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PSP Media Dock and HD from Datel

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 07 Jun 2006 10:54 User comments (9)

PSP Media Dock and HD from Datel Datel diversified the selection of PSP videogame enhancement products. The company announced 4GB Hard Drive, MAX Media Dock and a Media Solution Pack for the Sony PSP, all of which include the MAX Media Manager allowing file converting into PSP format, savegame download and managing file library.
Compact Flash cards can be attached to the Portable using the Media Dock, which supports up to 4GB CF cards and even micro hard drives, while the Media Solution Pack allows file transfer between the PSP and PC. The Dock is sold in three versions, without a CF card, with 1GB and with 2GB CF card, and the Media Solution Pack in two versions, with either 1GB or 2GB memory card. All these products should hit the shop shelves this week.

Here are the retail prices for the Datel products:

Media Solution Pack
1GB Version: £44.99 UK, $69.99 USA
2GB Version: £84.99 UK, $129.99 USA

MAX Media Dock
Base Unit, no CF card supplied: £29.99 UK, $39.99 USA
With 1GB Compact Flash card: £54.99 UK, $79.99 USA
With 2GB Compact Flash card: £84.99 UK, $119.99 USA

4GB Hard Drive for PSP Solus Pack
£129 UK and $149 USA.

Source: Press release

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9 user comments

17.6.2006 11:12

It's amazing how they can fit such a large amount of space onto a tiny-a** device! Keep up the good work Datel!

27.6.2006 14:32

I love how Datel does pretty much everything they do right. Its so good to have a good product from a third party company. PS, whats second party?

37.6.2006 14:42

iPirate: I believe that the user at hand is the "second party". I agree this sounds like a great idea but it still is alot of money to come up with. Like everything else, they'll come down before the holidays.

58.6.2006 4:50

odreian78, search for the 4GB Hard Drive for PSP Solus Pack. It should be available for around $149. The Hard Drive package you linked includes the X2 battery, which differs from the version announced recently.

68.6.2006 13:08

Now only if the PSP had enough worth while games to make it worth the 200$ for it *L*

78.6.2006 16:03

Might just have to go and buy that, I only have a 512 stick in there right now so I need to upgrade.

88.6.2006 17:59

The HDD is a battery burner. If you play near outlets it is a good deal. The fact is they are trying to burn off excess invetory of their 4gb HDD before the 4gb Sandisc pro duos come out. They are going to be about 250 a piece, but will not require then battery to operate a hdd. Rumor has it as well that the PSP is limited currently to a 4gb stick. So well have to see in the future, but my opinion about this topic for now is avoid this product, but mem cards instead. 2GB is only like 140 or so right now Ludikhris

99.6.2006 14:49

PSP is limited to 4 GB.

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