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Nintendo is confident their sales will be strong with Wii

Written by Dave Horvath @ 07 Jun 2006 5:51 User comments (34)

Nintendo is confident their sales will be strong with Wii As many of you probably already know, Nintendo single handedly stole the show at E3 this year with exciting and revolutionary concepts for it's new console, Wii. With talks about a sub 25,000 Yen and under $250 US price tag, the already demonstrated unique gameplay, and return of much loved Nintendo icons like Mario, Link and Samus already in the works, Nintendo says it's confident that the sales numbers will keep them almost out of the negative this next fiscal year.
Its a well documented fact that game console designers take a loss, sometimes substantial, whenever they launch a new product. Sony expects to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 billion Yen ($884 million) with the launch of the PS3. Console makers depend on software sales to balance out these heavy losses and give the company a profit over the lifespan of their product. Nintendo doesn't seem to think this will be the case with Wii, however.

President Satoru Iwata told a news conference, "We can't promise we won't have even a one-yen loss, but we are not expecting an enormous loss. It is a strange notion that a game console always leads to mounting losses in the beginning. We are working to make the Wii business a healthy one from the first year."

Iwata also said that if Nintendo just meets their expected production numbers of 6 million Wiis by March of next year and 17 million in software sales, they will be looking at a very limited earnings impact for the current business year.

Nintendo is going head to head with the Sony PS3 and the already established Microsoft Xbox 360 in a $30 billion video game market. Sony and Microsoft both boast next generation graphics and powerful units (with powerful price tags), while Nintendo only claims fun for gamers. Coming in at under $250 around November 17th, Nintendo looks to have prime position on making the other two stand up and notice.


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34 user comments

17.6.2006 6:02

I'll definately buy one.

27.6.2006 6:14

I'll definately will be taking a Wii.

37.6.2006 6:16

i was gonna get a ps3 but with its silly price tag ill be waitin till it comes down, but until then i will defo be gettin the wii it looks well smart and at a great price

47.6.2006 6:46

For that price and classic games i'll definetely get one as well.

57.6.2006 6:55

defintly going to get my bro to get one of these, at that price its gonna be cool.

67.6.2006 7:02

Ya the PS3'smonsterous price tag has put it at the end of my list ,the Wii looks great!

77.6.2006 7:10

I will be there to get one too, I will get a PS3 three to fours years after it's out... im still catching up on Dreamcast games! We dictate the policy, not these companies. Blueray be damned

87.6.2006 7:18

Meh BLu ray dosent matter,the PS2 was 500ish at launch so meh ,what I am annoyed at is the priceing shceme and the odd low end version witch is 200 more than it should be meh the PS3 is a monster on every front and should have great games its jsut to much to fool with for now.

97.6.2006 8:48

little late to the party hell my DS can do all of the above and Ill never have to pay a dime for games again.

107.6.2006 8:55

plutonash I got a neoflash 512 kit mostly for GBA games,has the DS gotten better with rom/flash/SD kits? my DS is dead I need to get a new one befor I try for another kit ><

117.6.2006 10:01

sweet can't wait for it to came out

127.6.2006 10:10

if it werent for resident evil 5, final fantasy and metal gear 4 i wouldnt even be thinking about getting a PS3. My thinking, Wii on launch day, followed by 360, followed by PS3 when it comes down in price

137.6.2006 10:14

I myself am a Sony man when it comes to video games... & only video games only. Now as far as any other Sony product, I will NOT purchase & the only reason I would purchase the Sony Playstation is because of the graphics & the ability to emulate games. I feel Nintendo has a great thing with this new product & I feel that it will do well for a certain market of gamers. Sony, to me still rules the roost when it comes to game selection & graphics.

147.6.2006 10:21

meh graphics arent on my lsit what I want are good games with great gamepaly and desent story,if I was a graphic whore I'd be all over the Xbox and 360 by now.

157.6.2006 12:51

After all the chaos of Nintendo releasing the "Wii" brand in place of "Revolution" I was fully expecting a lot more resistance at E3, but im glad to see i was wrong. Not only did Nintendo show off how complete thier plans are for the next gen, they redefined the way we will play games for the second time. Its always a laugh to see Sony tacking stolen ideas onto own console thinking no one will notice, but for once it looks like they came off worse for it. I am one of the people who will be preordering Wii and with what ive been hearing about prices, perhaps 4-5 launch titles! If it was all about graphics afterall, Sony would never have gotten to where they are since both the Cube and the Xbox had much better looking games.

167.6.2006 14:40

Darshe Sony didnt stela motion senceing its been around 5 or 7 years befor nintendo "made" it..... Sony is trying to grap thigns out of thin air soemtimes,they traded rumble formotion for the PS3 pad? uhg ><

177.6.2006 17:17

Iwata did say, however, that the profits won't be much higher than any quarter; So wouldn't that mean the Wii console will cost well below $249, possibly below $199 USD? $149.99?!!?!? **head explodes**

187.6.2006 18:06

Just buy them all guys, that's what I am doing...

197.6.2006 18:31

I used to buy consoles on launch day but not anymore,now i wait till they drop in price and get games with a rank over 8.5 when they`re under$ might say i`m cheap but that`s the only way i can get all of them.

207.6.2006 18:58

Wii is a joke. Nintendo called it that, because they really meant world war 2. Nintendo is going to flop big time. Can anyone say Virtual Boy? Wasn't a virtual boy such a amazing and unique concept at the time? Can you say Deja Wu?

217.6.2006 23:05

Wii is a joke.
Apparently you're full of them too:
Nintendo called it that, because they really meant world war 2
What a clever kid. Do you guys see what he did there? "Wii" is a mispelling for "WWII". Even google search brings that up! Wow. How clever!
Can you say Deja Wu?
Joke #2... That's even better than your first one! ... ...

227.6.2006 23:19

Nintendo is going to flop big time. Can anyone say Virtual Boy?
V-I-R-T-U-A-L B-O-Y there is a difference between sticking your face in goggles and actually moving physically that makes this so "unique". Its sad to say that it has taken them this long to actually make a system like this.
Wasn't a virtual boy such a amazing and unique concept at the time?
yes, so was the invention of the contraception. Obvioulsy your mother did not exercise that.
"Newbies can't post more than one post every 3 minutes. This is done to prevent spambots to pollute our site. Apologies for inconvenience."

im lagging with my 3 minute delay

238.6.2006 0:54

yeah i dont think it will be a flop its got great potential, dont get me wrong i have a ps2 and love it, and the ps3 will be the best but im not gonna waste my money wen it will prob be half its price afta a year or so. and plus they wont make enough ps3's for the demand so it aint worth the hassle, cant wait for the wii now, just hope its cheap here in the uk

248.6.2006 2:24

Dont forget the Wii also can use GC pads meaning most games hopefuly will be able to use them if the motion pad seems funny...and on some games its just going to be odd...

258.6.2006 11:31

I've always been a Nintendo supporter, but in my honest opinion, now Nintendo is moving too far toward Camp Cocky. I just hope they really know what they're doing.

268.6.2006 12:16

The greatest mistake in my life was buying a premod viper gamecube. I found only about ten really good games for this piece of crap. Nintendo doesn't realize that you can grow up. That's why they keep making games thinking you will stay 4 years old forever. Nintendo was fun when you were like 4 years old, but times have changed. Grow up nintendo! Sony realized this and look at their market share. The only thing that Nintendo will have left when the wii flops and the company goes to h*ll is the seatle Marlins.

278.6.2006 12:53

vgaddict8 I have found for the msot part Modding the Cube to be a waste,the Cube also suffer from a all 3rd party devs makeing stuff msotly for the PS2 so that hurt nintendos selection as well. Well I like nintendo who thinks I can grow up over Sony trying to take every dolla I ahve for its console or as bad MS fudgeign the fact that most of the frist 360s were broken *L* ,Besides Metroid 3 will be better than any halo made so meh *L*

288.6.2006 15:25

" The only thing that Nintendo will have left when the wii flops and the company goes to h*ll is the seatle Marlins." seatle marlins? what is that? There are the FLORIDA Marlins who play in Miami, the Seattle MARINERS, and neither are owned by Nintendo, though the Seattle Mariners do get a lot of advertising money from Nintendo.

299.6.2006 1:42

Well Im definately going to buy a Wii. I never considered buying an of the next-gen consoles, but at under $250 I dont think anyone can resist considering how much fun the multiplayer games have been on the gamecube. Plus I heard that with the Nintendo subscription, you get access to all the previous nintendo titles... ahh take me back to the days of the NES and SNES. I just hope that, and Im sure they will, Nintendo release a normal control pad for the more dexterity challenged of us. Or even make an adapter that can allow any of the old school control pads to be plugged in.

3010.6.2006 2:48

Lol a NES pad connected to a 2006 console. That'd be weird. Wouldn't mind seeing one made for the N64 pad. Despite the controversy I loved it. Lol nice slates on vgaddict people, inspired. I notice he hasn't returned! One wonders how cheap a Wii would be. I'm not saying the Wii should have cutting edge graphics, but fromn what I've seen. I can't put much between the shots of some games and Gamecube stuff... That's a little disheartening!

3110.6.2006 8:22

sammorris thanks to the N64 I can only use my right thumb as aiming on fps,thanks to that I cant paly non configable console FPSs >< I hate it when they wont let you bind the buttons they way you want....its jsut rediculous ><

3210.6.2006 8:44

I'm sorry to hear that.

3310.6.2006 12:00

sammorris, I remeber when you were a newbie. It's amazing how much time people would spend on late nights to just get their post numbers up!!! I am impressed. I have been here 3 years. I could easy become a afterdawn addict member, but I just don't want to post useless crap just to attain a title. Didn't you remeber that titles mean nothing to William Wallace? Anyone with half a brain can become a afterdawn addict.

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3410.6.2006 12:16

Indeed they can. You've been around a bit then? I came to afterdawn shortly after I bought the underpinnings of this present system. It's finally time to move on, with the PC. In a way I've moved on from aD, as some of the folks I spent most time chatting with now reside at hounds.

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