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Piratebay hopes to win compensation

Written by Ben Reid @ 02 Jun 2006 19:22 User comments (31)

Piratebay hopes to win compensation As you are probably aware by now, Swedish Police confiscated the servers of popular Bittorrent index earlier this week, accusing it of being a source of global internet piracy. Now the operators of the site have stated that they intend to claim damages from the Swedish authorities if their innocence can be proved.
The statement, posted up on The Pirate Bays' website, said that those behind the site, "can receive compensation from the Swedish state [if] the upcoming legal processes show that [Piratebay] is indeed legal".

The Pirate Bay has always maintained that its' servers contain no actual media files, but links to BitTorrent files containing material. Christopher Wallin of the IT group of Swedish law firm Delphi & Co doesn't believe this is likely to be seen as an adequate defence. "Our opinion is that that is silly. That is an argument they have been making for the last two or three years," he said. "They have committed a contributory offence, it is a contribution to copyright infringement."

Update 3.6: After three days' downtime, The Pirate Bay is now back online sporting a new logo (pictured above), although doesn't appear to be fully functional just yet.

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31 user comments

12.6.2006 20:01

I believe them! Their like google, they can't be seized because of what their customers (if you could call them that) do. They only point out what is out there. Google links to millions of illegal sites, including pornographic material intended for adults only. Can google stop their viewers (maybe that's more of a reasonable characterist) from doing what is wrong? No, so can TPB stop their veiwers from downloading copyrighted material that they willingly search for, knowing what they're doing is illegal? No! So why not seize google and see if they are hiding some bootlegged movies or so forth? The answer is because THEY DO NOT CONTAIN THE ACTUAL CONTENT! THEY ONLY POINT IT OUT TO THOSE EAGER ENOUGH TO FIND IT AND DOWNLOAD IT! What the police did was wrong and they damn well know it! I hope TPB countersues the MPAA for celebrating on short-term notice!

23.6.2006 3:18

Yes, the MPAA seemed very upbeat with their press release, didn't they? Problem is though, the permanent closure do tPB doesn't appear to be a "done deal" just yet.

33.6.2006 5:14

I don't feel the MPAA has a case on this one. I stand behind TPB! Good Luck guys!

43.6.2006 5:22

Well, Pirate bay is back online...

53.6.2006 6:49

Well, Pirate bay is back online...
Yes, but the search function is still offline. This is what the search engine says:
No hits due to politics

63.6.2006 7:00

"The search function will be back later today." :)

73.6.2006 7:35

THEY'RE GUILTY!.. arg, make them walk the plank. but seriously, who gives a f'ing rats a$$. i always say there are more pressing issues in this world that people can do something about. imagine if people put forth half the effort to stop other stupid sh!t from happening as they do copyright bullsh!t.

83.6.2006 7:47

up date The Pirate Bay back online p2p news / p2pnet: That fierce grinding sound you hear is the MPAA's Dan Glickman knashing his teeth over in LaLa Land. "Only torrent files are saved at the server. That means no copyrighted and/or illegal material are stored by us. It is therefore not possible to hold the people behind The Pirate Bay responsible for the material that is being spread using the tracker. Any complaints from copyright and/or lobby organizations will be ridiculed and published at the site. "The Pirate Bay was started by the Swedish anti copyright organization Piratbyrån in the late 2003, but is since October 2004 separated and run by dedicated individuals." That's the disclaimer on The Pirate Bay site and Yes, it's back online, as promised, Hollywood's blatant efforts to use the Swedish police force to stomp it notwithstanding. The tool used was the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), headed up by Glickman. But it's possible The Persuader, Dean Garfield, was significantly involved in the attempt to shut TPB down. His associations with Sweden are many. The candid pix (note the handcuffs in the clip on the upper right) are from a YouTube feature pointed out by a p2pnet reader. Garfield's most recent claim to fame came when it was revealed he'd bribed a hacker to lift confidential data from TPB has been offline for a couple of days but its organizers had promised it would be but a brief hiatus. In other news, the BBC revealed that hackers had forced the Swedish police site offline but, "It is not clear whether the attack is linked to the police action against The Pirate Bay," said the Beeb. "Using the site is free of charge, but since running it costs money, donations are very much appreciated," says TPB. go here to see pixs and to read it all

93.6.2006 9:14

nice to see them back! Love their new header logo on the site! :)

103.6.2006 12:29

This is only to prove that we do not live in a democracy. We live in a republic.

113.6.2006 13:22

i dont normally use pirate bay , i use private sites , but i have to agree with what gogochar says . u cannot police the internet and no one person is to be held responsible for what others can or cannot download . my personal opinion is iff they reduced the price of "legal" downloads , you wouldnt have any problem . its all about money and how much big companies can make off the likes off ordinary joe bloggs ! well thats my 2 pence worth and i hope others agree with me .

123.6.2006 15:54

woof, I definitely agree with u. After paying for the necesseties, many ppl dont have the resources to pay $20 for a movie or $50 for a video game, thus they turn to finding them illegaly. These companies should really reevaluate their corporate strategies, cause the interent is going no where, and ppl are going to continue to illegaly download media when faced with overly high prices.

133.6.2006 17:54

Look at this: Pretty neat isn't it. Now, I just wonder what the MPAA has to say about it. I bet their feeling pretty stupid right now! HAHAHA!

143.6.2006 23:25 thats hillarious! well play pirate bay, that is so funny :)

154.6.2006 0:17

Are you guys retarded? Look at the dates of those articles you posted. lol

164.6.2006 1:48


174.6.2006 7:14

"Christopher Wallin of the IT group of Swedish law firm Delphi & Co doesn't believe this is likely to be seen as an adequate defence."- I suppose all major aitliners must be shut down due to their inadvertant contribution to drug and weapons smugglers, and movie theatres where bootleggers film CAMs should be shut down as well.( NOT) I guess they really don't see how rediculous it is to shut down a service like this because of user use. Like dude said, if you wanna go there they should shut down google for providing a means of finding the site in the first place, cause if TPBs argument has no legal grounds then where do you draw the line.

184.6.2006 9:53

Balaam, don't you find it funny that the article is exactly 1 year to the day?

194.6.2006 12:09

those suckers are trying to cancel piratebay? iff they do we should hack there asses and stop them...

204.6.2006 12:14

those suckers are trying to cancel piratebay?
key word - trying. This is not going to happen, and btw, hackers have been taking revenge LOL.
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214.6.2006 14:27

WOOHOOOO! TPB is back, i love it!

224.6.2006 14:30

@Coolgray, when did this happen, gotta check it out now!! Thx for that piece of info;)

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235.6.2006 5:09

this was all a hoax it never happend go to the website and u will see the hollywood sign with the H falling off this was to make u believe that it happend when they were wiping thier computers and upgrading thier systems and moving thier servers out of the country

245.6.2006 10:12

LOL I havent been to PB since i read this thread, guess im a bit naive.......Thats hard to beleive though...kinda extravagant way to tell ppl ur moving ur op to another country.

256.6.2006 17:58

Guys this was not a hoax. For one, why the hell would they move their ops out of the country if still had immunity to operate? They got raided, so they were forced to move their ops to a different country, temporarily or whatever. And the weren't the only ones that got hit in the raid. ADC's servers also confiscated. This was obviously not a hoax like last April Fools Day.

266.6.2006 18:07

Last Aprils Fooly, the Graham saga LMFAO?

277.6.2006 17:41

Sorry for double post, its not a hoax. Heres a pic of PG in action. Dont mind the sloppy edit job:/

287.6.2006 17:46

very nice....editing! lol, haha thankyou. i think you have proved that it is not a hoax very well. lol CG

297.6.2006 17:53

LMFAO, i should be a professional editor......Anyway, hope this disepels the notion that it was a hoax;)

3010.6.2006 6:44

Alright if it was a hoax then what happend to seedler.

3110.6.2006 11:57

Im confused LMAO

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