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Apple Countersues Creative In Patent Dispute

Written by Ben Reid @ 20 May 2006 3:30 User comments (17)

Apple Countersues Creative In Patent Dispute Earlier this week, we reported that Creative Technology were suing Apple Computer Inc. over patent infringment of the Zen players' user interface.
Apple has responded to Creative patent infringement allegations claiming much the same thing by alleging the MP3 player maker has violated its own intellectual property. It has filed a formal complaint against its rival in the Wisconsin District Court. Apple holds nearly an 8-to-1 margin in sales of its player over its smaller rival.

While Creative remained quiet about its own suit, it said it was shocked Apple's response. "Creative proactively held discussions with Apple in our efforts to explore amicable solutions," Creative spokesman Phil O'Shaughnessy told the International Herald Tribune. "At no time during these discussions or at any other time did Apple mention to us the patents it raised in its lawsuit."


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17 user comments

120.5.2006 9:06

Idiots. What do they expect to achieve? If a major corporation like apple noticed someone was using their proprietary technology, they'd notice immediately. Oh, funnily enough they've only made their point after Creative have put out their lawsuit. It's just a "we'll have bigger lawyers, so we can refute your case". Pathetic.

220.5.2006 14:36

Yep!!! Just another case of "Mine is bigger than yours!!!" I just kick back and laugh at how they think of ways to spend their profits (our hard earned money)!!! Godforbid they cut the price of their "Goods", then they wouldn't have all "Our" extra money!!! LOL!!!

320.5.2006 14:40

Creative are the underdogs in this market, and they produce the far better product. I can't see either lawsuit being fulfilled, but if one is I hope it's creative.

420.5.2006 14:44

As i believe it should be also!!! LMAO!!!

520.5.2006 14:46

Plus Phil O'Shaughnessy is such a cool name!

620.5.2006 15:23

Plus Phil O'Shaughnessy is such a cool name!
Hehe, I had a little laugh over that one aswell.. Both lawsuits are rather ridiculous. It seems Creative are running out of ideas on how to outsell the iPod. Creative have arguably the better product, however, in this day and age, it's all about marketing. I saw an iPod advert the other day.. catchy rock & roll song coupled with stunning visual effects. The iPods main selling point is its' "coolness" factor, and all Creative seem to be doing is trying to copy it. They need a new battleplan, methinks..

720.5.2006 18:41

You know, I think it's just so much more sensible, if not quite as snazzy, to simply pick up a cheap $50-$60 .mp3 player (or even an mp3/cd discman if you don't mind the bulk), than fork out the moola for a ridiculously overpriced/overhyped iPod, and as a bonus, there's not a *whit* of pesky DRM to muck up the works.

821.5.2006 3:04

Yeah, loathed though I am to say it, that ipod advert was inspired, not that they need to advertise ipods of course. I think it's more worthwhile getting a not so overpriced underfeatured mp3 player. That's what I think Creative do well. I'm no tso interested in the cheaper or flash type Mp3 players (bar say the muvo) because in my experience they've proved shoddily made.

921.5.2006 5:03

What is Creative bitchign about? Ipods DRM that works? WTF C-labs was once a great compy now thier sound cards sux and the compy over all needs a make over and wauilty put back into its products....

1021.5.2006 5:54

The sound cards may have drifted somewhat from their previous superiority but their MP3 Players are first class.

1121.5.2006 7:04

I agree!!! My son's Creative Zen is a wonderful player and was about 2/3rd's the price!!! Works great and has a long battery life. LOL!!!

1221.5.2006 7:56

Yeah. Not sure why that required a lol but I agree.

1326.5.2006 16:29

lawsuits lawsuit lawsuits, when will they ever stop.

1426.5.2006 17:22

This is beyond pathetic there is no words in any language that can explain this "shakes head in disbelief" Bloody children

1527.5.2006 2:04

Ok so Creative is sueng apple why ? Did apple use thier tech in Ipods or soemthing? I cant understand the counter suit without knowing /....ah forget it its companies behaveing badly is all it is ><

1628.5.2006 21:21

Apple's just mad because they got found out. Creative is better and it always will be. The only problem that I have with the Creative mp3 player that I bought is the stupid pouch it comes with. I looks exactly like a black crown royal bag. I expect to get sent to the principle and get kicked out when I take the player to school. If one company should win I pick Creative just because their products are better and probably last longer. ______________________________________________________ DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT R.I.P 1966-2004

1729.5.2006 2:40

They are better and will last longer!

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