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Eyes to Live - Xbox 360 camera

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 30 May 2006 22:59 User comments (10)

Eyes to Live - Xbox 360 camera The recent dashboard update prepared Xbox 360 for upcoming camera peripheral, Xbox Live Vision. According to Aaron Greenberg, the group marketing manager of Xbox Live, this device which will add "eyes to Live" will have a simultaneous launch for Europe and North America on September 19.
Xbox Live Vision will be compatible with both PC and Xbox 360, but Greenberg claims that this camera has been specifically designed for Xbox 360 and other webcams won't work with the console. Neither PC or Xbox 360 won't require additional drivers.

The camera features more than just support for interactive gaming, it also lets Xbox 360 users to set and interact with dashboard background for example waving hands to make a watery effect react. Also the Xbox 360 music player will be able to use the camera to capture what is going on in the room and visualize it with "psychedelic" effects.

Games such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas and World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions will use the camera for creating both portrait and profile models from the player's head. The camera will also be used for gesture-based games as well as some other Xbox Live Arcade games.


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10 user comments

131.5.2006 4:47

has microsoft, ever just once in it's history, actually invented something new and not just rip off someone else?? (please note, i'm not defending sony, they are pretty notorious at taking other peoples ideas, but at least more creative than MS)

231.5.2006 6:02

Looks like a gold mine. A whole bunch of friends were wondering when this would pop up. Will definately buy one. I wonder if I buy too, it will allow multi-angles of me on camera. Doubt it, but lets see... :"

331.5.2006 12:02

Why can I imagain a bunch of 13yrds flashign the cam fliping it off and other shit? 0_o *shakes head*

431.5.2006 15:21

yeah.. in my opinion, this is going to be horrible, xbox needs to set up temporary bans for people who mis-use this camera, which people will do.

51.6.2006 7:36

the dumbest thing ever. who the hell wants to have streaming video of someone they are playing with? go back to yahoo chat :|

61.6.2006 11:05

Doesn't look to promissing at all. It just doesn't have enough things needed in everyday gaming

73.6.2006 9:00

I was kinda over xbox live due to annoying voices and kids that don't relize the word noob refers to them..great now we have to see their annoying face.I just wanna unwind and live in a game world when im gaming..if people used the stuff liek its meant to it might not be so bad

84.6.2006 7:23

"I was kinda over xbox live due to annoying voices and kids that don't relize the word noob refers to them..great now we have to see their annoying face."- Well atleast now in Halo when someone decides they don't wanna fight fair no more and goes and becomes a sniper bitch, atleast now i can rest easy knowing in real life I'd beat the shit out of them. It always got on my nerves how racist people were on live so i feel it'd make the experience that much more enjoyable .

99.6.2006 5:22

More importantly when will ms stop ripping us off. normal webcams will not work with it. We're adding eyes to Live, if you will," said Greenberg, when detailing the function of the camera. The USB 2.0 peripheral, named Xbox Live Vision, will be compatible with PCs, and no drivers will be required for either machine. Greenberg also said that other Web cams won't work with the Xbox 360--the Xbox 360 cam was designed specifically for the 360. should have read we're ripping your eyes out again. specifically designed for the 360, what co's it's white

1019.12.2008 0:55

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