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Wii won't exceed $250 in U.S

Written by Ben Reid @ 25 May 2006 16:56 User comments (18)

Wii won't exceed $250 in U.S Nintendo has announced a guide price for its up and coming next generation console, the Wii, which will be launched globally later this year. Although Nintendo won't announce the actual price, it has stated it will will not exceed $250 in America or 25,000 yen in Japan. No estimate was announced for the European market, however it was indicated that it would be a "similar, affordable price."
Nintendo's pricing decision will be compared closely with rival Sony, whose PlayStation 3 console will ship for a considerably higher amount at around the same time, and will cost up to $599 for the fully-featured, 60gB model. Nintendo expects to ship 6 million Wii systems before the end of March 2007, as well as 17 million games.

Although the Wii doesn't boast the same level of gaming power offered by Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, its unique controller has marked it as a contender. And with the news of a <$250 price tag, Nintendo cannot be written off in the battle of the next generation consoles.

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18 user comments

125.5.2006 17:21

Can't wait for the PS3 and the Wii. I will get them both nomather the prie. Ha Ha first post!!!

225.5.2006 17:50

I'm so dumb lol. When I first read:

Nintendo expects to ship 6 million Wii systems before the end of March 2007, as well as 17 million games. my head I was thinking 17 million titles. IMO, $250 is still kinda spendy (compared to previous generations initial prices anyway). Oh well, it's probably the only console I'll buy out of the three.

325.5.2006 17:54

The wii I will get it for my 2 younger brothers and the ps3 my older brother and I will save up for one. The only problem is that he is 20 years old and has a good job and I am 16 and barely starting to work and barely starting to see some paychecks and I have to put up half of the cost of the ps3.

425.5.2006 20:08

well i think 250$ is preety cheap,also i dont really care about the power of the system because the people that buy it are animation fans,its not that hardcore sports or n e thing but thats where the controller comes into play and makes it even better so i think everything is evened out

525.5.2006 20:56

$250 VERY cheap considering its one of the Next Gen consoles, i think this will see more sales than the PS3 and Xbox 360, still NOT GONNA BUY IT lol

626.5.2006 8:04

Nice price. I'll still be buying PS3 but a wii will be in ma house cause ma sister will be buying it so no money out of my pocket for what looks to be a revolutionary console :)

726.5.2006 10:11

Now this is a reasonable price, 250$, very reasonable, maybe check it out and consider buying, more so than the PS3

826.5.2006 12:03

i was concidering buying the revolution i will never buy the WII (i think whoever made that name should die)

926.5.2006 12:40

I'm not sure how $250 can be considered 'spendy'. Maybe I'm the only one who recalls PS2s and XBoxs going for $399 on day one? ......Yeah. This is much better. I'm not saying that it's pocket change, by any means; because, let's be honest $250 is $250. It's something you give a little thought on before spending. But realistically, I'm more than willing to put out the cash on this one. As Microsoft's PR guy said during E3; you can get the 360 and the Wii; for the same price as Sony's new PS3. And that is what I fully intend to do. Sony has made their final statement as far as I'm concerned. And they have put the final nail in their coffin with me: [Quote]"[Sony] have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000" Following that he says "the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn't have games."

- Sony's CEO David Reeves

1026.5.2006 16:03

Thats what I am doing also getting a Wii and a xbox360 the xbox for the front room on my HDTV and the wii in my bedroom on my reg TV

1126.5.2006 22:01

Sony's CEO is just taunting his fan based customers to buy their consoles even more, or rather, he is using reverse psychology to fend off the illusion, that the new console will be a "sure fire" success, but in fact, he is worried what will happen in the long run... Time will tell. The WII sounds great, what's coming out on this console, what type of games?

1226.5.2006 23:42

I might just get the Wii. It seems very unique. I hope they don't change the controller...everything Ive seen about it so far is very intriguing...yeah a probably spelled that wrong.

1327.5.2006 7:06

@hot_ice I'm not sure if you have paid much attention to the CEO of Sony. To be quite blunt, he isn't that intelligent. After his bragging run on the PS2's 1.2Ghz technology, it's known that he wouldn't be bright enough to pull the reverse psychology bit. This guy doesn't talk often(I wonder why?) but when he talks, he means it. And then about 6-12 months later, everybody is either laughing at him or angry at him because of it. Sometimes he makes a complete idiot of himself, but he's always been known to call it as HE sees it. It's not a good sign. Besides, that kind of remark wouldn't make for very good reverse psychology. It's one thing to overplay, but that's downright insulting. He might as well have said, "Our customers will buy my poop in a bag, if I put the logo on it." (Ironically I was using that image long ago, from the first PS3 announcements, lol)

1427.5.2006 7:41

The CEO is probably some insignificant morosoph (a learned fool), with the business ability of a 4 year old, and deductive skills of a person on crystal meth. Or so I choose to believe he is. llooll I am usually not that emotional when it comes to pompous comments, however, I am a smart shopper, his comment makes me want to do two things; never buy the PS3 and boycott their products. Or write a letter to Sony's Ceo, say your proverbial two cents, but enclose 2 cents within the letter! LOL priceless, in essence, be creative.

1528.5.2006 5:00

the wii is goign to be my frist enxt gen console,I might get it with Zelda TWP

1628.5.2006 13:01

Yeah will buy it and PS3 more than likely. Gonna sell the 360.

1728.5.2006 21:10

GREAT WE FINALLY KNOW HOW MUCH THE WII IS GOING TO COAST. But what I would really like to know is WHEN IS THE FRICKIN’ THING GOING TO RELEASE. I will buy one as soon as they come out anyway. I think the style and color will go nicely with my 360. I will also buy a hammer to smash any PS3 I see.

189.6.2006 10:37

Im glad it wont be so expensive, but i hope i can wate until March 2007, lol.

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