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Actual Letter Sent to Swedish Officials Prior to TPB Raid

Written by Dave Horvath @ 20 Jun 2006 12:53 User comments (7)

Actual Letter Sent to Swedish Officials Prior to TPB Raid Today's day and age is a glorious time to marvel in our own accomplishments. With the advent of the Internet, we have given birth to technological, political and ethical conflicts that we had never dreamed possible before. As a result of such technology, even a private correspondence between two professionals cannot remain hidden forever.
As most of you are well aware, the MPAA, Swedish Officials and even the U.S. Embassy all rejoiced as they raided and took down (for 3 days) their self-proclaimed nemesis, The Pirate Bay. Now circulating around the Internet is the actual letter sent from MPAA executive John G. Malcom to Swedish State Secretary, Dan Eliasson prior to the raid of The Pirate Bay.

Link can be found here.

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7 user comments

120.6.2006 13:37

I looked at the pdf article and it really isn't that convincing. No real threats are even made! It looks like the catting (sorry can't say the real word) MPAA were just too weak to say anything special at all!

220.6.2006 15:53

Lol! I just read the letter sent, and its priceless, especially the Pirate Bay response. Where one falls, 10 others shall spawn, or so the saying goes!!!

321.6.2006 2:58

Hang on: Isn't that letter now an illegally shared piece of copywrighted material? Gotta love the internet...

421.6.2006 7:41

lol, I love it, now they will raid us for reading it!

521.6.2006 12:20

"As I am sure you are aware, the American Embassy has sent entreaties to the Swedish government urging it to take action against The Pirate Bay" This CONFIRMS that there was pressure from the United States, the exact controversery that sparked debates on this police raid. Awesome stuff.

623.6.2006 11:56

When one falls, the same one will rise again!

723.6.2006 18:03

I like the game show winners donation POWER TO THE USER

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