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Hollywood set to allow copying movies

Written by Dave Horvath @ 11 Aug 2006 8:16 User comments (74)

Hollywood set to allow copying movies It seems like the movie studios have given up on internet piracy and decided to allow all people to copy to their hearts content without any ill effects. Well no, thats not the case, but in a revelation, it appears they just may be taking a step in a direction to meet the demands of consumers in a more convenient way.
It seems that DVD Copy Control Association, makers of CSS encryption standard are going to relax their controls over legally downloadable content and the ability to save the content locally. After reports of such on-demand movie download sites such as CinemaNow and Movielink have shown less than stellar profits, executives have begun to rethink their strategies.

A major complaint from consumers was that legally downloadable movies were restricted by the CSS standard in which they could only be played on the PC or Mac and were only playable on a TV set by some means of circumvention. Addressing this, the DVD Copy Control Association will make adaptations to the CSS standard to allow users to copy the movies onto a blank DVD.

This change could also influence local movie retailers such as allowing them to setup a kiosk with various movie titles within it. All a consumer would need to do is step up to the kiosk, pay a nominal fee for the movie while the kiosk burns a copy onto DVD. Movie libraries at local video stores could increase dramatically without the added overhead of stocking.

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74 user comments

111.8.2006 8:33

Woo-hoo!!! It's about damn time!

211.8.2006 8:50

Well, its a step in the right direction thats for sure. Now if they relax the copy protection on HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Disks we can really get excited.

311.8.2006 9:03

What they won't tell you is that the kiosk will be burning these movies onto CMAGS!

411.8.2006 9:29

I wish the movie industry would figure out what I think Steve Jobs manage to convince the music industry: You will not stop copying. You don't WANT to stop copying. Copying is how your content spreads virally. What you want to do is make it less convenient to do MASS copying. I can burn music from iTunes to a CD and give it to a friend of mine. I can do that several times. I would do this anyway, if iTunes didn't exist; I'd just copy a music CD I have. This is GOOD. But if I have a way to upload 400,000 songs to a place where anyone can get it, that's BAD. Copying and sharing is the way that people learn about other artists, other movies, directors, actors, studios, etc. And that's what makes people buy / rent and go to the theater. I already know I will see any movie with Kevin Spacey in it. That's because I have rented / bought / borrowed and received copies of movies from other people. Plus, I have gone to the theater. Get with it folks!

511.8.2006 9:31

What's a CMAGS?

611.8.2006 9:34

*dies laughing* Hate to break the news to them but fair use has let us copy stuf,for our personal backups for decades.

711.8.2006 9:39

gogochar-they are a disc manufacturing company who make awful discs. the biggest user of this company is memorex, so stay away from them!

811.8.2006 9:51

tvilot beatufil said,I had to read read it to understand it..damn my brain is still sleeping ><

911.8.2006 10:26

Okay. "Is it dead, or is it Memorex".

1011.8.2006 11:45

ok did I wake up in a alternet reality? talk about it being about time see they can be taught that the cunsumer is right about what they want.... well smile people if this works it will be a great day to own a dvd player.....

1111.8.2006 11:47

What's a CMAGS?
I would like to know too.

1211.8.2006 11:52

they are a disc manufacturing company who make awful discs. the biggest user of this company is memorex, so stay away from them!

1311.8.2006 12:06

CMAG are garbage bin blank DVD discs. Only problem Memorex make most of this. Check out the DVD-R forums here. Not one person supports CMAGs.

1411.8.2006 12:40

should the "burn your dvd at the local retailer kiosk" come to pass... i wonder if the price will be the same as current retail prices? will you get a printout of the cover, etc. and a disk holder? will i be able to take my verbatim disks in and have them burn a DVD-5 single layer? will shrink and ripit4me be available on the machine? could be a fun time at walmart/blockbuster/etc., but i'm not holding my breath.

1511.8.2006 12:57

THe same with downaod games msot are bearly 10$ diffrance WTF,I can buy used cheaper than that,you the least it should be 20 cheaper.... with downlaod DVDs a starting pint shuld be 1$ and no higher than 20 for new releases or mabye 25 for new releases after all they are new and might clog the severs after being new for a week, but this 15+ crap of everythign needs to gooooooo ........

1611.8.2006 13:42

Well I'm happy we are getting some progress in our favour now. CSS protection is nothing that anyone ca't deal with anyway soo all in all it's a postive move.

1711.8.2006 14:15

ZIppyDSM writes: > Hate to break the news to them but > fair use has let us copy stuf,for our > personal backups for decades. That is 100% true. The problem is that DRM makes it impossible or nearly impossible to excercise the very right you are talking about.

1811.8.2006 14:37

Wohoo ! Long live piracy !

1911.8.2006 15:04

Wohoo ! Long live piracy !
LMAO!!!! Thanxs for making my morning cheerful :)

2011.8.2006 15:15

well , i think that was a smart move prehaps RIAA and MPAA should umm.... Nevermind dat won't happen anyways

2111.8.2006 15:58

tvilot somewhat,there are ways around it but a better baance eneds to be made to allow for home copying but make mass copying and selling more diffcult. there not even trying to bridge that gap they would rather change the wolrd so they can make more money off people that have to buy a replacement.

2211.8.2006 17:03

I think its like this they are laying off too focuss on some big copy protection for the next generation dvds or HD and Blueray so it will be impossible too copy and there wont be nothing we can do because they have our attention on the current dvds and these stupid kiosk.

2311.8.2006 17:34

Hollywood set to allow copying movies... ...and Hell freezes over. I'm taking a wait & see approach on this one.

2411.8.2006 17:55

Is it just me, or are most of the people posting here incapable of constructing a sentence?

2511.8.2006 18:23

this is great.i mean theres over a billion people that are doing are they going to do with all of us.lets start a new country.lets call it free country for all...

2611.8.2006 18:24

tvilot Dont forget the SSPPEELLINNGGGG *Fires a magic missle at you, you heal 200 points * damn my spelling suxs ><

2711.8.2006 19:24

if people wanted to copy dvds before this they would have and a lot of people including myself already are

2811.8.2006 22:40

well if they dump the heavy protection on the new releases ,maybe they could lower the price on them. 20 bucks is crazy . selling them for 10 would def increase sales.

2911.8.2006 22:42

they wouldn't do that because if there was no protection at all people wouldn't even have to burn them on their computer with programs to take off the protection they could just use regualar dvd recorders and a lot more poeple would be copying movies then.

3011.8.2006 23:00

key word there is heavy protection (Ripguard ,ARccOS) etc. NOT all the protection lol

3112.8.2006 18:41


The problem is that DRM makes it impossible or nearly impossible to excercise the very right you are talking about.
What planet are you from? LOL J/K I haven't found a movie I CANNOT back up as of yet.

3212.8.2006 18:57

garmoon I belive hes commenting on how DRM makes it hellish to copy files and put them on hardware and such,breaking the fair use law.

3313.8.2006 5:37

i dont understand why you all are complaining about copy protection(excluding DRM). Is there one single movie out there on DVD that we have not been able to copy? not to my knowledge there is not. yes it is a pain in the ass sometimes, but we still manage to copy the movies. the same applies to software and music. they are not always perfect copies, but the important parts of the discs are usable, IE games with no internet abilities and DVDs without menus. the way i see it these companies that dedicate the millions of dollars are just slowing the process down, not eliminating it.

3413.8.2006 7:59

Ballpyhon gee we are doign the same thign as them whine and complain when soemthign new pops up and try to counter it ASAP *L*

3513.8.2006 9:27

Here in mexico the movie companies are making a better job right now,selling movies 2-3 year old at very low prices (3-4 dollars)that`s i think a better way to fight piracy.

3613.8.2006 10:35

neo1000 with all the paticy in mexieco are you sure its the legit stuff? 0_o

3713.8.2006 10:58

ZIppyDSM True - but under the Digital millineum copyright act - DMCA you are allowed to back up your own movies games et:al ect... provided it is does not have to be decrypted !!! example- macrovision /copyguard -sony arcos protection ect.. If you need decrypt the movie or game to copy it technically atleast you are breaking the law. in the act of decryption!!! Though I agree with the fair use doctrine you mention I thought you might be intersted in the DMCA ruling .. good luck & happy burning friend!!

3813.8.2006 11:37

BIGTOXY69 I love contradictions in law one says you can and one witch was forced on us by the industry says you can,you know what its my backup I will do whatever I want with it jsut not sell it or give it away. if they want me they can dig me out from my rock...ic ant sem to ove it anyway.....its not like I get out...and the light is scary.....but.... :P

3914.8.2006 14:56

ZIppy i bought them at blockbuster so i hope they`re not copies.

4019.8.2006 5:47

@ Ballpyhon Just because it can be circumvented doesn't mean that it is right or ok or should be allowed to be without any noise created about it. The fact that it is only a pain in the butt does not change the fact that it is meant as a control technique in many instances (fairplay, region coding etc) and in other instances as a way to insure that our fair rights our removed and therefore to protect our legally purchased copies is impossible UNLESS one disregards current law (DMCA) and circumvents it... which makes you a criminal! That would be like saying that to insure their profits Ford installed a special gas gap that can only accept either a FOrd approved nozzle or one from a gas can. Sure you CAN get around it (by filling up a gas can at whatever gas station you want to first and then filling up your car from the can) but should you have to? And should you be made a CRIMINAL if you do?

4119.8.2006 8:50

Just remember - "If man can make it, man can break it." So let them bring on all the protection they want. Somebody, somewhere will find a way around it.

4219.8.2006 14:25

I'm having trouble finding a good site to download movies. Mostly i use Azureus, could anyone open up some new avenues for me. Highly appreciated

4319.8.2006 20:34

...and so whats the deal... i got copy thousands (more than 2000) dvds and i have download much more for free and after some years now they told me and us that they allow us to do it (ha ha hahahahaha) JUST ADMITED CCS RIAA MPAA GUYS YOU HAVE LOST THE WAR OF PIRACY MANY YEARS AGO HAIL TO THE PIRACY POWER OF THE NET!!!

4420.8.2006 5:16

I dont know about you guys. But i find it an intresting challenge everytime i pop in a dvd to back up. Wandering witch prog or how long its going to take me . i think if they make it to easy i may have to give it up.........lololo.....

4520.8.2006 8:46

I have a question for everyone. why is it now that copying movies an issue? when VHS was the only form of home videos there was no issue. at least not one that anyone took interest in. the same goes for cassette tapes. now that CDs and DVDs are mainstream, it is "such an issue" because it is readily available via the Internet. The country is run by lobbyists that don't want there profits infringed upon. Why else is it that water powered engines are not used? (and yes there are water powered car engines that do work) because the oil companies would not be able to suck the earth dry of crude oil. i don't know how oil drilling practices work, but who do they by the oil that is in the earth from? god? Also alcohol sales and production is not an issue because it makes the liquor companies millions. it kills more people everyday whether its from drunk drivers or liver failure. same for cigarettes. it is all about the $$$. bottom line is the USA is run by corporate America, and it will not change until the people unite as a whole, and force change upon the government and the corporations of America.

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4621.8.2006 1:21

As long as we are bitching about law in the USA what about baby killing; 4000 every day and people are walking around like nothings wrong??? Get real!, Walmart even shows three or more children in their adds; they need people to buy their stuff, But now Walmart is sending money to Planned Parenthood??? HellO ???…People…

4721.8.2006 4:52

@ardis your right. women shouldnt have a choice. the babies should be born no matter what, that way we can make sure they dont have health care, proper education, and will probably be snatched from their homes by over zealous CPS workers (provided that the child looks "cute" and has a chance of being adopted because of its "cuteness"). heres an idea, fix what you're govmnt. is doing to kids that are STARVING, SICK and have no future save as a Wal-Mart greeter, then we'll talk about getting rid of planned parenthood.

4821.8.2006 5:24

Ardis (Newbie) 21 August 2006 5:21 _ As long as we are bitching about law in the USA what about baby killing; 4000 every day and people are walking around like nothings wrong??? Get real!, Walmart even shows three or more children in their adds; they need people to buy their stuff, But now Walmart is sending money to Planned Parenthood??? HellO ???…People…
i have to agree with you because it is better to have unwanted babies who end up being neglected and/or abused whether it be physical, emotionally and/or sexually. that and having babies who are literally thrown in the trash because the mothers who don't give a crap don't want the child, also we need more mothers on welfare because the fathers who can't/don't take responsibility for their children. i enjoy seeing my tax dollars going to pay for said welfare. All the women who get raped need to be reminded of the horrible experience they have gone thru on a daily basis. why we are at it, let's take away womens right to vote, after all they need to be at home taking care of their unwanted children, they don't need to be bothered with silly things like political issues and the like. Since they are staying at home, they can't work, so why do they need a social security number? obviously there is going to be an overpopulation of children, so why not put them to work? it would give the economy a boost wouldn't it? after all the kids would be able to spend their money on toys, helping support the industries that cater to children. i could continue but why bother? i almost forgot, we need more children to use in the Wal-Mart adds. so the overpopulation of children is an awsome idea. the general public likes variety. with the abundance of children, the modeling agencies would not have a problem picking them out at the adoption agencies.
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4921.8.2006 5:27

oops! double posted.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 21 Aug 2006 @ 5:29

5021.8.2006 5:37

nice, very well put. jesus voted republican because, as we all know, smaller government was much more important to him than caring for the poor and weak among us.

5121.8.2006 7:02

They need to make more online games about finding babies homes instead of killing aliens from another planet ... LMAO !! Over population is what's killing the world - WEAR A CONDOM !!!

5221.8.2006 7:10

Ardis and this is the reason why musilums are so fcked up,being withdrawn from reality and havening a group of men hold onto power for generations force wemon to be slaves and force anything they don't like as being demonic and kill it on sight....hell christiany when thru the same faze but "grew" out of it,altho today those with a taste of power fight a different war to resend the laws we live by create a theorecal dictatorship and have "GOD" and the black boots control the populace while the cooperations and money control everything else..*shudders* ya your god "saves" all alright..... sorry for the rant >< TheFink they cant look up sodomy in webesters it says bascily anythign that involes sex withouth the intent to ahve a kid is wrong/bad/illeage...thus why Abstnace only is forced in shcools and the popluation exploed's forceign the US to become a 3rd world nation so the coperations ahve one less power to deal with.....ok I might went a bit far with that rant...but how else are the coperations going to gain anythign from destroying the US?

5321.8.2006 7:55

I think these "Gods" everyone worships need to stop slacking off and show thier faces around thier job sites :) ... maybe they'll all show up riding unicorns with downloaded copies of "Bruce Almighty"

5421.8.2006 7:57

TheFink I wonder if god shows up theyed burn him at the stake for useing magic 0-o but then again theyed have to put a fw of thier own up frist after all thinking abstnace only will work in endorseing magic 0-o

5521.8.2006 9:38

...and this is how "Hollywood set to allow copying movies" turned into talking about abortion, women's rights, religion and corporate America!!!!!

5621.8.2006 9:49

Ba-da-da-da-da I'M LUVIN' IT !

5721.8.2006 9:50

Ballpyhon the road to hell is paved wif off topic comments :3 I am cuddleing my AC and frieing weeners :P oh well I think its already filled will on the comments it needs,unless thigns dont cool off the mods will ahve to warn once then badn anyone who posts. I wonder when they are updateign teh forum so that new can be properly would help I would think 0_o

5821.8.2006 9:52

NO Politics guy READ this... this is directly from the man !!!

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5921.8.2006 10:11

aabbccdd thats becuse they have to overhaul the form to mod new comments and well they have not upgraded the site yet >< *L* but I guess mabye a stict 1 month ban to thos that start this BS up would be a start...and I shall start by shuting up sicne I have post to darn much ><

6021.8.2006 10:21

thats retarded. like im supposed to help some terrorist figure out a problem on copying Dumbo? j/k

6122.8.2006 7:48

How exciting!!!!!!!

6222.8.2006 12:50

aabbccdd (AfterDawn Addict) 21. August 2006 @ 13:52 NO Politics guy READ this... this is directly from the man !!!
not to argue with you, but hypothetically speaking, say person x gets banned for talking about politics, who's to say he won't go to his router configurations and change his mac address to get another ip #, and/or make a new screen name? Also, i have to mention the fact that "copying" DVDs/CDs is VERY politically driven. being as laws have been passed, by POLITITIONS, to prevent such actions to take place. The MPAA, RIAA, and all the other ones i cant think of ATM, also target those who choose to copy materials that are copyrighted. such individuals who do "copy" said materials, are "breaking the Law", unless they own the original material, and have not circumvented the copy protection (at least that is my understanding of the law). most importantly, i just like to complain about that which i can not change.
There's no right, there's no wrong, there is only popular opinion.

6322.8.2006 13:13

Ballpyhon heheheh true ture..but such thigns should be done in thoer owen thread unless news story XXX is about politicts directly and throwing baby killing or whatever BS nut jobs "comment" on for no good reason .....well.....thats soemthing for the forum to fix so they can smite the posts and hopefuly bring the thread back to topic,we all like to compalin thus why we are so quick to join the road to hell :P (off topic discusion)

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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6422.8.2006 16:18

Hey, sometimes you guys need to focus on what is being discussed... I log on to these forums usually only through newsletters, I have 5 children and really don't have time to read through all your BS. There actually was a real question for help buried in there and the rest was relative crap.... get a life guys!!!!!

6522.8.2006 21:12

ok i will contact a mod and let them straighten it out. you guys need to stay on topic at the very least

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6623.8.2006 1:20

lonestar6 /aabbccdd but but but its sooo hard ;_; LOL sowwy ><

6723.8.2006 2:34

da whole lot of you guys are disgusting in your remarks and ihope you all are aware dis is free online and some peoples sensitivity can be offended with such absord remarks,why dont you just stick to the right business the forum is meant for?

6823.8.2006 18:34

obangede (Newbie) 23 August 2006 6:34 Send private message to this user da whole lot of you guys are disgusting in your remarks and ihope you all are aware dis is free online and some peoples sensitivity can be offended with such absord remarks,why dont you just stick to the right business the forum is meant for?
Okay.... which is the disgusting part, and which is the offensive part? if you find politics either disgusting or offensive, i would have to completely agree with you. politicians are both, and the laws they make are much worse than that. besides, this thread is beyond recovering it to the original topic, so i am taking full advantage of this and rolling with it.

6924.8.2006 2:48

I doubt it will take off...first off all you don't want to be waiting in cue whilst they burn a DVD9 taking like 20 minutes or something then not even have a original disc!!! It could have burn problems and other thing before you even played it...bad idea i think

7024.8.2006 3:21

Ballcyphon. yes you are right about politicians and i also like to say religion should be xclusively a personal issue not for forums like this and it sad to learn that the forum cant be jerked back to it's course,so enjoy it while it lasts.

7124.8.2006 3:24

sorry PAL,i got you spelt wrongly.

7225.8.2006 17:21

I'll believe all this when I see it, and even than I have my reservations.

7327.8.2006 19:50

Aside from the comments having nothing to do with the article above, I'll throw my 2 cents in. Don't be fooled by anything they do regarding CSS control. They're not about to loosen their grip without being in total control. Hopefully, we will continue to have someone with the ability to circumvent whatever they do and supply it to the masses. Some laws, like some rules, are made to be broken. The laws that say I have no right to copy something I've paid for is just wrong!

7412.10.2010 4:27

AS far as im concerned they are trying to control piracy rather than make it legal by allowing it to a certain extent.

BTW this is suppose to be a tech forum and a discussion about hollywood and them allowing copying.not a debate on womens rights/muslims/dying children.There are problems all over the world and im sure they have appropriate fourms for discussing them problems just not here.

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