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Another hacked firmware for Xbox 360

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2006 1:00 User comments (15)

Another hacked firmware for Xbox 360 Commodore4eva has once again released a modified Firmware, after releasing Xbox Samsung drive and Xbox 360 Toshiba-Samsung drive modified Firmware it is time for the Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L Xbox 360 DVD drive. This release will work only on the Hitachi drive with 47D firmware, so if the sticker on top of the drive says something else than 47D version of the FW (ROM VER), you have to wait for another release, the 46D release is coming up later.
The flashing of the drive is easier than with the Toshiba-Samsung drive, you only have to run a .bat file which also makes a backup of your current firmware, and you're done. The games will have to be burned on dual-layer DVD+DL discs, as it is with the Toshiba-Samsung, using unedited images patched with the Security Sector (SS) and of the same region as your Xbox 360 or region-free.

The full details of the release:

Here it is, the long awaited World first Xbox 360 backup firmware modification to boot game backups on Hitachi!

* Boots all Xtreme Xbox 360 backups
* Boots all Xtreme Xbox 1 backups supported by emulator
* Boots all Xbox 360 originals
* Boots all Xbox 1 originals supported by emulator
* Use on Xbox Live at own risk

Technical details:
* Reads Xbox 360 security sector from PSN 04FB1F (Layer 0)
* Reads Xbox 1 security sector from PSN 605FF (Layer 0)
* Flashes sector 9003e000 (Master Checksum)
* Flashes sector 90035000 (Security Sector Read)
* Flashes sector 9001c000 (Drive Response Table Decrypt)
* Flashes sector 90003000 (Custom Code)
* Flashes sector 90027000 (Challenge Response)

Flashing your drive:
xtreme.bat automatically makes a backup of your DVD drive firmware called orig.bin.
Plug SATA cable from DVD drive to PC. Power cable drive still connected to Xbox 360
Ensure Hitachi drive is in 'mode b' either by two wire trick or slax linux boot cd
Go to Windows
Run xtreme.bat batch file from a dos prompt specifing drive letter eg "xtreme.bat g"
All done!
Run restore.bat to revert to original firmware eg "restore.bat g"

Thanks to everyone at for all their discussions. Thanks go to Seventhson for flashsec and memdump and Loser for firmcrypt, without these tools this would not be possible.

Hitachi drive seems to be less tolerant of dual layer media. Try a few times to boot a backup.
Firmware for 46 version will be released soon but I cannot test it. Code is offset slightly throughout the firmware.


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15 user comments

115.6.2006 2:36

wow this is amazing news for the xbox 360 scene. Maybe its time for me to pick one up.

215.6.2006 2:47

thats great news, but I think Microsoft will now initiate a change with the system to stamp this out, as it seems like the hackers are gaining more control and knowledge of the Xbox 360

315.6.2006 5:15

whey, just need to get my self a 360 now. thing is there isent a way of telling which drive your 360 has whens its purchased. might be unlucky and get one which hasent had its firm ware hacked yet.

415.6.2006 6:41

@damo_red, Most likelyyou would get one that could be hacked right now. To be sure you could buy it from somewhere you could take it back until you got a samsung. Even though the hitachi is hacked, all the revisions arent. Only Revision 47d. If I were you i would get a box and look at the picture i have included on this post and go get a samsung. Happy Hunting!

515.6.2006 8:45

evenetually all current versions of hitatchi and sammy drives will be hacked via firmware. only thing that sucks about the hitatchi hack... says less compatatability with DVD-DL discs... lame

615.6.2006 8:46

compatatability??? lmao... compatability

715.6.2006 11:50

Why the hell do you post these news with "Another hacked firmware for Xbox 360" -headline? How about adding "dvd-drive" somewhere? These dvd-drive firmware hacks are useless.

815.6.2006 13:15

How are they useless? It seems like it will allow you to boot backups... That seems pretty useful to me...

915.6.2006 14:35

Commodore4eva is one smart cat. Glad to see that someone is working hard on this. Keep up the good work & don't forget to use some of that smarts on the PS3.

1015.6.2006 15:49

What we really need is for the scene to agree on ONE dvd burner model as being a target, and make a custom firmware that can read off the security sector and set booktype for burning. Then the wxRipper method can be used to dump the image and no need to transfer the drive from your xbox whenever you want to burn. For the same price as a modchip can just go out and buy this particular burner and kills two birds with one stone... I really hate the idea of having to flash my rom every time i want to make a backup, it isn't designed to be rewritten every couple of days, one mistake and you have a bricked drive.

1115.6.2006 18:00

Seems like I'll go out and buy one today. NOT! The only way they have a sale on my hands is if they take away their pesky DRM altogether!

1216.6.2006 3:47

hmm i hope someone make a firmware for PC DVD-Writer drive tobe able to copy Xbox360 games correctly, i dont like to re-flash my xbox360 drive every time i want tomake backup. althought when i mess the flashing process and damage the firmware, i still can force re-flash it. its too troublesome

1316.6.2006 4:42

Jondrew thx for your advice, will see about getting a samsung one this weekend. thx

1416.6.2006 12:17

All i can say is Softmod please, I'm not gonna rip my Xbox 360 apart.

1526.10.2006 19:46

can someone please help me i have hacked my xbox 360 ts drive but it didnt backup a copy of orig.bin what can i do now?

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