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DS Lite in Europe on June 23

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 22 May 2006 1:17 User comments (6)

DS Lite in Europe on June 23 Nintendo has announced the launch of DS Lite in Europe, the new and improved version of its hugely successful DS. The portable will arrive in Europe on June 23 and will be available in both black and white. The Lite version will retail for around £99.99 (approx. $187). Nintendo DS has sold over 4 million units in Europe and over 16 million units worldwide, and the DS Lite is expected to continue the success.
DS Lite is a lighter and brighter version of Nintendo DS. The handheld has dropped weight nearly 60g and is much slimmer than the original. DS Lite isn't just smaller, it has been improved by relocated microphone, adjustable screen brightness and more comfortable stylus. DS Lite features the same dual screens with advanced touch screen technology, voice recognition and Wi-Fi as does the original DS.

Nintendo DS Lite will also get several new releases during the summer, Dr Kawashima's Brain Traning: How Old Is Your Brain? and New Super Mario Bros. will launch in June and Electroplankton and Big Brain Academy in July.

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6 user comments

122.5.2006 2:28

Looks good. Bought a DS a while ago, and it wasn't really my cup of tea, so to speak. But it is certainly an entertainer, and the new slimline look & improved features are bound to continue the sucess of this already hot-seller...

222.5.2006 4:59

For me all these portable gaming devices commin out are not really good. I think the best one that came out was the gameboy, nothing beats that. I'm more of a PC gamer anyway although i got a ps2, I only have two games which goes to show you how much I'm into it :)

322.5.2006 5:16

Im the polar, I HAte PC gaming. FPS's just arnt my cup of tea, I have a few friends that traded in the PSP for the DS and now that the DS lite is comming out Im waiting to get one in the states. Ive got my backup cart and access to hundreds of games! The GBA has some killer games and not to mention all the DS games. Hands down Nintendo is king of portable gaming, which is nice because I hate sony.

422.5.2006 5:29

There already being sold in Sydney, since there region free I guess. Going to pick one up shortly so much sexyer then the PSP :)

522.5.2006 8:18

it doesn't have a big change from the origanal DS(which i bought and was highly disaponted with).I think it's just to cash in a bit more. These portable gaming devices use the same technique as clothes brands use like:deisel,levis,nike...... they get the kids to buy so that the other kids think they have to have the same. Good but cruel technique for parents!(cash wise)

623.5.2006 1:00

Wow, same day as my birthday.. but I'm still not going to get one! Hmm, is the wifi packaged with it this time? -Mike

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