Hey everyone, I have a (soft) modded 360 as well as a samsung dvd rom in my pc w/ patched firmware. So far, I have been able to copy all (15) of my games without doing anything with the ss.bin. I just rip with Xbox Backup Creator and burn with img drive. Can anyone verify if this is normal or not, I haven't seen anything online about anyone being able to do this without the ss.bin. I can record a video of the process and post for those of you who need proof. (Not that a video can't be faked), but seriously it works!

4616.10.2006 15:18

jayh99 Is the 360 online? wont take long for MS to fix that..tho.

4716.10.2006 15:20

No, haven't put it online. Only playing offline at the moment.

4816.10.2006 15:36

jayh99 MS has made sure they can change the frimware either 2 things will happen when you go online 1 your 360 will be banned from going online or 2 they will change the frimware. or both *L*

494.8.2008 18:34


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504.8.2008 20:12

**I did not post this**

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(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

5118.1.2009 23:09

Hummm im not to sure about this!, i mean id love to have ago at hacking my xbox but the thing is it all seems like a long shot to me what happened to the good old days where you could just take your xbox to someone who charges a few and have it done for you so when you go to download a game and brun it to dvd the xbox will read the dvd. thats the sorta thing im looking for coz i dont wanna take my xbox apart and then start having to mess around with the insides pluss it might go wrong and it might be a wast of time. im sure none of u are that madd to even do this are you??? so tell me,, without havin to take the xbox apart how do u get the xbox to read the dvd with a game on it in the 1st place without the jargen.

5226.5.2011 0:43
Unverified new user

Xecuters answer to Lite-on 74850, 83850, 93450 DVD Drives

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Click here for larger image
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Status: IN STOCK
Price: $9.99
International Buyers Pay: $9.08
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Qty Price Saving
3+ $9.75 2.40%
5+ $9.50 4.90%
Warranty: DOA
Shipping Weight: 1 G

Print ViewPrint ViewTell a friend!Tell a FriendSubscribe for updates to this productNotify me of UpdatesShipping CalculatorShipping Calculator

Xecuter has designed a simple switch for all the Liteon drives that enables firmware full read/write. They have also included an ON/OFF LED to show correct operation when switching to 0x72 vendor mode. Much easier to install than Litekey and this new enhanced version has an excellent build quality and is super-easy to install.

The installation is very simple and takes about 60 seconds if you have some small experience with a soldering iron. It has been tested with the original DOSFLASH methods and also the new Jungle Flasher 0.1.69. All Liteon drive versions have been tested with 100% Success. There is no need to remove the LT Switch after it has been installed - simply switch to normal mode.
Dont be fooled by more expensive copycat products. This is the only solution you need to do a very simple job. Remember this product follows the K.I.S.S engineering principle (KEEP�IT�SIMPLE�STUPID) :)
� Recommended By Team Jungle !
� Enables Read/Write on Liteon 74850, 83850, 93450 DVD Drives
� Easy & Simple Install - Install Once & Forget
� Enable / Disable Switch
� On/Off LED
� Completely Undetectable
� No Need To Uninstall
� Works with ALL tools including latest Jungle Flasher
� Full Installation Tutorial

will this work to flash my xbox 360 slim 0225 Philips dvdrive people? thnx

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