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DS into a home entertainment device

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 07 Jun 2006 3:12 User comments (13)

DS into a home entertainment device Datel has announced a device which turns Nintendo DS into a full home entertainment system. MAX Media Dock allows DS to play music, movies and other forms of media from a Compact Flash card, up to 8GB of storage.
The Media Player cart is inserted into the slot used for DS games and the Compact Flash card into the GBA port using the Media Dock. You can browse using the featured browser and use the MAX Media Player to play MP3s and video footage as well as view JPEGs from your photo library. Datel's dock can also launch executable programs, such as home brew software, straight from the flash drive.

The MAX Media Dock, compatible for both DS and DS Lite, will be available this week and is sold in three versions. Without the Compact Flash card for $29.99, with a 1GB CF card for $54.99 and with a 2GB CF card for $84.99.

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13 user comments

17.6.2006 4:32

Cant wait...Gettin my DSlite this week, anyone have a link where i can buy this @.....thanks

27.6.2006 5:28

check EB, bestbuy, futureshop, circut city etc

37.6.2006 6:02

Wow, just copy Sony, why don't they... Let's just hope they don't force any DRM that let's us consumers only play DS-approved music or something. ;l

47.6.2006 6:15

What do u mean copy $ony? Datel is Third party, not Nintendo who r making this stuff.

57.6.2006 8:05

Neat! altho the DS screen is to small for moives ,anyone know if they made a TV adapter yet ?*L* gogochar Ya its nto made by nintendo so no DRM or other cripple ware...

67.6.2006 8:31

The screens to small.

77.6.2006 8:57

lcarbutt ?? sceen is to small for moives or the TV adapter is to small?

87.6.2006 10:11

i think that he means to watch movies etc. But isnt the iPod smaller?

97.6.2006 10:13

iPirate ah

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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107.6.2006 11:33

Looks like it will be really cool!

117.6.2006 13:00

These movie players have been doing thier rounds for a while now, though this one does include specific DS funcions rather than being purely GBA so it sounds like they finally got it right. Reminds me of when i used to watch tv on my friends Gamegear, may be small but your not going to be watching epic movies on it anyway, maybe last nights 24 or CSI, these things are fine on a smaller screen. Also, the emulation scene is growing well, all but Snes games are emulated pretty well, since this allows the use of them it could well be worth the price.

128.6.2006 0:48

psps goodies for the price of a DS sounds pretty cool to me. :-)

139.6.2006 6:15

actually, PSP has had a hard drive for about a year now. It was 4Gb for $200 so it was basicly a waste of money

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